Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Conservative is the NEW "nigger"

"December 21, 2012 - It seems the Mayan calender was at least partially right about the end of world… the Republican Corporate Ho Party killed itself today... (lol)
lynch RWNJs

Tech 9 Worldwide Choppers
New Years resolution - to chop up the new “robber baron$” and “economic royalist$” before they destroy the USA with the help of those pitiful Ho’s in the GOP

The low grade thought processes coming from most of these Republicans doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Honestly,  I know 13 year old girls that could do a better job than John “the bonner” Boehner. There will be no serenity for you… from either side of the political spectrum. AND Mitch McConnell, this ain’t idiot FOX nation reality, PAY the bills, ya Republican lowlife, freeloading deadbeats...

I must confess, every time I see Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Rubio, DeMint or any of those Functional Psychotics in the GOP making their snide sound bites I want to punch a Republican voter...

"Dr. Gordon Hodson, a professor of psychology at Brock University and the study's lead author, said the finding represented evidence of a vicious cycle: People of low intelligence gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, which stress resistance to change and, in turn, prejudice, he told LiveScience."

No Progressive wanted to include Obama/Biden in an adversarial category but Social Security was the line in the sand that I, for one, refuse to cross. This news about President Obama putting Social Security on the table for the GOP morons is very disturbing. If those pathetic cowards and greedy degenerates in Washington, DC touch Social Security in any way then it’s over. It’s Revolution time, Class War time, what ever you want to call IT but those devils are going down. Why are these useful tools even talking about Social Security? As Ronald Wilson Reagan pointed out, "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit".  (see:   V is for VICTORY

This chained CPI ( Consumer Price Index ) BS our so-called leaders are floating out on the American scene is the first cut of a death for Social Security by a 1000 cuts.” Thom Hartmann

The SSI trust fund we all contributed to will eventually end up in the pockets of a very few silver spoon trust fund baby con artists, if that evil cocksucker Grover Norquist and other whores in the GOP have their way. President Obama thought the Republicans hate him? Wait until he sees how Progressive Democrats react to his poor bargaining skills he’s exhibited over & over, then throws SSI under the bus... WOW!" (I hope and pray that isn't true)

Raise taxes on the Middle Class? REALLY? Those heartless bureaucrats haven’t soaked us enough already? They take our hard earned tax dollars and do WHAT? Lavish Parties, cushy jobs with no accountability, the House of Rep’s hasn’t done a damn thing for 2 years and those @$$holes got a RAISE? These incompetent fools waste our monies on unnecessary wars on everything FOX News can scare the weak minds on. You waste billions on money pits such as the war on drugs, agricultural/oil subsidies and a Mars ****’n rover. **** you too!  Do you really think the American PEOPLE are that stupid?

( REMEMBER Warriors, stick to the PLAN )

The programs I don’t mind spending money on are always stalled or road blocked. Where is financing for our age of enlightenment for schools and Universities? Where’s the Kennedy to Moon program to engineer bio fuels and a smart grid for solar/wind generators? (WATCH: movie titled "FUEL" directed by Josh Tickell) Where is the reform for our justice and regulation systems?  Where’s the 4th Estate? Nothing but the same old boring, (yawn) middle of the road, so-called expert opinions and NOTHING EVER CHANGES!  

How does one deal with liars, imbeciles, cheats and propagandists? That’s what the Obama/Biden Administration must endure on a daily basis. Just observe the Republicans in Congress… Senator Mitch McConnell filibustered his own proposals, John Boehner is the most unproductive Speaker in US history, incompetent House Representatives and delusional Senators actually show up on FOX News to spread lies and disinformation just to make themselves look good for Grover Norquist and Wayne LaPierre… COME ON!

Simply put, the economic terrorists and arms dealers in Republican Corporate Ho Party are dedicated to destroying the US government! Money loving, power mad, silver spoon trust fund baby organized crime that wants to "divide and conquer" the American PEOPLE and turn US into low wage slaves. I only have one question... WHERE THE fuck IS HOMELAND SECURITY AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? 

Stiff Prosecutors go after Progressives such as medical marijuana vendors or poor Aaron Swartz but ignore the white bred Corporate Crime Wave. WHY? FYT COWARDS! Explain that one to me please President Obama or Vice-President Biden, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or what about that pussy AG Eric Holder? You want Progressives to support you ever again YOU BETTER LISTEN!

All Choppers, Concerned Citizens and radicals must DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! (now) To save us from...

Republicans really do try to appeal to the lowest common denominator… y’know, all the deadnecks, chicken hawks, racists and weakest minds in America. Retards that do ridicules things like put an Obama eating watermelon statue on their front lawn or protest at soldier’s funeral services because of DADT. That’s about 17% of the US population, most of whom should be in mental hospitals for severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions.

These useful tools gather at Tea Party rallies and try to figure out ways to forget how Bush/Cheney spent our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card. After 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney and a Republican controlled Congress from 1994 to 2006, these hard head degenerates STILL refuse to admit that we TRIED IT YOUR WAY and IT ALMOST RUINED OUR NATION! And you want Progressives to trust you with WHAT?

I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU FOOLS! Please die or stop voting before you morons destroy the USA. I’m getting very angry with the Republican Corporate Ho’s insulting my intelligence.  You think most Americans don’t realize Billionaire aristocrats are buying off the GOP to work for their own vain, self-serving, power mad, vicious, greed stricken special interests.

