Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pray??? What about an Exorcism and the Wrath of GOD?

Old community organizer proverb:
If you can’t make your adversary’s SEE THE LIGHT… then you’re NOT doing the job right

Pray… you want me to PRAY? Hell, I’VE BEEN DOING THAT EVERY DAY SINCE the Supreme Court installed the Bush/Cheney Regime to power. Maybe, just MAYBE GOD wants us to take care of our OWN damn PROBLEMS!

If there’s one word that can best describe my Progressive feelings toward the Obama Administration I would have to say Disheartened. It’s like Obama/Biden and the Democratic Party is slowly sucking the ideological/political life out of me. All of my Progressive Democrat hopes/dreams are steadily being SACRIFICED! Dashed on those rocks below Niagara Falls to be watered down in the lower Niagara River and disappear onto the rocky shores of Lake Ontario…

Sure Obama/Biden was a much better choice than #*~/’n McCain/Palin and of course I'm going to support Obama/Biden and the Democrats... BUT SOMETHING IS MISSING!

First of all Obama and most of the Democrats in Congress let their Progressive base down, BIGTIME. All the #*~/’n volunteer work Concerned Citizens such as myself put in during the 2007-08 election season TO GET THE 3RD PARTY LIBERALS/INDEPENDENTS to vote for Obama/Biden and you STIFF m’#*~/ers had to go center right on us.

Most Liberals/Progressives are DISHEARTENED! NOW ALL THOSE VOTES ARE likely GONE FOR 2010! The Amy Goodman types are STILL trying to find a 3rd Party candidate Americans would vote for. The Michael Moore/Bill Maher types are now turning their comic attention TOWARD Obama and leaving Bush Jr. behind as a bad memory. The Mike Malloy types have publicly declared they’ll NEVER vote for Democrats again!


That spirit that was sparked by Obama in 20,000 seat stadiums around the country during the election has withered. Now it’s just groupies, ladder climbers and women who are in love with Barack who staff the Democratic roles. Many of the angry, vocal activists/organizers have turned away from the Democrats…

AND YOU’LL LOSE IN 2012 if you continue to bullshit the American PEOPLE with that weak ass response to the crimes and legacies of the Bush/Cheney disaster. That same old, SAME OLD about the military and oil companies is getting the Progressive hordes very, VERY ANGRY and ENRAGED!

WHAT, do you think we’re ignorant and misinformed like those right-wing degenerates who believe Rush Limbaugh and fox News? THAT’S HOW YOUR TALKING TO US THROUGH YOUR POLICY DECISIONS! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT SAME OLD timey , pitiful BULLSHIT IS GOING TO WORK ON US?

If ever there was a time for true CHANGE it’s now… maybe NOW OR NEVER, y’know? I don’t believe you out of touch Washington DC ******’s have ALL THE FACTS you need to make wise decisions. Maybe you need to CONSULT with some working class Progressives. OPEN YOUR MINDS and embrace TRUTH!

The Concerned Citizens of America

War in the east, war in the west war, war up north, war down south… it’a WAR” Bob Marley

I LISTEN to all these so-called journalists after their dinner parties with government officials. Reports of discussions, debates and I wonder to myself, WHAT DEBATE? All I’ve been hearing is the Military’s side about their foreign policy decisions since the Vietnam war. I’m trying to remember what the benefits and successes were? I mean, other than for the WAR PROFITEERS and military contractors...

These Center Right pussies in the Democratic Party and ALL of the Republican/Conservative wackos talking about if the current WAR policy is on the right track… WHAT? F*** you too! RIGHT TRACK? I don’t know, I guess if one considers the RIGHT TRACK carrying on that insanity know as Bush/Cheney WAR, National Security planning… then you’re on the right path to HELL!

Hey assholes, IT’S NOT A DEBATE until you include the average working class Progressive. I haven’t heard OUR opinions/viewpoints… WHAT CAUSE WE’RE TOO ANGRY? agggghhh. From where I’m sitting, the nutcases are the ones who aren’t angry...

Something you’ll never hear in the mainstream news and talk media.
Excerpt taken from archives:
{I know it’s a stretch… but for arguments sake lets say Americans can conveniently forget about the 5000+ dead, 30,000+ wounded US soldiers and only GOD knows how many Iraqis and Afghanis. Forget that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove took the good will of the world after 9/11 and turned it to HATE and mistrust.

How these chicken hawks sent our troops into battle WITHOUT PROPER ARMOR or any clear cut plan beyond George W. declaring “Mission Accomplished”. Never mind military strategists didn’t think it was a good idea to get rid of the ONE dictator (Saddam Hussein) in the Middle East that had an IRON BOOT on the throat of fanatical Islam. Remember… the terrorist, Osama bin Lunatic, degenerates that caused 9/11?

NOTE: (PLEASE TELL ME what the f*** were we doing in Iraq while Al Qaeda was leaving Afghanistan and setting up shop in NUCLEAR ARMED PAKISTAN? Who laid out THAT genius plan… BP?)

The TRILLIONS of dollars wasted in Iraq/Afghanistan or the 20 BILLION dollars missing or the 175,000 weapons misplaced or all the arms dealers, security contractors and WAR profiteers that milked our national treasury. FORGET about all the Constitutional VIOLATIONS, domestic spying, bold lying, Justice Dept. bias, Walter Reed, Abu Ghraib, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy military contractor work…

YEAaaaaa… once again, imagine we live in a country where almost half the population is dumber than a tree full of monkeys. These citizens are so damn ignorant they allowed some of the worst criminals in history bend them over and f*** them in the @$$ for 8 years… Even worse these numbskulls LIKED the violations so much they want MORE!

