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Friday, May 22, 2009

NOT a recession, it was a CRIME WAVE... and the American PEOPLE are the VICTIMS!

I may be taking this whole American crisis thing TOO HARD. The Bush/Cheney Administration really screwed me up. The way they won against Gore in 2000 was one of the darkest times in my life. Then the gut wrenching, utter disbelief that Americans would actually re-elect Bush/Cheney in 2004. (opposing candidate John Kerry wasn’t my first choice but… ...he betta dan Buuush, not hard to do, be betta dan Bush, not even cool, but betta than Bush..NAY, NAY, nay, MANY betta dan Bush, betta than Bush, for the healing of the nation, betta than Bush, for the world occupation...)

Things started to get really bad

After 9/11 I DID support a WAR on Terror, even giving Bush/Cheney the benefit of the doubt in Afghanistan because the news reported Osama bin Lunatic and al Qaeda were hiding there. But then they went TOO FAR… invading Iraq made NO SENSE at all. Strategically from a military stand point, why take out the enemy of our enemy. Iraq was the ONLY Middle Eastern nation not influenced by the Islamic fanatics.

Saddam Hussein kept the Muslim fundamentalists under the heel of an iron boot (much like the Soviet Empire). 1000’s of years experience warned them some PEOPLE just HAVE TO BE CONTROLLED. Religious bias, tribal warfare, racism and other age old hatreds ran deep among many populations of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It seems Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Neo-Con brain trust NEVER LEARNED THIS LESSON! All their closed, narrow minds could see was Christianity and western style consumerism being spread to the rest of the world.

NOTE: Dick Cheney is going around the nation like he’s some Military Hero who protected the American Way. In REALITY this vile man DODGED his own military service. Ask any military strategist on the planet if Bush/Cheney MADE US SAFER! Bush/Cheney did MORE to make Americans stupid and fearful enough to believe their BS.

Everyone in Pakistan KNOWS the REAL story. Bush/Cheney shifted FOCUS from the true War on Terror in Afghanistan to secure one of the world’s largest oil supplies in Iraq. They kept just enough troops in Afghanistan to chase al Qaeda and the Taliban ACROSS THE BORDER into Pakistan… That’s NUCLEAR ARMED PAKISTAN!

AND WHAT HAPPENED from 2003 to 2009? Well, the Taliban set up Madrassas (radical Islamic Schools) ALL over Pakistan in poor neighborhoods where the PEOPLE are struggling below the poverty level (WAY below compared to the West). The girls are shut in their homes and the boys go off to these schools where the only book they read is the Koran (Quran). Beaten or rewarded until they can chant the entire book by heart (in Arabic), rocking back and forth in an almost hypnotic state.

Then (like the Christian Fundamentalists do with the Bible) the teachers interpret the Holy Book for their own warped purposes. The youth (young as 5 years of age) are taught about Jihad and the great blessings and honor involved with SLAUGHTERING the INFIDELS. Latest reports estimate there are 5 MILLION of these children in Pakistan that will TAKE OVER the nation someday. THAT’S A GREAT FUTURE WE’RE LEAVING OUR CHILDREN, huh Cheney?

If life was fair and justice reigned over the LAND, Dick Cheney’s head on a stake would be in front of the Pentagon as a warning to others that might lead the USA down the WRONG PATH! (and #*~/ you too, Liz Cheney… New GOP FORCE, my @$$)

The mainstream media didn’t do the American PEOPLE any favors by producing/presenting Bush’s war. Dreams of “shock and awe” video footage dancing in their heads. After a while though, it didn’t take a genius to see Iraq was a HUGE MISTAKE. It served no purpose beyond oil company interests, war profiteering and getting rid of Bush 41’s image Saddam stepped on everyday at his palace entrances. (go back and see photo of US soldier chipping out Bush Daddy’s door step) In the Middle Eastern culture no greater insult is greater than stepping on the image of one’s adversary…
(or throwing shoes at the President... lol)

By 2006 I was in a dark frame of mind. Rage welling from the depths of my soul. Anger so great it was only quelled by attending Anti War protests and working to get Democrats elected to Congress in the mid term election. I was brought back from brink of revolutionary action by a great Democratic victory and my Italian-American sister Nancy Pelosi named Speaker of the House… HOW WAS I TO KNOW the Democrats didn’t have the courage to stand for the will of the PEOPLE and put an end to the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of Bush/Cheney?