THINK ABOUT IT please! Republicans refuse to work for the best interests of 99% of the American people in favor of about 400 rich families.  If that sounds right to you then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. It’s time to thin the Conservative wacko herd.  Conservative is the NEW “nigger” 

OK, makes sense:
“…the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel, Bob Perry, Diane Hendricks, Rich Devos, Foster Friess, Louis Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones billionaire types are suffering from a form of excessive compulsive disorder. If they couldn’t hide behind the wealthy eccentric labels they’d be known as Hoarders.”   Thom Hartmann

12-21-12  call on ED Shultz radio show, Jack Rice guest hosting:
"After watching his speech today, I'm convinced Wayne LaPierre is a coward and a soulless madman. I have one question if NRA gun owners are so responsible… In each one of these school shootings…how is it so called responsible gun owners allow their troubled, mentally handicapped sons to get a hold of their guns and ammo? That doesn’t sound too responsible to me but what did we expect from damn Conservatives?"
Frank from Albuquerque

CLASH "Know your rights"

UPDATE after studying the situation with the others at the Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank:
 I always try to make the best of a bad situation, especially when it comes to my GOD given quest to destroy the Republican Corporate Ho Party. I think most Progressives are missing the fact that a golden opportunity has presented itself and we need to take advantage of it.  That’s the difference between a Progressive and a Conscious Man Consultants Progressive, we actually have the balls to go at the throat those Conservative idiots have exposed. I want to kick those evil bastards while they’re down. 
Let me explain:

1) On the gun issue we separate the Wayne LaPierre Republicans from Grover Norquist Republicans. LaPierre says we need armed security in every school, well let’s tax gun owners because they’re the root of the problem. Now wouldn’t THAT just piss off Grover Norquist. Besides people who want gun arsenals and support NRA are usually the ones who are too crazy to have guns.  (lol)

2) On fiscal cliff the John Boehner Republicans will eventually turn against the Tea Party imbeciles after the hardcore Neo-Cons ruin the Republican brand. Progressives, Liberals and Democrats just need to let them go over the cliff and kill themselves without putting ANYTHING on the table, ESPECIALLY SOCIAL SECURITY ...pitiful pussies. 

As posted on comments, The Next Web 12-28-12 article titled "Why so Curious…?"
One of the brain trust at Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank is a specialty computer programmer for NASA's Mars "Curiosity" rover. G. has a warped sense of humor so he programmed the Rover on a path that leaves tracks on sandy Mars landscape that spells out "Republicans lick toilet seats".
The Mars graffiti project will be seen from telescopes on Earth just before the 2014 election season starts. (lol)

© 2012 by SPQR
Hey Publishing #*^~\!'s... I’m writing a book TOO, about how middle aged white guys get no respect since george w bush screwed everything up. Share the wealth mothafuckers...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"off with their heads..."

HEY CONGRESS! Remember your sworn oath? The current oath was enacted in 1884:
 "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God." REMEMBER?
NOT that Grover Norquist bitch PLEDGE you silly, punk Ho's been following for decades. We're working to make Mr Norquist (and anyone who followed him) an "enemy of the state". Billionaire groupies must be stopped!
 (fucking TRAITORS!)

The DUB protest movement finishing the Class War (see: )

11-27-12 final draft:
"I’m sorry, I missed the election where Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was elected President. Maybe this vain, greed stricken, power mad fool believes he’s some kind of higher being who can just dictate direction the USA will take from here. All the Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, David Gregory, gay, smitten, news anchor types along with Erin Burnett, Maria Bartiromo gazing lovingly at these Wall St CEO’s like they were Greek gods while spewing their evil upper-Class Warfare rhetoric.

Ohhhh I see, the top 1% isn’t used to losing hold on soaking the US taxpayers for their loses. They haven’t completed their looting of our wealth and resources yet, they still want to steal the Social Security trust fund and kill off the 50 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level…

Of course the PEOPLE can’t get angry about that direction because the police are the rich guys bitch. Look at how they treated the Occupy crowd. A group of Concerned Citizens who just wanted JUSTICE for the economic meltdown of 2007-2008... If Obama/Biden ignores the angry Progressives then all is lost in 2014. They’re already questioning the motives/statements of Administration officials, PLEASE KEEP THEM HAPPY or they will come at Democrats in ways the reader can’t even imagine… 

bring Democracy to the workplace”, Richard Wolff in “Democracy at Work, A Cure for Capitalism

The way I see it is the USA needs consumers with enough wealth to keep our economy rolling. Higher wages for workers AROUND THE WORLD… It’s not that US workers need to take pay cuts. We need to ORGANIZE foreign workers to DEMAND higher wages and better working conditions... (f**k Tom Delay!)

CEO pay/rewards based on success of business… not whatever sick twisted pay scale they use now. CEO’s commit fraud, destroy established businesses, almost bring down the nation’s economy, take billion dollar government bailouts and CEO’s got paid WHAT? WHO’S GETTING ENTITLEMENTS, m’f***ers?  (I want to beat Lloyd Blankfein’s @$$)

If things go bad like the reckless economics during the Bush/Cheney catastrophe then SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! I know, I&I KNOW… it’s just a coincidence every time a Bush in in the White House Americans must suffer through a banking/financial scandal/crisis.
NOTE: (Ask John McCain he was there at the beginning partying and doing coke with John Keating of Lincoln National… y’know, the terrible late 80’s Savings and Loan scandal…)

If out-of-control Jewish bankers and silver spoon, trust fund baby, Economic Royalists can buy off the W.A.S.P. politicians then the American PEOPLE will continue to get f***ed over. (lol) The PEOPLE must ORGANIZE to DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY from business, corporate and government top officials. NOW!

American taxpayers also need to take a long hard look at the serious misallocation of resources that wastes our national wealth such as any kind of WAR! Check out the miserable results in the WAR on Drugs and the WAR in Iraq alone. FAILURE on a scale that few can even comprehend…

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, GOP be damned, CEO’S be investigated, RICO Act laws put into effect to put an end to a 24 year Corporate Crime Wave that gripped the nation. The greatest looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of mankind. They made 100 years of the Mafia look like a playground shakedown. So tell me again why anyone is listening to f**king Lloyd Blankfein?   