MORE of the waste, fraud, abuse, lies, incompetence, scandal, fear mongering, sexual deviancy, corruption, off-shore tax evasion, media consolidation, arms dealing, reckless economics, deregulation, war profiteering, Paulson corporate welfare, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of EPIC proportions.

IF THE READER CAN POSSIBLY FORGET ALL THAT… then the WORST thing the Bush Administration DID was NOT raise taxes to pay for the WARS, tax cuts for the rich and Medicare Part iDiot. You want to hear about Fiscal Irresponsibility GRANDE?

Instead, Bush/Cheney borrowed TRILLIONS from COMMUNIST China and Saudi Arabia (at outrageous interest rates) AND put OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN under the thumb of MASSIVE FOREIGN DEBT!

If there’s ANYONE out there who can explain away Bush/Cheney Administration CRIMES please reply because I’m NOT GETTING IT! Funny how we never heard any complaints from the so-called Tea Party crowd while Bush/Cheney were spending our national wealth like a crack HO with a credit card.}

THERE’S WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOUR SO-CALLED RIGHT f***'n TRACK! I would have rather fought those few Al Qaeda maniacs on the streets of America than have to ANOTHER Bush family screw up in the US government.

NOTE: (I heard you Karl Rove, Bush Crime Family groupies haven’t done so well with the Jeb Bush thing, y’know, the THING! Only a dumb-ass pathological, delusional, degenerate lunatic would vote for another Bush…)

F*** your Right Track bullshit! Can you morons handle the TRUTH? COME ON!

It’s actually quite insane when one really thinks about it, this corporate owned government has become our worst enemy. They used the LAW against it own people. “Land of the Free” my skinny Italian-American ASS... with the largest inmate population in the world. Our military has become no better than a thief in the night. THINK about it, the Pentagon and Intelligence services (CIA, NSA) have been used to get our national wealth and resources out of the country… PENALTY FREE!

These power mad, military types just don’t like Democrats, do they? The Left always cutting away at their inflated budgets and arms dealing agendas…

Gen. S. McChrystal and his staff #*~/ed up big-time. Here’s soldiers who went to war, WITHOUT QUESTION, for a bunch of military service dodgers like Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/etc, but they got the balls to badmouth the Obama/Biden Administration IN PUBLIC!.

The basis for McChrystal war strategy was the same as Iraq… PAY THE LOCAL TRIBAL LEADERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN CASH not to kill our troops. (inspired by Barbara Bush who had to pay off bullies from beating up George W. when he was a cheerleader) lol

A big part of Bush/Cheney foreign policy strategy seemed to rest on how much of the US government could they give away to private contractors… (right Blackwater, ahhh I mean Xe ? A curse upon Erik Prince of darkness, ***** ***** *** ******* ** ****)

I’m sure the reader has heard about the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, envy (malice), wrath, lust (lechery), gluttony, sloth and avarice (greed). And now remember what Bush/Cheney did to the USA…

This is why I’ve said over and over about the importance of exorcising the Pentagon. (lol) These people have had WAY TOO MUCH wealth and power for WAY TOO LONG! All the honorable bastards are invested in the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind… the PENTAGON!

The War Profiteers have taken over and driving dumb-ass foreign policy decisions meant to incite poor peoples of the world. Let’s be honest here and expose the true nature of our Pentagon.

Short sad story:
It starts and ends with GREED! Corporations go to a nation… exploit the locals, steal their natural resources, set up Dictators, negotiate slave labor economies, beat, mane, kill, etc… CONTROL by AUTHORITY! (or what we call fascism)

Local populations are pushed to edge. Out of angry and frustration the PEOPLE revolt… protest demonstrations, revenge killings, mass riots or religious fanaticism threaten to take down government dictators set up by Corporations, MI-6 or the CIA.

That’s where the US Military SHINES! LOCK and LOAD, baby! First they label the trouble-makers TERRORISTS! The Ho’s in the mainstream news media RUN WITH THE STORY! Hate speech, race baiting, bold faced LIES, fear mongering, warped interpretations of the Bible and other textbook forms of bias persuasion to create a cult of right-wing wackos known as Ditto-heads. Right-wing fanatics have half their brains tied behind their backs, so they’re NEVER thinking clearly...

Oh YEA, all the f***'n Conservative wackos start waving flags, and talking about the Constitution and Vets come out with stories of heroics and movies like “300” and war video games and Ultimate Fighting matches come out to get the youth all worked up… WORKED UP, ready for WAR! Yes WAR against those who threaten our lifestyle. It’s a great life lesson for our youth… They’ll be REMEMBERED… ahhhh, Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire, right General McC?

