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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Republican Renaissance, HA!

open season on Conservatives... shoot to kill yourselves
Republican Renaissance? NOT TODAY!
2 wars, Pakistan, failing economy, failing education, failing infrastructure, states on the verge of bankruptcy, raising oil prices, among a host of failures and mistakes the Bush/Cheney administration left for Americans to struggle through… SO WHAT ACTION is the GOP making a priority? That would be the vital issue of re-naming of the Democratic Party to the Democrat Socialist Party…

So what should we call the Republicans? GOP of K-Street? Republican Corporate Welfare Party? The Conservatives of War Profiteers who quote the Bible? The Republican Party only kept alive by FOX News and Radio Free Conservative? Our Motto… WE SOLD OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE INTERESTS! YeeeHAAA!

You right-wingers can’t possibly be stupid enough to fall for this kind of BULL$#!~ …can you? I guess the mainstream media will cover the Republican Renaissance of RNC Chairman Michael Steele (what’s up? lol) spoke of today.

Uncle Tom… ahhh I mean, Michael Steel said the Republican Party is the party of NEW IDEAS??? Really, cause I’ve been waiting since 2007 for one of you m’#*~/’s to come up with some NEW IDEAS! All I’ve heard from you people so far is whining, blaming and excuses

Ohhhh THIS speech is precious… Michael Steele says:
“…today we are declaring an end to the era of Republicans looking backwards(YEA, let's all conveniently FORGET about the last 8 years of Bush/Cheney and the disastrous results of Reaganomics) The time of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now OFFICIALLY OVER(I’m sorry, did someone apologize? I must have missed IT waiting for someone… ANYONE to offer a simple explanation for Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove. Ohhhh and let’s NOT FORGET about Mr. Deregulation Phil Gramm, who came up with the ENRON Clause just before his wife Wendy went to work for Enron. OR resigned his Senate seat days before 9/11 and then when to work for a Swiss Bank… I know, I KNOW, it‘s all just a coincidence. One in a million right? FOOLS! lol)

Chairman Steele was drooling white spittle at this point: "We have turned the corner on regret, recrimination, self-pity and self-doubt(No one pitied ME while I suffered through Bush/Cheney and Reagan/Bush. Swear I want to BEAT the $#!~ outta you right-wing fanatics and Conservative wackos) Now is the hour to focus all of our energies on winning the future… (#*~/ you too, @$$hole! NOT until you Conservative dullards tell the American PEOPLE your NEW IDEAS… just what is NEW AND DIFFERENT from the incompetence, waste, fraud, abuse, reckless economics, scandal, bias, corruption and LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES OF THE PAST! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE and FAILED MISERABLY! So please tell us WHY we should TRUST you now?)

(yawn) Steele muttles on with the same old timey propaganda about “...blah, blah blah, yadda yadda, Burke, Buckley and Reagan(yea right, Most card carrying conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO.Limited intervention in the economy. Substantial intervention in morality”. This means let the Multinational Corporations do whatever they please while preaching and finger pointing at the average Joe and Jane Smuck for what they CHOOSE to do in their private lives)

Steele proclaims: “We’re going to take President Obama head on(Yea pussies blaming Obama/Biden and Nancy Pelosi for ALL this nations problems) the Honeymoon is over( Yah, American's GOT FUCKED but I DIDN'T feel the LOVE) it’s time to speak truth to power (I wasn’t convinced/impressed because he went on to blame Nancy Pelosi for torture, lol) No one likes Nancy Pelosi (HEY Steele, yo bitch… Nancy Pelosi is an Italian American sister who’ll I’ll defend to the max. even though she’s proved herself the best example of women who don’t have the balls to take on the Neo-Con’s… just like all the Republican MEN)

UPDATE: Talk goddess Randi Rhodes was MOST ENLIGHTENING today with her reference to a GQ Magazine article by Robert Draper. How a delusionable Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld was including Biblical quotations to justify his World Wide Intelligence Update and War in Iraq planning. Now THAT is #*~/’n disturbing, scary to any true patriot…

On Memorial Day I say all Americans FORGET the Republican Party that KILLED ITSELF, 2000-2008

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