The feelings of optimism were completely dashed by the end of 2007. Even though I was ANGRY at both Republicans AND Democrats… NONE of my so-called REPRESENTATIVES in government would respond to my questions about the reckless economics that seemed to have settled upon the LAND like a plague.

From 2001-2007 I organized a letter, email, message board, blogging campaign of epic proportions WARNING the Concerned Citizens of America. I put forth a simple question: HOW CAN OUR CAPITALIST SYSTEM SURVIVE WITHOUT ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY? (I’ve got letters to the editors and blog posts to prove IT)

I cornered political candidates and elected officials on talk radio with calls about the economy but the bureaucrats were living in a different world from that of the average American. (Ivory Tower m’#*~/’s) Right up until the word of our present economic crisis leaked out to the masses, these government officials were talking about 8 million new jobs and a rosy, growing economy that would pay for the War in Iraq…

I decided NOT to turn 3rd Party just yet. This new guy Barack Obama was saying ALL THE THINGS I WANTED TO HEAR! So I spent most of 2008 volunteering most of my free time working to get Obama and Congressional Democrats elected. All the canvassing, voter registrations drives, fund raisers and cell phone minutes I (and millions of other Concerned Citizens) put into the 2008 election was WORTH the effort/expense when Obama and a Democratic majority swept into halls of power and decision.

BUT NOOooooo the Bush/Cheney Administration, Republicans in Congress, FOX news and Radio Free Conservative wouldn’t let us enjoy our Blue State victories. The rhetoric, propaganda, whining, bitching, complaining, finger pointing has been NON STOP ever since…

And just to put the cherry on top of my RAGE sundae Bush/Paulson comes up with a cunning, evil plan to both save the Bush/Cheney legacy and ruin the Obama/Biden Administration BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED!

I’m not going to get into the specifics of the Economic meltdown and Bush/Paulson bailouts. (Go read my blogs to realize I was almost prophetic in conclusions and warnings) Frontline/PBS, Bill Moyers Journal and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart has all the archives one needs to get the STORY of what happened to our economy. This blog post is a timeline… a journal… I just wanted my friends and family to know what pushed me over the edge…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (ohhhhh, sorry… on the word processor next to my computer. I’ve been switching back and forth working on the fiction version of original manuscript documenting my work as an activist organizer and political boat rocker. Working with fiction I’m indulging my violent revolutionary fantasies… lol)

Anyways, I can tell you the exact moment I decided SPQR was going to GET WHAT I WANT… or else! Let me tell you the story:

5-21-09 Albuquerque, NM (one of the most evil places in the nation. I keep a cheap apartment here for my travels into the Blood of Christ Mountains and calling 50,000 watt Conservative Radio station KKOB am770 heard in 17 western states to give listeners an alternative, opposing viewpoints to what was being offered by Limbaugh/Hannity. Now THAT’S a VOICE huh? Try getting THAT MANY PEOPLE to listen to you at a PROTEST MARCH m'#*~/'s)

I traveled to ABQ for a Memorial Day meeting with JESUS in the Sangre de Christo Mts… (lol)

The SAD story of “baby Angel” was finally coming together. The local media is saturated with heart wrenching reports about the poor baby boy buried in the playground sand of Alvarado Park. His young mother getting kicked to the curb by both family and friends… Probably taken advantage of by local unsympathetic gang members, drug dealers and pimps. Led to believe in this failing economy she was worth NADA! Wandering the HARD streets of ABQ with a young child. NO HELP AVAILABLE to her twisted mind...

NOTE: (ABQ's Mayor Chavez says there’s HELP available but I've done a lot of walking and don’t see any signs of help out on the streets where many of ABQ males are talking advantage of these young women on a daily basis. ABQ Cops need to get OUT of their cruisers to PROTECT and SERVE instead of FINE and PENALIZE! From what I’ve seen and heard, City Hall seems to care more about ABQ’s stray dogs and cats than it’s troubled young women. Maybe after all this recent tragedy concerning young women City Hall could create a program for adorable, adoptable meth/crack Ho’s…)

This young mother and her child were the best example of the need for FREE CHOICE! Two generations of unwanted children who would have been better off not even being born…

It’s funny, all the stiff so-called Christian churches in ABQ and this poor young woman and her baby couldn’t find the least bit of VIRTUE? So LOST in this uncaring society and it’s economic condition she thought it was a GOOD idea to smother her baby boy and bury him in the sand to save him from the kind of life she had struggled through…

It’s like what Randi Rhodes always says about the Pro-lifers: “Love the fetus, not so much the child”.

