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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


talk radio CALL: aired on Jim Villanucci Show KKOB-am770 (on audio tape) guest - Brian Jennings “Censorship, the threat to silence talk radio

(Call based on a theory I put forth WAY BACK in 1999 ...ask Howard Zinn)

"I’d love to go on a lecture tour to DEBATE you. What you call censorship I call sanity… Remember during the cold war and Radio Free Europe? Or what the intelligence community calls psychological warfare. That’s what happened to the American PEOPLE on AM radio waves. Rush Limbaugh became the Tokyo Rose of our time. Rush and all his clones on Radio Free Conservative used hate speech and propaganda to dumb down enough Americans to actually get Bush/Cheney elected. How’d that work out for you right wing fanatic, Conservative wacko’s? ...because the 8 years of waste, fraud, reckless economics, scandal, corruption, arms dealing and war profiteering was MORE THAN I COULD TAKE!"

*Update: Jennings totally missed the point of my call, Billy C. shouting in the background of Kelly’s Brew Pub. I’m not talking about LOCAL talk radio… I APPRECIATE the Villanucci Show, they’ve given me more than a fair share of AM radio airtime. (especially on Friday’s HOUR OF RAGE) It’s the National Limbaugh, Hannity, Cunningham shows that cross the line. They DON’T play by the 1st Amendment RULES… I’ve been trying to get a call into the Limbaugh show since 1997 and I NEVER seem to be able to get past his constipated call screener Mr. Snerdly

The reason WHY the Liberal talk radio shows haven’t taken off is because they don’t get on the 50,000 watt stations Radio Free Conservative enjoys… AND the Left has NO LOCAL TALK. The KEY for success on Liberal Talk Radio is to have the same local talk stations mixed in with it’s national programming.

I wrote about the Left-wing needing to counter Radio Free Conservative (1999-2001) in a MASSIVE email/letter writing campaign. They stole my idea (Air America) but missed the most important part about LOCAL TALK! Remember when (Senator) Al Franken and Jeanne Garafalo started? They hardly even took calls. They used monologue instead of engaging the people who support them. HUGE MISTAKE!

UPDATE: *5-12-09 Shaun Hannity radio - Pat Buchanan went off on Wanda Sykes “…potty mouth” These Conservative wackos make a BIG deal about comedy but have NO PROBLEM with their “potty politics”. Hannity says NOTHING our government does turns out well… Yea? Police, firefighters, EMT’s, Coast Guard, our infrastructure, roads, the RADIO AIRWAVES YOUR potty SHITTY SHOW IS ON… bitch?

Our system of government was JUST FINE until #*~/’n Ronald Wilson Reagan came to power. You right-wing dullards made the government into the thing you hate the most… and then YOU SHAMELESS m’#*~/’s BLAME the Left. DIE! Or move the fuck outta the way so the Class War can BEGIN!

It’s been WAY TOO LONG since the “Economic Royalists” were held in check. (FDR, listen to his speeches, OUTSTANDING! A man‘s man politician) The Financial despotism of the last 8 years deserves an DEEP legitimate INVESTIGATION… ALL THE WAY TO0 THE TOP! I WANT TO SEE some Medici banker m’#*~/’s in PRISON and all their Cayman Island bank accounts seized… OR ELSE!

ohhhhh, ALL THE WHINY Conservative talk clones are crying for: Rush Limbaugh… the poor, poor, private citizen who was HARMED beyond recognition by the comedy routine of a WOMAN! A BLACK WOMAN! (lol)

UPDATE: 5-13-09 Communication to KABQ am1350
It’s approx 4:57 am MST and ONCE AGAIN there is DEAD AIR on Clear Channel Communications station AM 1350 in Albuquerque, NM. Then AGAIN, dead air 5:54 am. On Monday afternoon 5/11/09 in the busy 4:00pm hour (drive time) this DEAD AIR occurrence happened for at least 25 minutes. THIS along with REPEATED instances of two signals coming out over the public airwaves at the same time is VERY ANNOYING!

If you AM 1350 incompetent m’#*~/’s can’t get the radio thing RIGHT, I’ll be HAPPY to come in to help you people out. If you’re letting PRECIOUS radio airtime go for nothing then LET ME USE THOSE MINUTES OF DEAD AIR! I can be annoying TOO but I’m sure the PUBLIC will appreciate it MORE THAN WHAT YOU GOT NOW! (...dEAD aIR again)

Not that it matters, Bill Press isn't talking about ANYTHING IMPORTANT!

*While all you wussy Liberals are focusing on GAY RIGHTS… FREEDOM IS FAST BECOMING A DELICATE CONCEPT FOR THE REST OF US! I can’t even IMAGINE what Bill Press was thinking… Here’s a man given the PRIVILEGE of joining the Whitehouse press corps and the ONLY issue he finds vital is “don’t ask don’t tell”?

jEEZ the Ivory Towers REALLY IS A DIFFERENT WORLD than the one I exist in. #*~/n pussies. AND don’t START with the Homophobic Bull$#!~ ...give them what they WANT! I'm not talking hate here... I’m talking about priorities! Every time I turn on the radio or TV this Gay rights/Miss California THING IS WHAT AMERICA IS BEING FORCED TO FOCUS ON! WHY IS THAT? This is #*~?’n NEWS?

(I’ve been saying since the 90’s that responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress)

GOD if I could ask a question of the Obama/Biden Administration the 100’s of VITAL ISSUES I could choose from OTHER THAN THE #*~/’n GAY RIGHTS. COME ON! in a world where my kids FUTURE IS IN JEOPARDY BOTH FINANCIALLY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY? #*~/ YOU TOO! Liberal talk radio @$$holes… Jeez I can’t wait for Randi Rhodes to make her comeback, she has MORE BALLS than all the MEN currently on Liberal talk radio…

Update: 5-14-09 The President is coming to Rio Rancho for some red/green chili and talk to the fading middle class about credit cards...

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