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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Banks VS. the PEOPLE?

5-3-09 Transcript of call to Reverend Jackson Radio show KEEP HOPE ALIVE:

The word on the street IS the Republican Party is a lost cause. Only kept alive by FOX News and Radio Free Conservative. I think this Supreme Court appointment and Arlen Specter are two more nails in the Republican coffin...
Many people ask me WHY I’m so angry at Republicans/Conservatives? I tell them the question alone fills me with RAGE… If one has to ask THAT after 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney and the disastrous results of Reaganomics then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Also I just want to thank Congressman Kucinich and Congressman Jackson and ALL the PROGRESSIVE Democrats in Congress. As Conservatism dies I hope the nation goes the other way and starts to realize what great work and ideas the Progressives hold dear to their hearts.”


5-1-09 I’m not feeling FUNNY today…

I wrote in my blog (THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST 2) and in letters to Obama/Biden in 2008 WARNING them the stimulus money THEY give to the Multinational Corporations AND Financial institutions will be USED AGAINST THEM AND NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! oUR HO gOVERNMENT let the tax dollars of honest, hardworking Americans to be USED AGAINST THEM!

I suggest every Concerned Citizen read the LA Times article titled “Mortgage Reduction Bill fails in Senate” by Janet Hook. MS Hook said it best: “…the financial service industry is in trouble over it’s role in CRASHING THE WORLD ECONOMY, but THAT doesn’t mean it’s LOBBYISTS have lost their muscle on Capitol Hill…”
Maybe I’ll go with what Senate Whip Dick Durbin said about this outrage: “…banks that are too big to fail are saying that 8 MILLION Americans facing foreclosure are TOO LITTLE TO COUNT…”

I get IT!… THE BANKS and financial institutions didn’t like HR1106 so the Senate made sure the measure failed. THE BANKS and financial institutions liked all the bailouts Bush/Paulson started last year. So Congress made sure all those billions and BILLIONS made their way into the hands of the greed stricken, silver spoon Con men who got us in this economic mess in the first place. The Senate decided 8 MILLION of the American PEOPLE facing foreclosure are NOT AS IMPORTANT AS Banks, Wall Street and K-Street…

Boy oh boy, of, by and for the PEOPLE ain’t what it used to be, huhn?… (Are you government/banker/elistist m’#*~/R’S out of your #*~/’n minds? DO YOU KNOW HOW ANGRY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE? Or are you fascists hoping for insurrection so you can test your urban warfare, trained in Iraq POLICE STATE?)

I think it’s time for a strong THIRD PARTY OR the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS to shake things up for the bureaucrats/aristocrats that are #*~/ing over the American PEOPLE! (either THAT or just start a Revolution where the people rise up, chop all the wealthy, powerful elitists up and feed them to the homeless, LOL I‘m joking) If some ambitious group was to ORGANIZE 40 MILLION Americans struggling BELOW the poverty level… IT JUST MIGHT BE POSSIBLE! Every American CONCERNED CITIZEN needs to ORGANIZE and come together with ONE ISSUE, and one issue alone… DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY from our government and corporations)

Some Democrats that voted AGAINST H.R.1106
Sen. Ben Nelson D-Neb
Sen. Max Baucus D-Mont
Sen. Robert Byrd D-WV
Sen. Byron Dorgan D-ND
Sen. Mary Landrieu D-LA
Sen. Blanche Lincoln D-Ark
Sen. Mark Pryor D-Ark
Sen. Arlen Specter New D-PA


I know, I KNOW, no one cares MANY of our so-called representatives in Congress have SOLD themselves to K-Street for about the same price as high class prostitutes… lol YEA, I’m talking to YOU Direct Contact Bankers and the Mortgage Bankers Association… Democrats/Liberals are too stuck living off the 2008 election victories to realize Republicans/Conservatives are winning the WAR! I phoned and emailed every Democrat in Congress and BEGGED them not to vote for the Bush/Paulson bailout.

That’s the problem with most Democrats, they’re not street smart. I tried to teach Americans that a con is a CON, doesn’t matter in a back alley or the Ivory Tower… the trick is to recognize IT and NOT GET PLAYED FOR FOOLS! And that’s exactly what Bush/Paulson did to the naive Democrats with the bailout. They took 7 and a half years of Bush/Cheney reckless economics and put it in the hands of the Democratic Congress in one weekend. NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and the dumb ass, m’#*~/’n Democrats in Congress ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! The ONLY thing that got bailed out was the Bush/Cheney legacy!

CHANGE! That’s what I was promised but I’m not feeling the change in the economic policy. During the election it was all bottom up, bottom up… but as far as I can tell it all been TOP DOWN! The same old timey Conservative trickle down theory that has destroyed the Middle class. Obama handing out billions to the Hedge and private equity funds isn’t making the 40 million American people that exist below the poverty level very happy. It’s like Obama is institutionalizing the “too big to failCorporate state. Rewarding private investors while putting the taxpayer at great risk. To re-create the Corporate institutions that got us in trouble in the first place.

I wrote all my so-called representatives in government when Bush/Paulson started this whole bailout nightmare and told them I’d rather sleep in a cardboard box than let Bush reckless economic policy rule for the next 10 years. This isn’t what I volunteered most of my free time in 2007-08 to get Democrats elected for.

I WANT TO BE HEARD AND PAID OR the GOVERNMENT and BIG BUSINESS are going to be PLAYED! (eye for an eye, right?)

Later that morning: If Republicans make a comeback then Americans aren't worthy...
Letter to Meet the Press - Joe Scarborough said “Republicans didn’t become too Conservative, it was just the opposite, we became too radical” NO! you became nothing better than HO’s for K-Street and #*~/ed over the American PEOPLE! THAT’S WHY YOU LOST, and NO SPIN DOCTOR can save the Republicans from themselves.

Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor and Mitt Romney, National Council for New America? WWIII declared by Republicans to get back to POWER? …Wait a minute… Did they say JEB BUSH? Listen to Jeb BUSH? Maybe VOTE for ANOTHER Bush? Are you right-wing fanatics stupid or just #*~/’n INSANE? You vote another Bush into Federal office and I’ll lead the charge to UN-Unite the United Stated of America…

COME ON! This nation hasn’t been UNITED since the 1940’s. What was it, 50 MILLION+ Americans voted for McCain/Palin? We can do this WITHOUT assassinating one’s leaders or start a new Civil War.

Conservative wacko’s can have all the Southern States and Texas, The Left-wing will take all the Northeastern states, Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado, California and Oregon. The rest can get those old dusty states rights out of the closet and ACTUALLY USE THEM to choose for themselves.

I barely mad it through the last 8 years without losing it, I can’t even IMAGINE living under the thumb of ANOTHER BUSH! You Republican nutcases want JEB BUSH you can #*~/’n have HIM… with a pretty pink bow and cherry on top, ya ignorant m’#*~/’rs.

Note: I'll bet $1000.00 Rush Limbaugh thinks Sarah Palin represents Conservatism in America, COME ON bet, check... DO SOMETHING!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I can't think of any sports event as exciting as the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS... yesterdays GAME between Washington VS. Pittsburg was everything a hockey fans dreams are made of. I couldn't wait to see what happened in the rivalry between the mad Russian
Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby... WOW!

I love listening to NHL game announcers. They just sound SO EXCITED! What's better than a game called by the likes of Mike"Doc" Emrik and Eddie Olczyk? SCORE! It's almost as good as a Monica Lewinski bj

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