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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Conservative is the NEW "nigger"

"December 21, 2012 - It seems the Mayan calender was at least partially right about the end of world… the Republican Corporate Ho Party killed itself today... (lol)
lynch RWNJs

Tech 9 Worldwide Choppers
New Years resolution - to chop up the new “robber baron$” and “economic royalist$” before they destroy the USA with the help of those pitiful Ho’s in the GOP

The low grade thought processes coming from most of these Republicans doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Honestly,  I know 13 year old girls that could do a better job than John “the bonner” Boehner. There will be no serenity for you… from either side of the political spectrum. AND Mitch McConnell, this ain’t idiot FOX nation reality, PAY the bills, ya Republican lowlife, freeloading deadbeats...

I must confess, every time I see Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Rubio, DeMint or any of those Functional Psychotics in the GOP making their snide sound bites I want to punch a Republican voter...

"Dr. Gordon Hodson, a professor of psychology at Brock University and the study's lead author, said the finding represented evidence of a vicious cycle: People of low intelligence gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, which stress resistance to change and, in turn, prejudice, he told LiveScience."

No Progressive wanted to include Obama/Biden in an adversarial category but Social Security was the line in the sand that I, for one, refuse to cross. This news about President Obama putting Social Security on the table for the GOP morons is very disturbing. If those pathetic cowards and greedy degenerates in Washington, DC touch Social Security in any way then it’s over. It’s Revolution time, Class War time, what ever you want to call IT but those devils are going down. Why are these useful tools even talking about Social Security? As Ronald Wilson Reagan pointed out, "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit".  (see:   V is for VICTORY

This chained CPI ( Consumer Price Index ) BS our so-called leaders are floating out on the American scene is the first cut of a death for Social Security by a 1000 cuts.” Thom Hartmann

The SSI trust fund we all contributed to will eventually end up in the pockets of a very few silver spoon trust fund baby con artists, if that evil cocksucker Grover Norquist and other whores in the GOP have their way. President Obama thought the Republicans hate him? Wait until he sees how Progressive Democrats react to his poor bargaining skills he’s exhibited over & over, then throws SSI under the bus... WOW!" (I hope and pray that isn't true)

Raise taxes on the Middle Class? REALLY? Those heartless bureaucrats haven’t soaked us enough already? They take our hard earned tax dollars and do WHAT? Lavish Parties, cushy jobs with no accountability, the House of Rep’s hasn’t done a damn thing for 2 years and those @$$holes got a RAISE? These incompetent fools waste our monies on unnecessary wars on everything FOX News can scare the weak minds on. You waste billions on money pits such as the war on drugs, agricultural/oil subsidies and a Mars ****’n rover. **** you too!  Do you really think the American PEOPLE are that stupid?

( REMEMBER Warriors, stick to the PLAN )

The programs I don’t mind spending money on are always stalled or road blocked. Where is financing for our age of enlightenment for schools and Universities? Where’s the Kennedy to Moon program to engineer bio fuels and a smart grid for solar/wind generators? (WATCH: movie titled "FUEL" directed by Josh Tickell) Where is the reform for our justice and regulation systems?  Where’s the 4th Estate? Nothing but the same old boring, (yawn) middle of the road, so-called expert opinions and NOTHING EVER CHANGES!  

How does one deal with liars, imbeciles, cheats and propagandists? That’s what the Obama/Biden Administration must endure on a daily basis. Just observe the Republicans in Congress… Senator Mitch McConnell filibustered his own proposals, John Boehner is the most unproductive Speaker in US history, incompetent House Representatives and delusional Senators actually show up on FOX News to spread lies and disinformation just to make themselves look good for Grover Norquist and Wayne LaPierre… COME ON!

Simply put, the economic terrorists and arms dealers in Republican Corporate Ho Party are dedicated to destroying the US government! Money loving, power mad, silver spoon trust fund baby organized crime that wants to "divide and conquer" the American PEOPLE and turn US into low wage slaves. I only have one question... WHERE THE fuck IS HOMELAND SECURITY AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? 