Let Texans change the textbooks and Bible… Americans have a GOD given right to be good consumers and dedicated to the principle of free market capitalism… So we use our tax dollars to raise an army AND TAKE WHAT THE CORPORATIONS WANT! (lol)

So what if the PEOPLE of western nations are targeted for the sins of a few wealthy powerful, silver spoon Aristocrats? Right-wing losers will do anything to make sure the Top 1% stay in the extravagant lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to, RIGHT? (Look at the facts, check out your OWN history, ya f*** morons)

Just who do those foreigners think they are, anyways? Always grumbling about human rights, decent wages and healthy working conditions. The savages rioting for their freedom, justice and economic futures. #*~/’n terrorists, right? We can’t even do that HERE in America. Y’know the barbed wire and new crowd control technology…

Mass Consumption is the only thing keeping debtor America from becoming a Third World country. Just because the USA uses most of the planets fuel and resources it’s no reason for OTHER nations to question our inflated appetite…

SHOCK AND AWE baby… (or drill baby drill)

And the top 1% of wealthy assholes go “do, da doooo, dudu dudu da do da do…”

organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!
That why we’re organizing a DC rally where Concerned Citizens gain consciousness and support a mass exorcism of the Pentagon. 100,000’s of the PEOPLE to encircle the building, joining hands, giving thanks and praise while religious leaders perform their rituals to get EVIL out of this military structure built in the 5-sided sign of Satan!

The last time they tried this was during the Vietnam WAR. (Read: “Armies of the Night” by Norman Mailer or “Soon to be a major motion picture” by Abbie Hoffman) The only problem back then was that 100’s of Marshalls and private security officers came out to beat and gas members of the congregation before they could complete the mission…
Ohhhhh, by the way General McChrystal, JESUS is upset because YOU FORGOT ABOUT WHAT HE SAID ABOUT “PEACEMAKERS”… Please tell me how ANY Christian could believe JESUS and WAR Profiteers are on the SAME SIDE?

© by SPO101

I’m going to rent the movie The Grapes of Wrath (Henry Fonda version) again… Things are getting REALLY dicey out thereTHIS ain't no Tea Party, you dumbass rightwing motherfuckers, this is a damn CLASS WAR” Charlie Stunats

News Media loves the Crazy Christian Right…

In the name of Almighty GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT… bless America with WISDOM, give us strength” Lloyd the Baptist

Funny how World Net Daily latched on to this crazy pastor Carl Gallups story in Florida. So… according to Gallups (talk radio host and Baptist Pastor) President Obama caused the BP oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf because he disrespected Israel, huh? Ok, yeeeaaaaa…

I heard different after Lloyd the Baptist came down from his pilgrimage into the Blood of Christ Mountains (Sangre de Christos) last Christmas season. I think the World Net Daily crowd are Conservative Christian elitists. They refused to report on what this Holy Man is preaching because it makes Rush Limbaugh and his Republican Party look bad… READ for yourself and WEEP, suckers!

Sermon from Lloyd the Baptist
( As posted on blog - December 2009 )
Matthew 24:35-36
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour knoweth NO MAN, no, not the angels of heaven, but my FATHER ONLY
Matthew 25:13
Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the SON of man cometh

REMEMBER those two Bible quotes.

JESUS says Christians are not using the good brain cells the FATHER blessed them with. They ignored Bible quotes above, while listening to FALSE PROPHETS or authors of the such FICTIONAL books as “Left Behind” (OR John Nelson Darby) ARE YOU MORoNS CRAZY? Jumping for joy that the end is near and JESUS is on the way to take them to paradise in the clouds. EVEN THOUGH they voted for Republicans who carried on EVIL policies…

JESUS says “…satan thrives on chaos, suffering, conflict, war, destroying nature, etc. and those who PROFIT from THAT are his followers

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY says Christians will be STOPPED before they give the Neo-Cons/Republican Party enough wealth and power to hurry along Armageddon. Only GOD knows the time of Revelations prophecies, those that tell you different are false prophets leading you on the PATH TO HELL! The WRATH of GOD will soon be upon you unless YOU REPENT! Show humility and ask forgiveness for your FOOLISHNESS, LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES and SINS of the past.

After December 27, 2009 if you do not turn from the wicked Republican ways… the very words from Christian mouths will be a plague on their daily lives. If they cast stones, they will be shown and exposed as hypocrites… If they curse their fellow man/woman the curse will come back at them. If they fail to look out for the poor, jobless, homeless, starving, physically/mentally ill or any other of the least of your brothers/sisters then fortunes will be lost and your children will know of these afflictions. Natural and man-made catastrophes will befall Republicans/Conservatives until they weep like children.

In the name of father GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT… So it is written, so shall it be DONE! Through the blessed mercy of JESUS CHRIST you been given this WARNING and last chance… What you do with it… is up to YOU!
End transmission:

©2009 by SPQR & Lloyd the Baptist

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Remember my fellow Concerned Citizens, this weekend in Toronto… FIGHT THE POWER! WTO, G-8, G-20 protesters are the only westerners with the COURAGE to ACT! GOD bless the PEOPLE who fight against the un-holy alliance between Corporate/Government that has done so much damage our planet and people.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

After Obama's Oval Office speech, Conservatives like Rudy Giuliani are NUTS!

Rudy Giuliani was on “Morning Joe” today. Email sent to show:

Rudy Giuliani is like some old blue hair woman on a Frank Luntz focus group.Don’t blame Bush/Cheney”. ARE YOU NUTS? 18 months or 20 years from now Bush/Cheney polices are still going to be affecting the American People. The debt load alone will plague our grandchildren. Conservatives can blame President Obama all you traitors want, but please give me an example of a President who entered office with MORE problems left over from the previous Administration.