(not to mention all the young female victims MURDERED & buried out on Albuquerque's West Mesa... GOOD JOB ABQ City Hall and local law enforcement, sic. ABQ is the dirty @$$hole of the nation)

CAN YOU SEE THE TEARS ON THIS PAGE? I guess all the cold-hearted basterds in the world need a conscious conscience CHECK… How can you not FEEL for the children, m’#*~/’s? And then at approx 5:20 pm MST, IT HAPPENED!

I was watching the CBS evening news report on “Children of the Recession”. Millions of Americans and their children being thrown into the mean streets and CHEAP MOTEL rooms. The young boy crying about the dire situation he and his mother are in… I CAN BARELY STAND THE TRAGEDY OF IT ALL! All I can do is ask GOD how such things are possible with all the multi-millionaires/billionaires on the scene…

UPDATE: ( I heard Oprah, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, etc… were getting together a meeting on the economic crisis. Ya all the rich m’#*~/’s who stood around and DID NOTHING while all our nation’s wealth and resources were being ravaged and expatriated I know I wrote to all of you… Especially Oprah, I’ve been writing this Beaugeois female victim maker since 2001 without even the courtesy of a form reply from her secretary or producer… WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I TRUST YOUR JUDGMENT (bitch), instead of helping me with my writing career you chose those LIARS and plagiarists… Why don’t all you stiff rich m’#*~/rs do something good with you great wealth IN THE USA! Y’KNOW FOR THE PEOPLE THAT MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE! …@$$holes)

NOTE: (I thought about my own precious son. He’s over 20 now and a man but he’s my first born, named after my father. An Italian family tradition going back a 1000 years. I want him to have OPPORTUNITIES too, y’know?)

ahhh the CHEAP MOTELS, last refuge before living under a Freeway overpass. I did a year of homelessness 1998-99 in So Cal just to see what it was like and how these poor people SURVIVE. (documented) I can tell you one thing for sure… I’d do ANYTHING not to have to go through THAT experience again. I’m gonna get MINE m’#*~/’s with or without your help. If I have to TAKE it.

That’s the kind of economic so-called civilized society we live in, RIGHT? Take, Take, TAKE! Might as well join the club before it’s all gone into the secret off shore bank accounts, RIGHT?

THIS ISN’T A RECESSION YOU MOTHERFUCKING PUNK BITCH EVIL GREEDY ARISTOCRATIC COCKSUCKERS! Calling this MESS a recession is nothing but a misdirect from the TRUTH… This was a CRIME WAVE and the American PEOPLE are the CRIME victims. A con on a scale it will take a generation to figure out. This is no more a recession than a bank robbery is a recession. The greatest looting of national wealth and resources the world has even witnessed. The TRUE criminals have secret service and law enforcement PROTECTION!

Instead of watching “American Idol” the PEOPLE should be rioting in the streets and sending the aristocrats to the chopping block like that royal, #*~/’n bitch Marie Antoinette. I guess the French People aren’t the pussies Rush Limbaugh makes them out to be. At least they DID something about THEIR economic injustice. “Let them eat cake…” RIGHT?

NOTE: (I was thinking I needed to pay a visit to my own grown children just to give them a hug. Times are tough and my 17 year old (my “lil” girl) needs a car. I’m trying desperately to raise the money needed before her birthday)

Nothing is happening for me. I’m cornered, desperate, ready to get plain mad dog mean! My work truck was stolen with all my tools. I’m one of the best house flippers in the world and I can’t find anyone who wants to invest with me. I don’t seem to be able to attract an agent or publisher for my written words and music. The jobs/wages around here are insulting. There’s something WRONG with the people in ABQ. And the economic outlook for the future is questionable. I’ve GOT to do something to SAVE MY OWN!

You fascists in law enforcement better leave me the fuck alone. The Republican Party owes the American PEOPLE FOR 8 YEARS of looting the national treasury and expatriating most of our wealth and resources. I’ve got enough evidence on my desk to bring Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Paulson/Gingrich/Delay/Gramm/Craig/Etc.) up on R.I.C.O. Act charges right now…

WHY ISN’T THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION doing what needs to be done for the healing of the NATION? WHY ARE the Dick Cheney’s of the nation ALLOWED to spew their vile bullshit while the American PEOPLE are DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY?