Yes Goldman Sachs and everyone else on Wall St are there to make money. Virtue, ethics, responsibility and accountability be damned where profits are concerned, right? Let the rich guys do whatever crime they want while politicians preach morality to “the little people” and law enforcement focuses on the peasants. Especially the boat-rockers such as Occupy Wall St. (welcome to the fascist police state)

The top dogs at Bloomberg would say crime, what CRIME? Let’s not forget traitors such as those at FOX News who spread lies and propaganda for foreign agents like Rupert Murdoch, Mark Steyn, Dinesh D’Souza, John Sununu, Stuart Varney, Commie Chinese... Not that anyone else in the 4th Estate has done their job in the last 15 years. How much damage have they done to our great nation? HOW MUCH? (for what, to get invited to the best cocktail parties?) TRAITORS!

Funny how most of the news media and politicians seemed to have selective memories. Our Top Leaders forgot the Securities & Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit in April 2010 accusing Goldman Sachs of FRAUD. Just like Goldman Sachs forgot to mention to it’s clients it sold complicated mortgage backed securities that it was betting AGAINST the investments they hyped.  So the Aristocrats told the common Americans to “eat cake” and now the people have a right to respond with “off with their heads”, right?

Like I always tell my conservative friends, this aint no tea party, this is a full scale Class war and the aristocrats are kicking the American people’s butt.

Open your eyes and look at what really happened during the Bush/Cheney catastrophe… The rich guys spit in American faces, pulled down Americans pants, f***ed Americans in the @$$ for 8 years and stole our wallet before they left in 2008. Any American citizen with half a brain is VERY angry, demanding accountability but Republicans don’t see it that way. They liked the violations so much they want MORE!

I think we need to focus on those in the TOP 1% who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… with American ingenuity, hard work, loyalty, technology, ideas… using infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Communist slave labor camps, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a billy goat puke and turned our politicians into a stable of high priced prostitutes. (like that Texas monkey Rep. Louie Gohmert)

It used to be called bribery, collusion and all those crimes covered by the RICO Act. How come they can get away with a white bred corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our jails are filled by pot smokers? WHY IS THAT? These Wall Street guys ruined our economy with their reckless policies and deregulation, so why aren’t the American PEOPLE standing up to them? WHY AREN’T THE FED’S PROSECUTING?

There’s only a few thousands of them but there’s MILLIONS of us. There’s 48 MILLION of us living below the poverty level. Probably another million+ non-violent offenders ruined by the jail/prison industrial/vendor complex & Convict Lease System. That’s a fight I’ll take… what about YOU?  I am somebody who fights evil love of money..."
©2012 by FGE
Since the wealthy silver spoon trust fund baby Aristocrats want to take rights away from the great American working class then WE will use your own strategy against you by taking YOUR rights and $ away… 

Republicans got so bad they started ripping each other off. It started years ago when treasurers all over the GOP structure with examples such as Christopher Ward, using all kinds of scams set up to siphon money off for themselves. The greed degenerated into a organization wide racket… In the last election Richard Viguerie, Dick Morris, Dick Army and Karl Rove alone, conned the conservative wacko billionaires out of hundreds of millions of dollars. I can’t say I’m sad that rich assholes got ripped off. The  likes of TOP 1%, Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, L. Brent Bozell III, David Siegel, Bob Perry, Diane Hendricks, Rich Devos, Foster Friess, Louis Moore, Trevor Rees-Jones, Darden Restaurants and those stiffs on the Council for National Policy got their @$$es spanked by political con artists.

The sad part about this story is that the average Conservative voter who contributed for issues and beliefs, saw their hard earned money go into the pockets of a very few jerks like Newt Gingrich and Ralph Reed for over 20 years now. Your children are laughing at you for being the biggest suckers in the history of the USA!  USEFUL IDIOTS!
Cho not Joe  to Jim Villanucci Show KKOB am 770 on 8-24-07:
That’s CHO not Joe… Hi stupid Americans, you spent trillions of dollar to fight Cold War Communism but now Communists own 1/3 you national debt. Your Republican CHICKEN HAWK, leaders are deadbeats, no like to pay bills. NOW PEOPLE MUST PAY!
WE CONTROL you, be good consumer now, stand in line, shop at WalMart, BUY SOMETHING OR GET OUT!  Buy now stupid. Spend good money on bad product, buy stuff make you fat and sick, make you pet DIE! Poison toothpaste and sheetrock we sell you CHEAP,! Soon we come, like Mick Jaeger say, you under our thumb… We win you economy long before you win stupid WAR in Iraq, suckers

What’s disgusting… UNION BUSTING!” Chant heard at a strike in front of national fast food chain store.

Halleluiah! Saints be praised and come marching IN

Saturday, November 10, 2012

V is for VICTORY


Eek a Mouse 

I saw IT in your eyes, suckers... Even in the face of all the arithmetic against the GOP, you morons actually thought you were going to win. Thank GOD the jerk-offs were wrong because a President Mitt Romney would have made George W. Bush look like a responsible leader. AND I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER WRITE THOSE WORDS but ya dumbass, holier-than-thou Conservative wacko know-it-all’s are killing me with your poor voting choices. 

THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents, and yes, even disgruntled Republicans saved Conservatives from themselves. This time you morons really did vote against you own best interests. Mitt “the lying Vulture” Romney would have treated us all like the workers in Sensata or Delphi... TERRIBLY! (like that kid he tortured in Prep School)

Everything you right wing nut cases stand for is a lie. A cult of Ditto-heads who live to piss off Liberals. You really don’t know why you hate the LEFT so much, but it feels good to belong… Even though conservative club is frequented by racist, vicious haters, suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions. As long as there’s a Liberal around to beat up on everything seems right. 

Seems right? Maybe not, maybe, just maybe the SAME people who gave you such bad, flawed information during the 2012 election… HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU ALL ALONG! Maybe you’ve been a victim of a cunning brand of textbook psychological warfare 
( )

Conservatives & Liberals both love the USA. We both love our natural resources, water ways and State Parks. We all want the FREEDOM to live our lives, in a responsible way we see fit, without too much government intervention.  We ALL want compassion & care if we get sick, disabled or mentally ill, right? I don’t know ONE Liberal or Conservative who didn’t want a better future for their children and grandchildren and beyond, RIGHT? 