How can Americans forget that Bush/Cheney almost ruined the USA? It would be like if that idiot Giuliani could forget 9/11. Republicans/Conservatives must be BRAIN DAMAGED OR SOMETHING. The ideological superiority complexes, odd paranoia, religious delusions, pathological lying and shameless hypocrisy.

I understand your pain… I had to listen to Limbaugh and clones Conservative talk radio for as project I was involved in. Between the hosts and callers I was thinking they would make great characters for “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nestpart 2. After a year it was like I was shoving sharp pencils in my ears.

Something is definitely wrong with these people. It was just TOO EASY for Republicans/Conservative to conveniently forget about the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, incompetence, fear mongering, corruption, sexual deviancy, deregulation, welfare for rich people, war profiteering, Constitutional violations and a Corporate Crime Wave of EPIC proportions ALL the result of Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006)

There’s no argument here… NO “it’s all because of Obama/Biden…” NO
it’s the fault of the Democrats when they took over congress in 2006”. One only needs to get their head out of Limbaughs/Palins/Becks @$$ and go search out the facts, statistics and CONTENT! It’s not that hard to find legitimate data on the subject and issues. It’s the least any American citizen could do BEFORE they trash their own President.

I’m going to go out of my way to destroy the Republican Party, Rudy tudi Giuliani and ANY REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE LIKE HIM! It’s what any great, patriotic American should do. I mean BEFORE these morons totally ruin the USA…

NOTE: (The Italian-Americans have an old joke about Giuliani. It’s something about how Rudy got rid of the Mafia in NYC and the Government took over Organized Crime…) lol

NOTE: Day after the Oval Office address to the nation.

Ok, I take back most of my criticisms about President Obama and his Administration. I’m officially impressed how the President laid the hammer down on BP. On June 15, 2010 he spoke about forcing BP to pay 20 BILLION dollars into a fund and the next day, he made it happen. It was almost #*~/’n unbelievable.

You want to know how the President got such critical policy done so quickly? THERE WAS NO REPUBLICANS TO GET IN THE WAY! Just imagine our country WITHOUT THE Republican Party. It’s not hard to do… lol

I want one of those idiots from FOX News or Radio Free Conservative to give me ONE example of a President or any other World Leader who EVER forced a Big Oil Corporation to do ANYTHING! It was a lesson in negotiation every elected official can learn from. ESPECIALLY those in the Republican Party. For GOD’s sake, just a week ago Corporate Socialist Republican John Boehner was trying to get taxpayers to pay for the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. I swear I just don’t see what those great american, patriotic Conservative wackos see in the Republican Party?

NOTE: to Shaun Hannity, Bill Cunningham, etc: If you have to keep referring to yourselves as “GREAT Americans”, you’re really NOT! Think about IT!

UPDATE notes: 6-17-10
Lakers 83 - Celtics 79
I told you before Massachusetts, it’s a CURSE. As long as a Republican is in Ted Kennedy’s senate seat you people will NEVER have a championship team. Your sports heart will be taken to the edge of ecstasy and then broken over and over until you morons do right by Ted Kennedy. Remember, the MAN who worked SO HARD for his constituents and the nation? Now you Conservative wackos need to come to your senses and kick the Republican Party to the curb before they ruin EVERYTHING!

"squeal like a pig"
HEY, did anyone notice how much Texas Corporate Socialist Republican Representative Joe Barton resembles the banjo playing, inbred kid in the movie “Deliverance”? lol

How can any Great American stick up for BP? As far as horrific damage to the USA goes Joe Barton might as well have taken sides with Osama bin Lunatic and Al Qaeda… When one really thinks about it, Republicans have done more damage to our beloved USA than any Middle Eastern terrorist. Freak’n traitors!

No kidding, these Republican Party Silver Spoons sold out the American Middle/Working Class BIGTIME! They became no better than Ho’s for Corporate special interests and their million dollar lobbying. Every law, every regulation was stripped bare to the bone. Why can’t you right-wing jerk-offs just admit you were WRONG and force the current Republican Party to re-brand itself. Evidence prove the right name for this political organization is the Corporate Socialist Republican Party

Corporate economic elitists used lobbying, campaign contributions, highly paid spokespersons and expensive commercials to get Conservative wackos running around whining like a herd of sheep. You hate Socialism when it comes to helping the PEOPLE but you practice corporate socialism on a scale that has almost bankrupted the nation. Republicans handed out BILLION dollar subsidies and tax loopholes to their Multi-national corporate masters WHILE CUTTING spending on the 40 million Americans struggling BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL!

Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!
Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents, disgruntled Republicans NEED TO GET ON BOARD! The single most important issue of our time is to get rid of the Republican Party in the next few elections. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as it isn’t for a Republican, we all win. I suggest every Concerned American Citizen go to the following site read the plan and form a chapter in YOUR community. ( ).

Don’t listen to Progressive naysayer’s like Mike Malloy who state they will NEVER vote for Democrats again. This will hurt the LEFT-WING more than anything else because it will open the door to the crazy right-wingers. The Concerned Citizens of America plan is the most efficient way for the American PEOPLE to take back their government.

We’ve all seen with our own eyes the horrific damage the multi-national corporations and their Republican/Conservative flunkies have done to this nation. No matter what vital issue you hold dear to your American heart… if Republicans take control of Congress or take back the White House… YOU’RE #*~/ed!