But it doesn’t end there

I figure American LAW enforcement owes me for ten years of fines, penalties, code enforcement, seizures, tow costs, storage costs, court cost, ABUSE OF POWER, harassment, TORTURE! The USA government got rid of the mafia and TOOK OVER it's game. The police are the strong arm hoods of income generation in the name of PUBLIC SAFETY (sic). The game is RIGGED and the Concerned Citizen is the sucker…


Listen to me President Obama, DON’T YOU DARE point that indefinite, prolonged, preventative DETENTION toward the Concerned Citizens of America. We have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be ANGRY and upset by the actions of our government. Like Frederick Douglas said “Power concedes NOTHING without DEMAND”. Well the American PEOPLE have been demanding & DEMANDING for YEARS NOW… but you elitist m’#*~/’s haven’t been listening. So WHAT are we supposed to DO? You tell me… Before I #*~/’n LOOSE IT! I want JUSTICE m’#*~/s…


I’ve given my warning for the so-called JUSTICE SYSTEM and rule of law. Guess what? If you m’#*~/’s fail to ACT you will be GUILTY under CA Penal Code 410 and 726-7. COME ON, bet, check, DO SOMETHING! There’s 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level waiting for an ANSWER…

THINK about THAT on Memorial Day, m'#*~/'s

UPDATE: email to Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Montel Williams, etc...

I’ve just noticed an advertisement during your radio show on PROGRESSIVE station KABQ-am 1350 in Albuquerque. And when I thought about IT and explored the product… It became quite disturbing.

The soothing female voice from either the Stress & Anxiety Foundation or the Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety. “Does your mind race uncontrollably?”, the nice woman asks. Well as a matter of fact, ever since Bush/Cheney winning in 2000... “Do you find yourself brooding on hopelessness and despair?” hell YES! Every hour of every day SINCE Bush/Cheney got re-elected in 2004...

Do you wake up at night feeling anxious unable to fall back asleep?” …yes, yes the moment the dumbass Democrats in Congress passed the Bush/Paulson Bailout Scam
Have you lost your confidence, that certain sparkle and joy?” Actually NO! My anger and frustration is what’s driving me now… DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY from my so-called Representatives in government and corporations gives me such a HIGH… and IT’S natural…
I recommend Zentra. It doesn’t require a prescription” yea the Republican Party and most of Congress wants to flood the Progressive market so we don’t start a revolution…

Customers have compaired the feeling YOU get after taking Zentra to that of falling in LOVE” Ohhhhh boy… give it to the right-wing fanatics, Neo-Con degenerates and the mainstream media, with a side of Viagra. Bill O’Reilly will LOVE it, he’s a sex freak!
“…an overwhelming sensation that ALL is well in the world and THINGS will get BETTER” Yea don’t worry, be happy, stay apathetic, watch TV… just don’t demand accountability, RIGHT? Only a #*~/’n whinny COWARD would put such a product in their body… I say EMBRACE THE HORROR, use that frustration… MAKE anger… THAT RIGHTEOUS ANGER… WORK FOR THE GOOD OF YOU, YOUR NATION AND YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE…

“…in fact I’m so confident that Zentra will so dramatically change your outlook on life I want you to try it risk free for 30 days RISK FREE 1-800 461-7236

I called the number to get the proper spelling of the product but all I got was a recording and long, suspicious hold. Then I did a Google search on Midwest Center, Stress & Anxiety and it has a warning THIS SITE MAY HARM YOUR COMPUTER… I couldn’t find a specific website for the Stress & Anxiety Foundation and NOTHING about Zentra. Things aren’t looking good for this lady and her organization so TRUST is a factor here.

I say ANY ad with a sexy woman in it
(radio or TV) should send up red flags. This company should be investigated for it’s ties or stockholders and Zentra tested... HEY! Look ZEN_tra lol, ooohhhhhhmmmmmm...

Also there's a commercial with a nameless answering machine that wants me to SPEAK MY MIND... “We’re LISTENING” the ad tells me. Well, WHO the #*~/ are YOU and why are you interested 1-866-303-2270?


© 2009 by FGE

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