Funny thing, when Liberals and Conservatives get together they actually find out how much they have in common. But then you brainwashed fools go back to FOX news or the AM radio Limbaughs… over and over again expecting a different result… Huh, what’s that remind you of?

Speaking for myself… if someone had lied to me, (for 20 years ya stupid mofo’s, lol) I’d have nothing more to do with them.

NOTE: Mitt Romney had his campaign workers collect all your names (and contact info) for an invaluable suckers list. His people will be calling you shortly to sell you junk bonds, shady derivatives and a bridge in Brooklyn... (lol) And another thing, most Black Women are much, MUCH smarter than most White Anglo Saxon Protestant Men...

EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”  never forget that
©2012 by FGE

 " is time for our nation to move forward and continue the fight for economic and social justice for all Americans," Amalgamated Transit Union President Larry Hanley AFL-CIO

 GOD bless our Veterans 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"We don’t need no stink’n fact checkers, we just want your $, suckers"

CHARACTER! Ask yourselves, who has IT... who doesn't?

"Todd Akin was right, Tea Party supporters brains shut down after raped by Karl Rove & Koch Bros..."  Mary Bloody Goode 

"Ha, Mitt Romney made a courageous VP pick? COME ON!

Mitt Romney the pathological liar, spoiled silver spoon, trust fund baby and elitist social Darwinist. No one likes a liar so Mitt was going down hard and getting desperate. So the best plan Mitt the twit (and his merry band of campaign elves) could come up with was to allow the Cheney/Bush Neo-Cons make the VP decision for him. Think about this now… if that evil mofo Cheney says he worships at the feet of Paul Ryan… THEN Ryan must be some kind of Wisconsin Antichrist or something… lol. (

Paul Ryan wants to be known as a responsible deficit cutter… of course Ryan also wants voters to conveniently forget he voted for Iraq War, Bush tax cuts, TARP, deregulation, Bush/Paulson bank bailouts, Medicare Part iDiot and all the other ridicules Bush/Cheney spending supplementals that WERE NEVER PAID FOR and led to the outrageous debt in the first place. One would have to be a real sucker FOOL to fall for this man's bullshit, right?

Paul Ryan hates government except when it benefits him and people like him. Ryan has actually spent his entire life on the government dole. He got SSI survivor benefits until he was 18... THEN through rich Ryan family (from government funded infrastructure projects & Defense Dept contracts) connections got his first government job and has been sucking off the government teat ever since. (HOLY shit what a fuck’n hypocrite, I can’t stand it!) NO MATTER WHAT PAUL RYAN'S MOTHER SAYS!

That’s the dark, dirty secret Conservative wackos want to keep from the American PEOPLE, They want to cut most Americans out of the government monies loop so there is MORE FOR THEMSELVES (or privatize) 

Like Michele Bachmann taking Dept. of Agriculture subsidies... (proof of this is how the freshman Tea Partiers in Congress have wasted tax dollars on extravagant lifestyles and expensive luxury rental cars. Greedy Evil Hypocrites, GEH not GOP)

Paul Ryan says he’s a good Catholic but the Catholic Bishops called the Ryan budget IMMORAL! (taking from poor Peter to pay rich PAUL, right? lol) Hey Paul Ryan… you can’t follow Ayn Rand and JESUS at the same time, ya dumbass, lying, silver spoon motherfucker

I’ll bet you $10,000 right now that Paul Ryan has his nose so far up the asses of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Bros that he’s can smell the money in their wallets and at their beck & call(girl) lol ...Lyin Ryan!  With low grade thought processes like these I MUST QUESTION the judgment of Rep. Paul Ryan and FEAR any thought of both Ryan and Romney being anywhere NEAR the White House. Scary... 

Conservatives groups such as the Tea Party have all but disappeared because of SHAME! These Conservative rubes realized they got played for fools by a bunch of silver spoon trust fund babies. Can you imagine? After the Bush/Cheney catastrophe, Tea Baggers still believed the GOP was working for their best interests.  The Republican Corporate Ho Party used Conservative voters like a $10.00 meth whore. (right Ted Haggard) lol

Not only that, but you pathetic morons wanted Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Over and over AGAIN! Just separate yourselves from the Bush/Cheney DISASTER… bull$#!~ MISINFORMED people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement. In reality right wing imbeciles never learned the new boss is same as the old boss… The 2010 election was an affront to GOD and everything the USA stands for.

In OTHER WORDS Republican Party talking points are based on the ignorance of their constituents. They revise history and LIE because they CAN… because morons who vote for Republicans DON’T KNOW THEIR OWN HISTORY!  This ain’t NO Tea Party, ya fuck'n numbskulls… it’s a full scale CLASS WAR and all the silver spoon, trust fund babies like Mitt Romney are kicking the American PEOPLE’s @$$.

The Billionaire Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America

I guess Conservative wacko groupies didn’t have enough of getting screwed over by the Bush era rich guys, NO, these morons want to elect MORE lying, silver spoon, trust fund babies like Mitt Romney. 

A man who LIED on SEC filings and refuses to release his tax returns… (Ann Romney is suffering from superiority complexes & delusions of royal grandeur, its not your turn, release your tax returns b****)

A man who ravaged manufacturing plants in the USA, breaking promises, STEALING PENSIONS, then sending JOBS and MILITARY component TECHNOLOGY to India and COMMUNIST CHINA…

A man who takes credit for saving the Salt Lake City Olympics even though it was actually a government bailout that saved the Games from Mitt Romney. (lot’s of that going around) 

A man who pissed off our two greatest allies,  the British and Israeli peoples. (only former Solidarity union thug and affirmed racist Lech Walesa, in Poland, gave a thumbs up to the Romney campaign) 

A campaign staff who thinks it’s above questions the news media has for Mitt Romney
(“kiss my ass”, “shove it“? COME ON!)