©2010 by FGE

By the way, did you so-called Christians see the news about the JESUS statue in Ohio that was stuck by lightning?

NOTE: Lloyd the Baptist was right. Excerpt taken from post on :

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY says Christians will be STOPPED before they give the Neo-Cons/Republican Party enough wealth and power to hurry along Armageddon. Only GOD knows the time of Revelations prophecies, those that tell you different are false prophets leading you on the PATH TO HELL! The WRATH of GOD will soon be upon you unless YOU REPENT! Show humility and ask forgiveness for your FOOLISHNESS, LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES and SINS of the past.

After December 27, 2009 if you do not turn from the wicked ways… the very words from Christian mouths will be a plague on their daily lives. If they cast stones, they will be shown and exposed as hypocrites… If they curse their fellow man/woman the curse will come back at them. If they fail to look out for the poor, jobless, homeless, starving, physically/mentally ill or any other of the least of your brothers/sisters then fortunes will be lost and your children will know of their afflictions. Natural and man-made disaster will befall you until you weep like children.

In the name of Father GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. So it is written, so shall it be DONE! Through the blessed mercy of JESUS CHRIST you been given this WARNING and last chance… What you do with it is up to YOU!

©2009 by Lloyd the Baptist

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campaign to make BP, Halliburton and TransOcean ACCOUNTABLE for their crimes against the American PEOPLE.

...and World Cup soccer

comment posted on FOX News Sunday message board:
To that silver spoon pussy Chris Wallace,
"Ask Ambassador Rice about the threat from Kim Jong Tony Hayward and Mahmoud BP. They've destroyed the whole Gulf region of the USA. Something must be done and these terrorists must be WATCHED along with their treasonous allies in the Republican Party"


I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Is ANYONE falling for the bull$#!~ British Petroleum is dishing out to the American PEOPLE! I mean OTHER than my government? (lol) Everywhere I go I find very angry, CONCERNED CITIZENS who are just one Tony Hayward selfish, elitist comment away from mob rules. Funny how our own government missed THAT! Can you say OUT OF TOUCH?

Go look into the faces of the people along the Gulf Coast who had their lives ripped away like a purse snatching in Central Park. And you really loved that purse, didn’t you? Everything was in there, one’s whole life. All that’s needed to function in a competitive society, right? Damn… glad it wasn’t ME!

That’s how many elected officials are coming off in this whole scenario. I don’t understand why my government isn’t acting like this is a horrific tragedy of epic proportions. COME ON!

I NEED to know something and I want a #*~/’n answer right NOW! Do big Banks, multi-national Corporations, BP and other Big Oil interests control the United States Government? The only reason I ask this because I think our mainstream news media hasn’t been keeping us informed, even going so far as to LIE to the American PEOPLE…

I wouldn’t doubt it after Bush/Cheney… who probably gave away the keys to the front door as they left. This whole story is more and more telling as we head to the 3rd month of the dreaded BP oil gusher. I’m starting to notice a disturbing trend from our so-called representatives and the mainstream media. The response to this BP catastrophe is NOT at the level it should be. We should make a color coded oil alert system so they know how bad things are getting. lol

You want to compare this BP oil drilling disaster in the Gulf to something? Seems to me the same damage would have happened if a terrorist had exploded a nuclear device in the port of New Orleans. Radiation spreading to the whole Gulf region making it uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.

Here’s the thing, we’re Americans, we always bounce back, right? But our government and the mainstream news media forgot about the terrorist. They were so busy with I don’t know WHAT, they allowed the terrorist strike again. This time the criminals used a toxic blend of chemical warfare known as dispersants. (Oil clean-up workers are already getting sick)


It was if after 9/11, Osama Bin Lunatic came to ground zero and passed out Anthrax to the rescue workers. And THEN spend 50 million dollars on TV ads telling the American people he was sorry for the destruction. (I’ll bet the leaders of corporations and government think the American PEOPLE are stupid and lazy…)

Ohhhh I get it, the criminals and terrorists of this BP disaster are British or Oil men. I saw the movie “GIANT”. WOW if only those fun-loving oil rich Texas guys had British accents that would have really been something. lol These guys are our friends, right? They love us as much as we love them, right? They’d NEVER put profit before the well-being of millions of fellow human beings, right? (stupid and lazy?)

Someone please tell me… IS THERE ANY REASON FOR THE TOXIC DISPERSANTS OTHER than to hide the amount of oil that’s ruining our beautiful Gulf Coast? TELL ME NOW! (I don't think these m'#*~/ers have our best interests in mind)

And what about those OTHER guys in the Minerals Management Service and Interior Department who were supposed to be PROTECTING AND SERVING the American PEOPLE. I guess they got used to the EASY LIFE of sloth during Bush/Cheney. The terrorists from BP were bribing these traitors and supplying them with Ho’s, meth and blond Afghani hashish. Apparently our law enforcement and Justice system is allowing the criminal civil servants to JUST WALK AWAY… JEEZ!

You see… the Aristocrats don’t realize the American PEOPLE are REALLY NOT that STUPID and we’ve figured out public sector officials (and their family/friends) get away with MUCH MORE crime than those of us in the private sector would already be FIRED and PROSECUTED for. It wasn’t enough our government and corporate leaders destroyed our economic and environmental security but the cheeky bastards had to take away our EQUAL JUSTICE too!

