Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Twitter Revolution in USA making history

The Class Warrior Crew knows how to use Twitter in the "Good Fight". We polled and everyone here thinks these are two of the best tweets EVER!
Yea, I'm pretty sure it's craven Twitter or YouTube censors striking again.


Note: Censors at Twitter or YouTube somehow removed video presentation of Class Warrior tweets. We will find the fascist bitches to hold accountable for anti-FIRST AMENDMENT actions

Here's another version of that video 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

What went wrong for Democrats in Election 2014

(note: we waited until AFTER the election, but this is how most angry Progressives really feel. We despise the Democratic Party almost as Republicans. At very least Republicans don't try to pretend like they're NOT whiny Corporate whores... lol) 
We couldn't say it any better, right?
(note: Democratic Party doesn't know this already?)

Election 2014? Two-thirds of the American PEOPLE fucked-up this time... BOTH SIDES! Do we continue getting our NEWS and POLITICS from clueless, WEAK, incompetent silver spoons? OR do we search for EXPERIENCE? There’s a saying in activists circles that goes: 
community organizers know they’re making an impact when the Justice Dept assigns them a Senior Regional Mediator”. WE ARE THESE PEOPLE! Let me give the reader an example... my good friend:


Talk radio call - Frank from ___ (Niagara Falls) to Bill Press Show after election 2014 disaster
Thank god for the marijuana propositions, right Bill? Democrats are going to need a LOT of it, next 2 years (laughs)
but seriously WHAT happened in election 2014?
1st of all I don’t trust results from Americas voting machines...

But other than that:
1) Fickle Democratic voters, young , Black & poor people didn't get off the couch to vote. 
2) Democrats & Liberals don't know how 2 fight GOP lies & fear mongering
3) Obama/Biden never badmouthed Bush/Cheney DISASTER so 3rd party LEFT turned against them.

Conclusion: Democratic Party has got to stop pissing off the hard Left which are mostly angry young people.  In 2008 they voted for malcomb x and got an uncle tom (gasps) They're saying IT in the streets and... 

"ooooohhhhhhh" click (lol)

Frank from ____ (LA, Riverside, Albuquerque, etc.) is one of those rare individuals willing to take on the system. Frank from ____ helped organize the last great protest movement of the 20th Century. It was in So Cal, surrounding the questionable police shootings of Tyisha Miller, Irving Landrum Jr, Ginenne Stover, Margaret Lavern Mitchell, Dante Meniefield, Anthony Lee, etc... It was one of those right place right times deals. Frank and 19 other concerned citizens volunteered their free time to turn it into a movement of 10's of 1000’s. With that kind of experience one would think the NEWS MEDIA & Democratic Party would want to learn from it…

…but in USA 2014, Frank can’t even get a letter to the editor published let alone get a pay day as a political consultant. He can’t volunteer ALL the time ya cheapskate Democratic Party Plantation owner mofos! You’re paying all those well-connected silver spoons in politics and news media who know NOTHING about the average worker or struggles of 50 MILLION Americans below poverty. We think the Democratic Party, Liberal stars & news media owes a huge apology to Frank from _____.

30 + years Frank from ____ has been “on the road” volunteering his time helping ORGANIZE for the struggling Democratic Party OR Progressives movements. Everywhere he traveled to Democrats have won. In California during the GOP congress 90’s to Western New York for election 2014 Democrats WIN! (other than a few NY State Senate/Legislators who really were better than Democratic candidates)  

His 2008 strategy to strong-arm 3rd Party Liberals to vote for Democrats in New Mexico played a major role in turning the Red State into a historical Blue State SWEEP!

One thing the Ivory Tower top officials in the Democratic Party can’t seem to grasp is just how much young people and 3rd Party Liberals HATE you. They perceive Democrats as sell-outs and cowards. I’m not BS’n you people here, If you want to win mid-term & special elections you need to PAY hardened organizers to stay on the ground between elections keeping the PEOPLE /VOTERS focused.  

Frank begged the Obama people after the election with this plan of action but they were TOO BUSY CELEBRATING THEIR VICTORY to listen. He wrote a genius plan of action on the 2008 Obama Organizing for America website blog “Activist Community for Obama” but sleazy ladder-climbing Obama/Biden campaign ops made it all disappear...

BUT apparently Republicans UNDERSTOOD the importance of long range strategic dimensions in politics.  ie: Tea Party...