A man who told his son to commit voter fraud. Tagg Romney was instructed by Mitt to buy voting machines... WOW!

Ooohhhh this is a good one, Mitt Romney' s father collected welfare benefits & food stamps after moving from Mexico!

The Romney's profited from a government bailout of Delphi, even though they stole workers pensions and sent jobs to China.

A MAN, who if elected President, will take an oath with his hand on the Book of Mormon!

No Ann Romney… IT’S the long suffering PROGRESSIVES TURN! A chance to bring common sense, rational stance, dignity, reason and a repudiation of tyranny, ignorance, poverty and corruption…" 

I am somebody who fights a Class War during the 2012 election
© 2012 by SPQR & FGE

IMPORTANT: VOTE! Please don’t forget to vote against Republicans in Senate, House, state and local government elections. We must put the stake in the heart of this life sucking vampire known as the GOP before they shame us all.

“Privatization is the worst thing that ever happened to the USA. Profits over patriotism is no way to run a nation”  
 © 2011 by Professor Dale Cassidy  from his manuscript “Top 100 Most Evil People,* and deeds” 

 “US justice goes after Bradley Manning and Julian Assange for exposing horrible acts in Iraq but ignores Bush Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Wolfowitz and the LIES that led to this unnecessary WAR! Justice seems to have been corrupted sometime in the last 30 years in favor of a very few rich assholes and control freaks. I remember that stiff Attorney General Eric Holder tried to deflect attention away from the Bush Crime Family and the Corporate Crime Wave and instead went after a bunch of 70+ year old Mafia bosses. What a coward! That's modern day LAW Enforcement... EASY TARGETS ” 
Charlie Stunats

"I can’t take it anymore. I REFUSE to live under the tyranny of another Republican Corporate Ho Party administration! I’m declaring WAR on the GOP and all you insane imbeciles who keep making the same mistake over & over & over… voting for Republicans. Republicans haven’t taken responsibility for last trust fund baby they voted for in 2000-2004, now want to burden Americans with ANOTHER? It’s very  UN-AMERICAN!
 1) Is there a better definition of TRAITOR than those who would corrupt or suppress the VOTE for personal gains? 
 2) The Republican Corporate Socialist Party doesn’t even try and hide the fact they’re a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken silver spoons who privatized profits, socialized losses on Wall St. A bunch of evil, self serving, Con Artists who made bribery legal so they couldn’t be held accountable for Citizens United.  Frank from Albuquerque


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Election or Revolution?

"POLITICIAN just a HO", y'know... whore
UPDATE: SpoAct can't play guitar any more without braces on both arms, in much pain. His disability caused by **PD, who thought it was a good idea to TORTURE him for 3 days in ** City jail while he was under doctors care for Head Trauma. We will fuck that city up if he doesn't get JUSTICE!

"Grover Norquist is the PIMP between the rich aristocrats and those whores in the GOP"
William P. Goode

Confession written on 7-27-12:
I’m scared… I’m having flashbacks of early 2000 about the Bush VS. Gore presidential campaign. I volunteered so much of my precious time working for Gore, the Democrats and for Progressive causes. All the meetings, workshops, petition/voter registration drives,  campaign work, letter/email writing campaigns.  I communicated with 1000’s of wonderfully active Concerned Citizens who love the USA, the Constitution and our American Way

I should have been happy but I had this nagging anxiety that a storm was on the horizon. Everyone around me was confident of victory and getting agitated at my constant warnings about the storm. Some on the LEFT were so sure they actually went over to the Ralph Nader camp to waste their VITAL votes. No one believed a spoiled, inebriated, silver spoon, ignorant, loser like George W. Bush, who failed at every business or personal plan in his life, could possibly be taken serious by enough voters to get him elected…

And then the horror, the HORROR! 

Things are a hell of a lot more desperate NOW in 2012. No s***, if that lying idiot Mitt Romney is elected President  OR if these Tea Party morons take over Congress OR if the Conservative wackos get elected to local governments… then the USA is f***ed!

I want all you Liberals to think about SUPREME COURT appointments before voting for the Green Party or any 3rd Party candidate in 2012. If that stiff asshole Mitt Romney win$ the White House because a bunch of idiot Liberals wasted their vote then you motherfuckers become the enemy. Don’t be surprised if you get sucker punched at some future Peace & Justice, Indy Media, MoveOn, Occupy Wall St meeting

On the other side of the idiot political spectrum… For all you cost cutting Republicans out there, (WHO DID NOTHING while Bush/Cheney wasted our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card) Mitt Romney will finish the job of destroying America from with-in that the Bush Crime Family started. (I know I know, it’s just a coincidence every time a Bush is in the White House, Americans have to suffer through another banking/financial scandal/crisis)

The life long, Secret Service protection for the Romney Family alone will break the bank. All those kids, grand kids and fancy pants dressage horses. (lol) Think about those five Romney sons who didn’t think it was important to serve their nation during TWO WARS started by their political party. These spoiled silver spoons will be served for the rest of their lives by tax payer funded, private security.

No sane person can believe that Mitt Romney, this vain, self-absorbed, vicious,  power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon, trust fund baby, who will be nothing more than a Ho for the Billionaire Class, will be elected President. BUT I KNOW BETTER, ...they lie, They lie, THEY LIE and cheat!

"LIE & CHEAT, the GOP... BAD FOR YOU, BAD FOR ME" (*repeat)

I see the storm on the horizon with the computerized voting machines, by fanatic right wing Christian election boards and workers, voter ID/voter suppression laws AND ALL THAT BIAS Conservative DISINFORMATION that is broadcast out 24/7, over our publicly owned  radio/TV airwaves. PAID FOR BY SOME OF THE MOST EVIL HUMAN BEINGS to have ever walked the Earth. Psychological warfare on a scale that it will go down as History’s most successful brainwashing of a target population
( see )

COME ON, you  know what I’m talking about… For any Progressive/Liberal/Independent whose ever tried to have a legitimate debate with one of those Limbaugh ditto-hears or FOX News groupies. The facts, statistics and content are all right in front of their blank faces but they refuse to believe the TRUTH! Oooohhhh Noooooo, Conservative wackos are part of a elitist club of holier-than-thou, know-it-alls suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions. Useful tools taught to  believe they were put on the Earth to keep the Aristocrats in the extravagant lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to… Winning is the only thing... even if they have to sacrifice the entire USA.
© 2012 by Frank from ABQ

C-SPAN or FOX? And ABC, CBS NBC, CNN aren't much better

7-28-12 approx.  9:00am EST (I’m visiting Western NY again to experience the exhilarating, energizing  properties of the ions produced by water roaring over the American side of Niagara Falls and crashing on the rocks below… the Consciousness is amazing)

Republicans in Congress and Conservative spokesperson lie and revise history because they CAN! Because their supporters and audience are dumber than a tree full of monkey’s.

I’m sitting here in a motel room at my keyboard with Monica Crowley on C-Span Book TV making a speech at a Republican Women’s group (6-25-12) telling the poor misinformed imbeciles that President Obama has spent his first term DIVIDING the American PEOPLE through Class, race, religion… REALLY? And Republicans haven’t been the worst divisive obstructionists since the Civil War?

She’s calling me (and everyone on the LEFT) a Kook for my work, ideology and belief system.  COME ON? (What the f*** happened to the C-SPAN’s that they would give precious airtime to such trash talk? Them’s fighting words)

MS Crowley is trying to explain how the LEFT will try to make Mitt Romney appear to be a George W. Bush type idiot who makes blaringly stupid mistake and misspeaks. She told a lie about MSNBC editing video tape to achieve that purpose. 

Authors NOTE: (MSNBC is airing the Olympics so I’m checking out what the Conservative News wackos are saying on their super duper public broadcast airwaves propaganda machine. The Olympic people need to stagger the 4 year thing so it doesn’t land on the same year as US Presidential elections. Also they need to keep Mitt Romney away from any future Games before he ruins the franchise… )

I turn to Fox Spin Network where Fox & friends (notice the “f” in “friends” is small case for the “little people”) and find the famous Conservative transsexual Ann Coulter spewing some of the most sick, vicious, twisted lies I’ve ever been witness to.  These two women seem to me to be the Devils Concubines for the GOP.

 “Sarah & Todd Palin, want everyone to know, they just purchased food from Chick-fil-A“…ssholes   aaagagggagagfhhhhhhhhgggggg!

(commercial ad)

ENTER: Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) is now screaming about regulations on business.  He’s blaming President Obama for local construction and building regulations handled by city code enforcement officers. The TRUTH  is, after the 2010 election, Republicans control a majority of City, County, State governments in the USA… so talk to them about regulations. As so many Conservative morons do, they mix up local government rules and regulations with Federal controlled by the Legislative and Executive branches 

Rep. Kelly forgot to mention the Bush/Cheney castrating Federal regulatory agencies such as the Mineral Management Service… and resulting Gulf, BP oil spill… that avalanche flood of coal tailings/ash that destroyed a whole county in West Virginia, a town in Tennessee and Lake Michigan… Oil sands pipeline spills in Michigan… earthquakes around fracking sites… etc... Did the News cover those stories?

Conservatives need to recognize the difference between local government code enforcement with the national regulations that protect us from massive Corporate business special interests that can destroy our environment and financial system in a matter of months

Ooohhhh and look at this, financial expert degenerate Sandy Weill wants to get back in the game by admitting he made a mistake by dismantling Glass-Steagall… Republicans/Conservatives will go down in history as the biggest Sucker FOOLS ever!  

And for all you inbred, Aryan, dead-neck militia FOX groupies out there… Lou Dobbs is overjoyed the International Arms Treaty failed to pass because it would affect Conservatives right to own military weaponry with huge ammunition capacities. BOOM!  Dobbs says instead of gun laws Americans need funding for mental health issues and to lock up ANY CRAZY PERSON WHO APPEARS TO BE LIBERAL. Lou failed to mention how Reagan cut funding for mental health, releasing 100,000’s of mentally ill individuals on to our streets.  

The FOX Spin …. Ahhh I mean News building is a real den of enemy agents and terror cell:
 “All these tough guy Conservatives and NOT ONE of these lugheads figured out that the propaganda that brainwashed them is paid for by foreign agents who want to divide and conquer the USA. Look at the evidence - Mark Steyn, Dinesh D’Souza, John Sununu, Rupert Murdoch ( and his Chinese spy wife)… ALL FOREIGN AGENTS! The commie Koch family fortune started in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Ohhhh and lets’a not forget how George W. Bush was like smitten school girl every time the Saudi Royals came to the Crawford, TX ranch? Even Sen. Joe McCarthy would have been disgusted by you ~#*^'n chatty boys... ”  SAL CELESTE plotting with CHARLIE STUNATS

The wrath of GOD is coming to extract revenge on Republican/Conservatives for all the evil they’ve supported with their poor voting choices. Read the sermons of warning by holy man  “Lloyd the Baptist” on

Republicans/Conservatives hate the US government so much because it’s the ONLY entity powerful enough to hold the Neo-Con silver spoon trust fund baby criminal empire accountable for there crimes…

I  turn back to C-Span Book TV while finishing this piece to find R. Emmett Tyrell Jr. explaining how Liberal Socialists are ruining the nation. The Liberals want to attack the Status Quo and take away the government subsidies, grants, loans and stipends away from the rich and give all those BILLIONS to the 49 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level. 

NOTE: (That’s why the Romney campaign can’t find a Conservative wacko business owner who HASN’T taken funding from the government! right Jack Gilchrist, ya ****’n chump)

R. Emmett is another one of these silver spoon, trust fund babies (who detest the average American) spreading their cunning propaganda meant to demonize Concerned Citizens who just want to demand ethics, responsibility, accountability from their government and business leaders.  (like I said, What the f*** happened to C-SPAN?)

I am somebody who hates silver spoon liars

Steel Pulse - Bodyguard

Supreme Court Ho's
GOD help the American people. I just watched the interview with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on FOX News Sunday.  Scalia growled at Chris Wallace several times after questions about “Citizens United”.
Scalia snapped a Wallace demanding the anchor talk about his book.  Justice Scalia waned to appear as an wise elder but came off as a snide, vicious, giggling fool. I’m convinced Scalia has that Neo-Conservative patent elitist streak that allows him to do great evil without the least bit shame or remorse for their actions. May the wrath of GOD come down upon this Neo-Con devil worshipper before he can do anymore damage…

Post on ED Shultz comment board 7-3-12:
What did that Del Percio woman mean? Americans can’t talk bad about Justices on the Supreme Court? After “Citizens United” the Conservative wackos on the court should be hung from Lady Justice.

Believe me I’d like NOTHING better than to NEVER have to talk about the Bush/Cheney years AGAIN! But these criminal corporatists did SO MUCH damage to both the economy and Constitution, the terrible RESULTS of their pandering and incompetence keeps popping up in ALL segments of our society.

On 1-21-10 Supreme Court proved George W. Bush appointees Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts (among the other 3 Conservatives) are there to do the bidding of multi-national Corporations and wealthy individuals.

The last time the 3rd Branch of our government sunk this low was on April 10, 1950. The Supreme Court gave in to hysteria and washed it’s hands of the Constitution leaving rights and justice to H.U.A.C. (House Un-American Activities Committee) That time is best remembered as the McCarthy Era…

The Supreme Court ruling has the potential to do MUCH MORE damage to the USA than ANYTHING we’ve faced before. The Court has opened the doors for a wave of Corporate and foreign interests to INFLUENCE our election process and government officials. AND YES I WILL SAY IT… to buy politicians for about the same price as a long term relationship with a high class prostitute.

I don’t understand is how the Court overreached it’s authority in this one particular case. Wiped out a 100 years of precedent and any chance McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill had to restrain influence of wealth on our elections. Justice John Roberts WILL never admit to it but this is LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH!

Really, the case before the court was supposed to be Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In 2008 Citizens United (a Conservative Labyrinth front group) wanted to spend HUGE amounts of money to promote a feature length movie making outrageous criticisms about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But somehow Citizens United attorney Ted Olson (Bush/Cheney) started arguing that “Corporations are People”. He made a case that Multi-national Corporate entities have the same rights to Free Speech as any American Citizen. (with Limited Liability of course, lol) Conservatives (as usual) kicked civility and truth to the curb. The biggest losers are the VOTERS who will have to endure unlimited campaign ads with expensive/elaborate productions either tearing down or building up the candidate of Corporate America’s choice.

I think President Obama best described this Supreme Court decision:
“…this decision is a VICTORY for big Oil, Wall Street and foreign interests. The ruling gives special interests and their lobbyists even MORE power in Washington, DC. This while undermining the influence of average Americans who make small contributions…”

Ralph Nader among others on the LEFT came out as soon as the bad news hit the wires and called for a Constitutional Amendment to negate this Un-American ruling

© 2012 by SPQR


Lying Romney campaign ad:
Email to Gilchrist Metal Fabricating & Sollmann Electric:

"You piece of s*** motherf***ers. Did you people not watch the WHOLE video of what President Obama said about working people getting help from the government because of infrastructure? (roads and bridges) And then find out you and your traitorous families took a fortune in tax dollars from the government to start a business? Sad , man, soooo very disturbing… CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRITE?
Note: (A matter of FACT, the Romney campaign can’t find a Conservative wacko business owner who HASN’T taken funding from the government)

Tell me please, what better definition of TRAITOR than someone like YOU ***holes? Someone who would get on  a National forum and lie to the American PEOPLE for that silver spoon trust fund baby Mitt Romney… How much money did you take for your seditious activity? The Concerned Citizens of America are going to make it our job to hold you accountable for your Un-American activities
William P. Goode

Memo from Romney Campaign to drug companies:
What Pharmaceuticals does on have to distribute to make people vote for Mitt Romney?”  

Sermon 8-1-12:
"The Conservative Republicans are screaming about access to birth control is an act of WAR against the USA… These same ignorant politicHo b*****’s refuse to cut defense spending. 

Fundamentalist Christians are as bad as Fundamentalist Muslims. I DON’T SEE ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL! Now what I do see is “thou shalt not kill” or “blessed are the peacemakers”. I can point at the 2008-2012 Conservative wacko, Tea Party, Evangelical Christian crowd and honestly say you degenerates have supported EVIL! 

Pentagon spending and incompetence has almost destroyed the USA and done great evil around the world. The five-sided Pentagon building is a monument to Satan and the right wing maniacs are it’s worshippers. We need to finish the exorcism that was started by Abbie Hoffman and the 60’s anti-war movement who couldn’t complete the ceremony because 1000’s of Marshalls stormed out of the building and beat down, gas and shoot one & all…

It reminded me of how police around the nation reacted to the Occupy Wall St/USA protest movement. Even Homeland Security started to follow sympathetic journalists and Movement leaders. Please someone tell what tax payers got for their Homeland Security tax monies besides those idiotic color coded terror alerts? If Americans don’t ACT now and take back their government in the next 5 years then the USA and FREEDOM will become delicate concepts…"
Lloyd the Baptist on

"Jeb Bush must have been taking stupid, delusional lessons from his brother George W. so he can get the Southern Christian Evangelical Conservative wackos to love him." fge

“...if you evil, silver spoon, trust fund baby ****suckers think you’re going to steal the 2012 elections with lying, cheating and voter suppression… then you had better take two steps back and rethink your low grade thought processes before you get in over your heads. The consequences are more terrible than any of you spoiled bastards can even imagine! Check, bet but do something ya pathetic right-wing pussies..."  
Charlie Stunats & the Warriors


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

NOTE: I needed to remember a better time

I don’t care what anyone says let alone a silver spoon, trust fund baby like Mitt ****’n Romney… Jimmy Carter was the last Great President. Who the hell is Mitt pussy Romney to put down a real man like Jimmy Carter? Former President Jimmy Carter who is a self-made man who commanded a submarine, ran a state/nation and a peanut farm. Mitt Romney has done nothing and reminds me of some spoiled crybaby who had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Jimmy Carter is a true Man of GOD! A lifetime working for PEACE and fair-minded policy when it comes to the “least of my brothers”. How many millions of so-called Christians voted for Reagan/Bush & the false prophets on the Right? Christians who got fooled by WAR profiteers and Wall St con artists.