The BP, Halliburton, Transocean terrorists have made a lot of friends in our nation’s capitol, state and local governments. The American PEOPLE don’t know WHO to trust anymore. I think it’s time for a full accounting of just where our elected officials stand on such vital issues.

Let me tell you from vast experience that the U.S. Government and it’s law enforcement agents… HATE went the PEOPLE rock the boat. So BE PREPARED! (did those stiffs in the FBI REALLY give $25,000 to Van der Sloot?)

Oh, one more thing… I’m not much of a soccer fan, I used to go watch my daughter play when she was pre-teen… I couldn’t help but notice the World Cup game Britain vs. the USA because of all the hype about Americans badmouthing Brits over the BP ordeal. I didn’t watch the game but when I heard the news about the TIE score and the Brits goalie costly error… I was like NO, nahhhhhhh, THAT game was fixed…

Not only does BP control the British and US governments but it seems they also own the British soccer team. The Brits threw the game while at the same time throwing a bone to Americans. I’ll bet the order came from the highest levels of Parliament, “DON’T beat the bloody USA team”.

The Brits don’t want to further inflame the situation or endanger the lives of BP employees and Brits living in the USA. I can’t imagine there’s a lot of soccer fans in the South but I’m sure the mainstream news media would had tried to poke at them with irony of BP and Brits over the USA. Americans are sore losers, right?

The British Empire thinks we’re a bunch of common fools but they’re afraid of us. They know (from experience) when Americans are ANGRY we can KICK SOME ASS! Terrified that Americans will think about how much we’ve done for the Brits and WHAT the #*~/ HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR US? The Brits know they pushed Americans over the edge after Tony Hayward made his “I want my life back” comment.

One can always tell when the average American is really pissed off at someone by what picture they’re throwing darts at or shooting on the target range. It took a lot of destruction but Tony Hayward has now replaced Osama bin Laden as the most shot at target. Angry shouts and Rebel yells overheard at bars across the Gulf region… “Kill BP” and “the Queen’s a whore”.

They know… MI-5 AND 6 are both on the case along with Dick Cheney’s people in the Pentagon, CIA and Dubai. Like I said before BE PREPARED!

©2010 by SPO101

Power concedes NOTHING without DEMAND” Frederick Douglas
“…if life was a thing money could’a buy, the rich would live and the poor would’a die” Yellowman


Form a chapter in YOUR community NOW! We need to get back POWER to the PEOPLE.

The French writer Rousseau was one of those rare individuals who, by some strange destiny, became the voice of mankind at a crucial moment in history. His writings not only helped touch off the French Revolution but led to an enthusiasm which brought French aid to the American Revolution.
In essence Rousseau argued that the natural man is happy and good and that society, which abuses the benefits of civilization, tends to deprave him. He preached the recognition of man’s true nature. These ideas represented Rousseau’s revolt against the indifference to human misery shown by the aristocrats of his age: Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains
…” Readers Companion to World Literature, Mentor Books


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I guess being RIGHT all the time doesn't count in our screwed up culture?


Excuse the blatant self-promotion but that IS the American way in the new millennium, right? Just look at those shameless @$****’s Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin… The way I see it, if all these whiny silver spoons like William Kristol can make a fortune off being wrong ALL THE TIME, then I should (at least) be able to make a good living off being RIGHT!

Even Obama wouldn’t be President right now if he didn’t push his way on to the American scene with his autobiography, and stirring speech at the 2004 DNC. Half the shows on the boob tube exist so some celebrity can PROMOTE this or that. And I see most of the Progressive spokespersons are out hyping their new books… So why not me?

I’M RIGHT now, I was right in the past and if anyone had bothered to take me seriously AMERICA WOULDN’T BE IN THE HORRIFIC MESS that seems to get worse every day. Progressives need to get tough on the Conservative Right-wing. We need to get together in the next few election cycles with ONE GOAL IN MIND… GET RID OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Nothing else really matters, right?

One would think someone who’s been so consonantly ahead of the times and issues could get one of those good paying government or media jobs. I guess the wealthy, powerful and well-connected like to surround themselves with each other or a bunch of craven YES MEN! I’m going to get plain mad dog mean and start forcing this issue and myself on anyone who can make a difference. I swear to the ALMIGHTY I’ll do what ever it takes to get a good job or be published… If someone was to whack Rouse Limbaugh or Glean Beck I’ll bet the money would ROLL IN… right? lol

EXAMPLES: I was right then…

#1) Way back in 1997-2003 I was writing everyone from Janet Reno to Larry Flynt about the need for a Liberal talk radio network to counter AM Radio Free Conservative and Tokyo Rose Limbaugh. I was using AOL at the time (a BAD experience I’ll NEVER repeat) and had organized a massive letter/e-mail writing campaign to stress the importance of this issue. ( SEE: )

I could see people were being brainwashed by the constant Conservative blather. THEY NEEDED AN ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINT! I used the remarkable series of books “Opposing Viewpoints” (Greenhaven Press) to make my point. One of my favorite quotes was by publisher David L. Bender.
“…it can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary’s point of view DO NOT fully understand their own”.

I put together a remarkable plan for a Liberal Talk Radio Network and included my proposal in the writings. Just to make sure I’d be given credit for this amazing plan of action I posted all the info on my AOL group site

The something very odd and disturbing started to happen. First a hacker got into my site, changed captions under my pics and made the group seem like it was a gay dating site. After I emailed Senator Feinstein and Matt Rothschild of “The Progressive” all the information on my AOL groups site was deleted and I was locked off the site…

Not long after AOL executive Mark Walsh left his post to help form the Air America Radio Network. And then the Silver Spoons #*~/ed up my idea so bad Air America was destined to fail. They didn’t get my main point of engaging the listeners and giving them a place to voice their anger. They didn’t get that’s what made Limbaugh and his clones so popular. #*~/’n Liberals were too busy grooving to the FM tunes to notice Conservatives bought up the AM dial up at bargain basement prices.

Air America made the mistake of getting comedians to do monologues. Thank GOD Progressive Talk Radio eventually found a way to make a niche for itself.

#2) WAY BACK in 2001 I warned all my friends in Southern California NOT to buy those $250,000 2br boxes they call homes out there. The bubble would eventually burst I told them. I’m skilled in the Building Trades and Real Estate investments and know the CA market was over-priced then and got worse. In early 2007, I listened to one good friend tell me how he could get a 2nd mortgage and pay for it with the increased property value. I felt a cold shiver up my spine and just shook my head. He got mad at me for being negative. (he lost the house last year and is living in a mobile home now)

#3) In 2007-2008 I was volunteering on the campaigns for Obama and the Democrats in Congress. After hurricanes Gustov and Ike, I got reports from environmentalist friends in Texas and Louisiana that oil was leaking along the Gulf shorelines. Over the years they were always writing me telling of one oil leak after another… I couldn’t understand why the news was being BURIED.

Just so happens about that same time in early October 2008 John McCain made an campaign appearance at the University of New Mexico along with Republican Senate candidate Steve Pearce. Obama’s people were there near the entrance to the event to counter the Republicans. I wanted to know what McCain and Pearce thought about these oil spills in the Gulf. I think it was half a million gallons in just the few days of the hurricanes. I made a huge sign so when they walked past me the question was there for them to read. Just to make sure I got in Steve Pearces face and asked him directly. (They know me and got my fingerprints that day... long story)

Earlier I had called Conservative Talk radio station KKOB-am 770 and put that question to all the Conservative wackos who listen.

I KNEW they’d poo poo and down play the importance of these environmental disasters I spoke of. I’m an environmental treehugger like Rush Limbaugh told you, right? McCain even made a speech and told the American people there was no spills in the Gulf and the drill baby drill Technology was safe and sound.

I even wrote posts on my various blogs warning my government to take these oil spills seriously. (check the date on this time stamped post)
I was so ahead of my time... WHERE WERE all you "johnny come lately's" BACK THEN?
That's Americans for you, OUTRAGED AFTER THE FACT!

The disturbing part of this story is that the Left-wing also shunned and ignored my pleas for environmental accountability. They told me I was too loud and angry. Democrats/Liberals are scared of RAGE! “oHHHhhh you can’t say THAT!”, they’d tell me.

Democrats told me to focus on the campaign (and later to support President Obama). I didn’t seen any news of these oil spill in the so-called Liberal media or on talk radio. Progressive talk radio phone screeners wouldn’t let me air with the oil spill subject.

Just think if ANYONE in our government had listened to activist organizers like myself down in the trenches struggling with 40 MILLION Americans living below the poverty level. I sacrificed my money, time and effort for CHANGE. And all I got is more of the same with Obama or McCain. With Boehner or Pelosi, Reid or McConnell, etc, etc, etc… m‘#*~/ers

I’ve always said Americans would be better off and cheaper if we just hire some Hobo off the street to flip an coin to make policy decisions. At least there’s a fifty percent chance the dreg will be right be right. It’s got to be better odds than the 30 year losing streak our leaders have gambled our future on. LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES on a scale not seen since Mussolini decided a corporate owned police state was a good way to make the trains run on time.

I need a job, I need money to take care of my loved ones. I think it’s time for one of you silver spoon, Ivory Tower pussies to share the #*~/’n wealth… Progressives are at the crossroads. I possess a simple straight forward plan for the American PEOPLE to take back their government from the Corporatists. IT’S RIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! But this time I want to get paid…

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from Christward818
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date Mon Jun 7, 2010 at 2:55 PM
subject Liberals are cowards

"I read your message board post and checked out this blog. NO YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. I despise Democrats and Liberals always putting down Conservatives writing about how stupid we are. Two ends to the same problem, Lefties are the biggest cowards ever.

At least the Right has the balls to form protest movements and show our anger DIRECTED at this corrupt government and scandal-ridden corporate culture. What have you Democratic wuzzies been doing since Obama the Great got elected? Still celebrating your 2008 victories? Has Obama been the CHANGE maestro you thought he’d be? You’re so busy being righteous, Liberals haven’t noticed Obama is as much a center right, corporatist as Bill Clinton.

Come on author of this blog, whoever you are. Admit that your own Democratic leaders are bad as all the Republicans you criticize on the is blog. You cowards love Bill Clinton right? Here’s a guys who used the Oval Office like it was a brothel or cheap motel room. Did he do ANYTHING to stop the Corporatists during his Presidency? No because Democrat President MAN was too busy defending his sex drive. What a waste of a good presidency.

I didn’t hear any of those Progressive talk radio hosts point fingers at Bubba Clinton while he was down in Arkansas shuck’n and jive’n for ol' Blanche Lincoln. I know Liberals don’t like Senator Lincoln, how did you weaklings missed THAT? Where was the blog post about that, Mr writer man? What about NAFTA? That worked out well.

