Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Woman power

Honestly,  I love women. Like everyone been saying, "Women on the left have a lot more balls than liberal men". And I know one thing for sure, Black women at every income level are smarter than White Anglo Saxon Protestant men.  Just look at these pitiful fools running around making their mad sound-bites about guns, birth certificates and abortion while the nation is still recovering from the Bush/Cheney disaster.  Making false accusations against Obama/Biden or blaming them for terrible results of  flawed policies of the Republican controlled Congress 1994-2006.
(pictures of Republicans from Newt Gingrich to Rep. Darrell Issa are now next to word “monkey” in Encyclopedias)

So why do the White men have all the wealth? They’re crooked as HELL that’s why! The game is rigged in both public (government) and  private sectors. Men can lynch … ahhh, I mean shoot niggas and walk away from any responsibility but just let a Black woman fight back against her abusive man… goodbye Sister, 20 years in prison for your fine Black ass… REALLY?

Do you wealthy W.A.S.P.’s really think you can keep up your domination over the common American, what you call the “little people” or “peasants”.   I’m asking for women to make a huge sacrifice for the good of our beloved nation and your weak ass pussy of a man. Progressive Democrats inside the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank are calling for women to let the Right-wing Christian fanatics complete their anti-abortion agenda.

“bbbbooooooooooooo!”,  Women in the room roared.

"I know, I KNOW! Here’s the thing,  revenge is sweet. FGE taught us that in So. Cal. by ruining the careers of both the Judge and DA that put him in jail for going to a protest march. Women have networks of support staff in every Corporation and overblown bureaucracy in the good ole USA… Women have cell phone/digital cameras… Women have connections and associations that White men can’t even comprehend. Put the word out… expose any wealthy Conservative who tries to use their wealth to get a medically safe abortion. Do an investigative report on how the Christian Right is preparing for the explosion of birth among the lower classes who can’t afford a Bush type secret abortive procedure."
(Barbara should have aborted W. lol)

© 2013 by Rev. Bernell Butler & FGE

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon found guilty?

"Why do we (by we I mean Progressive Democrats, Liberals, Independents, Churches, news junkies, etc) waste time on trying to figure our Conservative Republican adversaries. They’ve proven themselves over & over to be silly, stupid, apathetic, self-absorbed, victimized, celebrity worshiping COWARDS! And after the BP oil spill, Texas fertilizer plant bomb, Trayvon Martin found guilty and Republican House since 2010... I’m convinced these people are the worst humanity has to offer" .
Professor Dale Cassidy

Communication from Charlie Stunats to the American PEOPLE
 "Its hard being a tough guy these days…  disappointment, disrespect & frustration comes daily from all sides. It doesn’t matter what the issue…I’m tired of all you hearts & flowers Liberals, with your non-violence training sessions, who STILL think the Left can work with Conservatives/Republicans. These mofo’s are INSANE! The Right Wing wants to bring down the whole nation rather than admit they were played for FOOLS by a very few billionaire, trust fund baby hoarders. 

But Florida is it’s own special Hell with their electing George W. Bush and their “shoot the nigger” … ahhhh I mean “stand your ground” laws. Please Global Warming cover this hell with sea water. I hope Lloyd the Baptist is fucking right about the wrath of GOD on Republicans. Mark my words, the NRA, along with one of these crazy ass Red States, will run Zimmerman for elective office.

What the fuck is it going to take for the Black Community, with it’s White Liberal support system, TO STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK? I’m starting to despise you pussies almost as much as those sick, twisted Republican Ho’s. Not only have the Neo-Cons and Confederate Defenders slapped you in the face, stolen you homes, fouled you environment, suppressed your vote… but now they’re shooting your children AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT! And all you do is make protest signs and limp-wrested excuses about how only brutes use their fists or violence! The WASP’s have been committing violent acts on you people for over 200 years, suckers!

Equal Rights and Justice my skinny Italian-American ASS! I’m itching for a fight to destroy the GOP in next few elections. The problem is we’ve only raised 2000 Warriors with enough balls to do what needs to be done to take down our adversaries. Believe or not these Republicans since Reagan/Bush have done more harm to the USA than any Middle Eastern terror cell. Republicans allowed the Economic terrorists in through the back door.

Republicans  have no shame, credibility or integrity. The Conservative Base does NOT possess the courage or capacity to ADMIT you've been useful tools,  making a HUGE mistake supporting the Bush Administration and a Republican Party FILLED with vain, self serving, power mad,  greed stricken , silver spoon CON MEN.

Conservatives  can’t debate… And when they try to make an argument its some sorry propaganda you heard from one of those TRAITORS to the Constitution Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, or some other inbred highly paid loudmouth  you Conservative degenerates FOLLOW like a good flock of SHEEP!

The leaders you VOTED FOR sold out the American middle/working class to COMMUNIST CHINA and the Saudi Royals. You supported those “men’s room” sexual deviate weasels Craig, Cunningham, Haggard, Foley, Vitter, etc... Republicans future consists of explaining to your children and grand children how you were stupid enough to let the CON MEN TO SELL OUT THEIR FUTURE"

Charlie Stunats, using a few excerpts from SPQR
©2013 SPQR

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Class War Day!

In local communities, make a wealthy, powerful, corrupt, elitist @$$hole your bitch! Only if Concerned Citizens want to save the USA, right? Silver spoon, trust fund babies are the one's who crossed the line and ruined the American Dream. Just remember one thing... the REAL criminals in America have police protection.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Classic - every angry Progressive's fantasy for mañana, Class War Day!

Yea yea, blah blah, yidder yadder, most gangsta rappers were all talk (lol)
 I'm not anti-police, I'm anti-abuse of power ma'fuckas

Can I talk about Gangsta Rap now. The White devil stole the message/sound/stylee from Reggae and turned into a gangsta rap weapon that has ruined generations of youth. The silver spoon, trust fund babies used the worst gangstas to keep the Black community down. According to CIA operatives (such as Tosh Plumlee) it wasn’t Black people bringing crack cocaine to their own communities. (watch the new smokable heroin entering Black & Latino hoods)

I don’t know if anyone noticed but some of the worst crack dealers from CA and NY are now superstar celebrities who play cops in TV and movies… Why is that? Reward for helping the White Devil with his evil plans, right? Snoop Dog hanging out with the Bush Crime Family in the Sky Box?

I’m not being a racist here, the whole gangsta culture revolved around disabling the Black man. The bling bling, gin and juice, blunt smoking, video game lifestyle made several generations of youth stupid and lazy.

You morons actually got tricked into believing baggy oversized pants hanging below you ass was cool but in reality the White Devil caused you to lose the use of one of your hands because you had to hold up those stylish pants when walking. Nothing sadder than a one armed Black man… (lol, sorry) Especially in prison. That shit will get your ass popped like we’re going to do to the GOP!

Gansta rappers not only got your people hooked on crack but then they turned around and helped the MAN keep the private jail/prison industry well stocked with the dark-skinned PRODUCT. Rap turned 2 generation of American youth into ignorant punks and a commodity for the MAN to make billions.   SUCKERS!

© 2004 by SPQR