Stiff Prosecutors go after Progressives such as medical marijuana vendors or poor Aaron Swartz but ignore the white bred Corporate Crime Wave. WHY? FYT COWARDS! Explain that one to me please President Obama or Vice-President Biden, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or what about that pussy AG Eric Holder? You want Progressives to support you ever again YOU BETTER LISTEN!

All Choppers, Concerned Citizens and radicals must DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! (now) To save us from...

Republicans really do try to appeal to the lowest common denominator… y’know, all the deadnecks, chicken hawks, racists and weakest minds in America. Retards that do ridicules things like put an Obama eating watermelon statue on their front lawn or protest at soldier’s funeral services because of DADT. That’s about 17% of the US population, most of whom should be in mental hospitals for severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions.

These useful tools gather at Tea Party rallies and try to figure out ways to forget how Bush/Cheney spent our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card. After 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney and a Republican controlled Congress from 1994 to 2006, these hard head degenerates STILL refuse to admit that we TRIED IT YOUR WAY and IT ALMOST RUINED OUR NATION! And you want Progressives to trust you with WHAT?

I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU FOOLS! Please die or stop voting before you morons destroy the USA. I’m getting very angry with the Republican Corporate Ho’s insulting my intelligence.  You think most Americans don’t realize Billionaire aristocrats are buying off the GOP to work for their own vain, self-serving, power mad, vicious, greed stricken special interests.

THINK ABOUT IT please! Republicans refuse to work for the best interests of 99% of the American people in favor of about 400 rich families.  If that sounds right to you then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. It’s time to thin the Conservative wacko herd.  Conservative is the NEW “nigger” 

OK, makes sense:
“…the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel, Bob Perry, Diane Hendricks, Rich Devos, Foster Friess, Louis Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones billionaire types are suffering from a form of excessive compulsive disorder. If they couldn’t hide behind the wealthy eccentric labels they’d be known as Hoarders.”   Thom Hartmann

12-21-12  call on ED Shultz radio show, Jack Rice guest hosting:
"After watching his speech today, I'm convinced Wayne LaPierre is a coward and a soulless madman. I have one question if NRA gun owners are so responsible… In each one of these school shootings…how is it so called responsible gun owners allow their troubled, mentally handicapped sons to get a hold of their guns and ammo? That doesn’t sound too responsible to me but what did we expect from damn Conservatives?"
Frank from Albuquerque

CLASH "Know your rights"

UPDATE after studying the situation with the others at the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank:
 I always try to make the best of a bad situation, especially when it comes to my GOD given quest to destroy the Republican Corporate Ho Party. I think most Progressives are missing the fact that a golden opportunity has presented itself and we need to take advantage of it.  That’s the difference between a Progressive and a Conscious Man Consultants Progressive, we actually have the balls to go at the throat those Conservative idiots have exposed. I want to kick those evil bastards while they’re down. 
Let me explain:

1) On the gun issue we separate the Wayne LaPierre Republicans from Grover Norquist Republicans. LaPierre says we need armed security in every school, well let’s tax gun owners because they’re the root of the problem. Now wouldn’t THAT just piss off Grover Norquist. Besides people who want gun arsenals and support NRA are usually the ones who are too crazy to have guns.  (lol)

2) On fiscal cliff the John Boehner Republicans will eventually turn against the Tea Party imbeciles after the hardcore Neo-Cons ruin the Republican brand. Progressives, Liberals and Democrats just need to let them go over the cliff and kill themselves without putting ANYTHING on the table, ESPECIALLY SOCIAL SECURITY ...pitiful pussies. 

As posted on comments, The Next Web 12-28-12 article titled "Why so Curious…?"
One of the brain trust at Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank is a specialty computer programmer for NASA's Mars "Curiosity" rover. G. has a warped sense of humor so he programmed the Rover on a path that leaves tracks on sandy Mars landscape that spells out "Republicans lick toilet seats".
The Mars graffiti project will be seen from telescopes on Earth just before the 2014 election season starts. (lol)

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