I guess the American PEOPLE can’t get their heads out of their ideology or their ass. Democrats, Republicans, Independents it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it’s become apparent that a majority of the American people are lazy and ignorant. On the Left and Right. stupid, Stupid, STUPID!

What’d you donkeys think? When Obama got elected, I am Malcolm X moved into the White House? You can’t see that Barack Obama is one of those “House Negros” like Michael Steele. BOYS TOO SCARED TO TAKE ON THIS CORRUPT CORPORATE SYSTEM!

Obama is like a pacifier so Progressives don’t give up and start the civil disobedience. I’ve got to give credit to Progressives, they’re are the ONLY ones on the Left with any courage and workable plan for REAL CHANGE. I’d go so far to say Progressives are the last chance the Democratic Party has. So why are Obama, Biden and the Democratic Party treating them like a cross-eyed stepchild? Good question.

Obama/Biden like the good old boy incumbents don‘t they? They’ve been discouraging Progressives running for Congress aren’t they? Pacifying Liberals with one water down legislative joke after another. They’re LAUGHING AT YOU RIGHT NOW! Democrat, Liberal voters are being PLAYED FOR FOOLS just like Republicans, Conservatives were played during Bush, Cheney.

Believe me, I know about how bad things have been for the last decade. I was on the inside and saw up close the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, lying, big money lobbying and greed. Things got so bad that Republican Party members started ripping off each other. (another story I’m keeping for $’s)

The politicians right wingers voted for didn’t care about US! Republican Party officials think the average American is a ignorant, peasant. AND BOYoboy do they hate poor people! They hate the average American so much they did everything in their power to sell-out the Middle Class worker. The facts and evidence are all legitimate. Assessable for everyone to see, IT SHOULD BE MAKING the PEOPLE very angry.

Especially the Progressives. So where’s the ACTION? What are you red commie activists afraid of? The police crowd control, riot gear and barbed wire fences. Bush, Cheney put all you Lefties in your place and you’ve been comfortable there ever since. Liberals are too busy worrying about “Don’t ask don’t tell” or the poor beaten down Palestinians. If you Liberals had any balls you’d leave that non-violent, response training, 60’s protest caca behind, it’s what COWARDS DO! The Corporatists are hoping you’ll stay the course and NOT ROCK THE BOAT!

It’s already too late. Why do you think Republicans are blocking the Obama Administration from replacing the corporate friendly judges of Bush, Cheney? If you Liberals were as smart as you make yourselves out to be then you’d be out finding out all that vital information MSNBC didn’t tell you. Like which Republicans are stalling Obama’s Judge appointments… WAIT, has Obama made good choices when picking Judges or are they more of the same corporate friendly hacks Republicans love so much?

I’m only writing this criticism of my fellow Conservatives because I love the USA and know what Republicans are doing is WRONG! Also I’m curious to see if the Progressives can inspire Obama, Biden, the Democratic Party and 3rd Party Liberal cowards to grow a pair to make it a good fight.

I’m betting you pussies will just stand back and let the Republicans get over on you AGAIN. Just like you did during Bush, Cheney, f***ing COWARDS! What Halliburton did alone, to the USA, should have brought out the fight but Democrats let THAT GO along with much, MUCH more. That’s why Republicans treat Democrats like their bitch. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Have a protest march, make a passionate speech to the cameras, make fun of us on Bill Maher? ohhhhhhhh, I’m so scared.

The deck is stacked like Dolly Parton. The American PEOPLE aren’t even considered anymore, better to just put the average Joe in jail for minor crimes and let Corporations run wild. Better for the Politicians. The PEOPLE will only get in the way of risky business and maximum profits.

Of, By and For the PEOPLE” is dead and it was ALL OF US that let it slip away. Liberals and Conservatives and Independents.

Too bad I hate you chickenhearted, Left wing socialists so much because we actually have a lot in common. We all want to save the USA from evil greedy men.

The truth is that Bush, Cheney and the Republicans in Congress since 1994 screwed over the American people so bad, ON EVERY FRONT, it will take generations to recover. IF our creditors like the Saudi Arabia and China don’t turn us into a third world country first. But you Liberal wackos can’t blame Bush anymore because Obama has taken ownership of Republican scheming. If Baracki was THAT smart he’d have Dick Cheney in handcuffs and investigate what the former Vice-President negotiated behind closed doors with the energy and oil companies.

Republicans don’t fear the Democrats at all, they’re going to disrespect the President every chance they get just to stall the slow process of Change. Republicans worship at the alter of this crafty status quo they’ve created.

By the time the American PEOPLE finally realize how bad things really are the USA will already be a corporate owned police state. Just TRY and organize an accountability protest movement on the Left then, you Liberal girlie men will be squashed like bugs. If Republicans take back the Congress in 2010 it’s all over for the Left. Flush all your bleeding heart, government accountability issues down the toilet. You’re letting it happen as I write this. Good Luck suckers.

By the way, I enjoyed what Conscious Man Consultants wrote about FOX News being owned and controlled by the Saudi Royal Family. Funny stuff but I want to know more about that story. Just who is financing shows like Glenn Beck after losing all his advertisers? Progressives seem to be asking all the right questions. I will sign up with the Concerned Citizens of America* but only when you have more members than the Tea Party."