11-6-14 talk radio call – Frank from ___ Albuquerque to Alan Colmes
"Hey Alan... I called you a few weeks ago (10-16-14) while the ISIS & Ebola fear mongering was out of control. I predicted that after the election we wouldn’t hear it again. Well here we are and the broadcast airwaves are ISIS / ebola free. 
You know what the local conservative host was talking about this morning, pumpkin pie. No kidding, a few days ago this curmudgeon was like a rabid dog blaming Obama for everything from ebola to terror to his obvious constipation problems. (laughs)

Before that 1st call, I had just taken cross country drive from So Cal to NY, scanning the AM radio all the way. It was an orgy of HATE! Local and national Conservative loudmouth chicken hawk overpaid radio hosts acting like a wolf pack going for Democrats throat. … And then today NOTHING… pumpkin pie (chuckles)

Now If you was to ask me, after the devastating Democratic Party loses in Election 2014.  I’d tell you Ebola fear mongering was the only plague USA had. Republican voter are suckers, they’re gonna find that out now because the Republicans actually have to DO SOMETHING!"
"Yes, can they govern" click

Strategically timed from cross-country, Class Warrior tweets: 
"Y call talk radio? AM radio waves can reach 17 . Activists organize months 4 protest rally & 100 ppl show up? Frank just talked to 100,000s"

Yea... anyways, while Liberals were laughing at Conservatives with comedians. Cons been kicking Democrats/Liberals ass with it since the late 70s after angry Neo-Conservatives swore to:
“… never let this 60’s Power to the PEOPLE thing happen ever again” …no shit! Don’t take my word for it.  Read those who were in the middle of it, the experts of their time… and both DIED MYSTEROUSLY before the warnings could get out.

Suggested reading:
Ominous Politics, the New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III  
Soon to be a Major Motion Picture” by Abbie Hoffman  

American PEOPLE have been BEAT DOWN by the likes of $ hoarding Koch Brothers & ALEC. KARMA gonna be a REAL bitch mofos! (lol)

 (NOTE: Esposito, one of the founders of  this site & links,  has always been ahead of the times. PEOPLE should'a listened... READ and weep...)

Desert Dispatch
Archived Story
Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Letters to the Editor

I'm here in Barstow visiting my good friends at the Earthhaven Foundation for the holidays. (One of whom is a practicing Muslim). I like to get a feel for some new place by walking the streets, frequenting clubs and reading the local newspaper. And it's here I was introduced to one Dr. Richard Reeb.
I've been saying for years that responsible journalism is dead. Seeing people like Dr. Reeb getting paid for their commentary proves the plague has reached the local level. Take the word from this trained activist organizer... get rid of this right-wing parrot!
"Islamo-fascists!" There's Michael Savage... "We need to be wary of the wide-eyed believers..." whiny Bill O'Reilly... If I read on I'll bet Rush Limbaugh is in this pitiful commentary (Dec. 22) somewhere. We could go on about the lack of original thought and Dr. Reeb but the readers will be better served if I explain the root of this problem.
I have a theory concerning facts why the United States of America has become so divided. Now, I'm not here to blame, but while conservatives are lost in the cloud of ideological/moral/economic superiority and liberals remain stuck in the chi-chi '60s... a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon cretins are ravaging and expatriating all of this nation's wealth and resources.
Apparently, Dr. Reeb is one of those that has fallen for what I like to call the conservative vs. liberal "divide and conquer" scam. Americans need to learn that a con is a con! Whether in a back alley or the Ivory Towers, the trick is to recognize it and not be played for a fool! So, I'm not ashamed to say a few fanatical, degenerates who've perverted Islam don't scare me a fraction as much as foolish dolts that actually believe capitalism can survive without ethics, responsibility and a accountability.
All smart money is betting on the new "Civilian Oversight Movement" to keep freedom from becoming a delicate concept. These are all the people from both ends of the political spectrum who are still thinking rationally. They've left behind the uncomplimentary conservative/liberal labels and call themselves "Concerned Citizens." Funny thing, when all these angry people got together they found out just how much they had in common! We all love this great country, right?
Frank Esposito


Quote of the Day: "It can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary's point of view do not fully understand their own" -- David L. Bender
...and now from Charlie Stunats and the Warriors... something not completely different: