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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Class System in Horse Racing... *OR "I want to BREED too!"

Judges 15:16:
“…then Samson said, with a donkey’s jawbone I have made donkeys of them. With a donkey’s jawbone, I have killed a thousand evil men.”

Something stinks about this year’s 134th Preakness Stakes. Mainly, I GOT ROBBED betting on Mine That Bird, I just have a bad feeling about the way the race progressed. As Bird was making his move to catch up to the filly Rachel Alexandra it was obvious the other jockeys set up a roadblock that slowed down Mine that Bird just enough so Calvin Borel could win his second crown.

My theory for this week is the Jockey Union decided to make the 2009 racing season about the jockey not the horse. Borel is two thirds of the way to being the first jockey in history to win a Triple Crown on different horses. I heard rumors that if Calvin Borel wins the Belmont Stakes they’re going to put him out to stud. It's all the rage among the rich to breed little super jockeys... (lol)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: If ANY of you wealthy women out there want to breed with the gene pool of the BEST first draft writer on the American scene… I’m available. lol

The Horse Racing scene is representative of the blatant Class System that’s being set up in the USA. The Haves and the Have Not’s. Just look at the Kentucky Derby. It’s the race that brings in all the royal, rich, famous and power… Mint Juleps flowing like a Roman Fountain...

Now, take a look at the Preakness known as the Peoples horse race… The LAW (which carries the Conservative Republican view of the Common Man …y’know, “highly skeptical of the PEOPLES ability to analyze the complexity of historically developed society or capacity for correctly planning desirable conditions…”) ...decided to ban alcohol from the grounds of Pimlico race track. Let the peasants just stand around in a crowd on their day off waiting for the race without the UNREGULATED freedom of Life, Liberty and Libation their peers in the Upper Class ENJOYED just two week before.
(Attendance was WAY down... lol)

UPDATE: 5-18-09
Randi Rhodes FINALLY made it back to the airwaves here in the great Southwest… I turned on the radio and there this talk goddess was ALREADY making me laugh with VERY GOOD POINTS. Example: “…these pro-life people love the fetus… NOT SO MUCH THE CHILD…” and “…if MEN could get pregnant there’d be an abortion clinic on every corner…” lol, gotta love Rhodes, best on talk radio...

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