If Americans had followed through with Carter Administration Energy policy we wouldn’t have had that oily BP mess in 2010 or the high gas prices of 2006-2012... AFFECTING ALL AMERICANS!

Here’s something you’ll NEVER read in US history textbooks; the Carter Presidency was sabotaged by Big Oil scumbags and their ho/flunkies in the Republican Party just like they’re trying to do Obama/Biden now.

So don’t believe a word of that 4% Solution, Bush Institute bullshit the Conservative wackos and Bush Family apologists are dishing out to the American people. Corporate special interests and the GOP have ALWAYS stalled the economy during Democratic Administrations. The only way they can make the Republicans look competent is to sabotage the Democrats…

In the late 1970’s, Middle Eastern/Big Oil special interests complicity created fake oil shortages to bring Democrats to their knees. Wealthy Conservative Aristocrats decided to use the Republican Party and Conservative think tanks to DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN! Just like they’re doing with high gas prices now, don’t take my word for it… go follow the money and see if it leads to all those silver spoons buying up all oil futures. Our Republicans in Congress play along shoveling the subsidy monies to the oil companies instead of investing in a bright future of technology and innovation.

This phenomenon is best described in 1984 by John S. Saloma III with his stunning book “Ominous Politics: The New Conservative Labyrinth”. It was an almost prophetic warning to Americans that NEVER made it to the people because Saloma died mysteriously not long after finishing his manuscript in 1983. The book disappeared into history along with everything Americans LOVE about the USA

NOTE: (try to find a copy suckers… Ohhhh NO, the Conservative groupies are too busy buying Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck books or interpreting the Bible to have nothing to do with REALITY or TRUTH!) 

The silver spoon Aristocrats hated Carter with his commie clean energy, socialist wind generators and limp-wrested solar panels. They were the entitled… OLD MONEY from Robber Barron times… No common peasants, pot smoking hippies, environmental wackos or other little people were going to mess with THEIR PROFIT MARGINS! They made a pact to never allow the “Power to the People” movement of the 60’s-70’s to happen again…

Then the War Profiteers took the reigns and instigated a Hostage Crisis in Iran.  Republicans, Iranians, weapons industry big wigs and cocaine traffickers made behind the scenes deals to make Jimmy Carter appear weak and indecisive. Democrats threatened the devils PROFIT MARGINS! Vice-President George H.W. Bush was the Dick Cheney of his day… (lol)

Even going so far as getting Ollie North types to sabotage the hostage rescue mission in the desert. Carter was defeated by Reagan because of a political coup. ALL in the name of a Corporate takeover of the USA. It was 1981 when we started down a Conservative wacko path to becoming the United Suckers of America.

Of course it was the first modern day Corporatist President Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 who trashed Carter Energy policy and led us down a long path to Oil Company domination of our Government…

Look what we’ve degraded to…  Liz Cheney on Fox Spin (news) Sunday pointing fingers at Obama/Biden for the oil drilling catastrophe along the Gulf Coast. All the brainwashed right-wingers nodding their affirmatives like bobble head dolls. NOT ONE WORD about how her father Dick handed over our government to Big Oil. Billion dollar subsidies, bribes and deregulation is what killed the Gulf…

What’d you Conservative wackos THINK was going to happen after all those Bush/Cheney oil industry people invaded our Government. Condescending Rice… ahhh I mean, Condoleezza Rice had an oil tanker named after her, for GOD’S sake…

Really, what pharmaceuticals does one take to miss George W. Bush?  I don’t think they’ve found a cure yet for those severe ideological superiority complexes, odd paranoia, pathological lying and religious delusions Republicans are suffering from. 


President Obama? …GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead…” Joe Biden

The choices have NEVER been so clear, President Obama or Mitt Romney. All that matters now is how the American PEOPLE interpret the options and information presented to them. One thing even the most ignorant idiot, useful tool can understand, liars don’t have your best interests in mind…

Mitt Romney lies on a daily basis with the ease of a “Sting” con man. President Obama has been open, honest and respectful of his adversary’s who insult and slander him (and his family) on a daily basis.

Romney is the epitome of the silver spoon trust fund babies who ravaged and expatriated most of the USA’s wealth and resources during the Bush/Cheney cataclysm, right? You conservative wackos already gave power to one of these silver spoons George W. Bush and it almost ruined the USA. If Republican voters make that mistake again, they’re suckers and going to be treated like marks.

Obama lived as an average American who rose to the top because of his abilities… Romney because Daddy and Mommy left him a fortune and the connections to keep it. Mitt NEVER experienced the trials and tribulations of the average Joe/Jane, especially the 49 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level… How can he possibly represent us?

Obama has spent 3 years turning the other check to Republican obstructionists and Romney represents the “love of money”. Who would JESUS vote for? (lol)

Obama represents the majority of working class Americans… Romney stands for about 400 rich people. (some not even citizens of the USA)

Obama identifies with the Occupy Wall St. Movement… Romney is in the Ivory Towers with the bankers watching the cops pepper spray the “little people” with glee.

NOTE: (did you see the video of the police providing bank bigwigs protection from angry Wells Fargo shareholders and those who lost their homes to mortgage fraud? The true criminals have police protection in the USA. In China most of the Republicans in Congress, CEO’s on Wall St. and Lobbyists from K-St would be in a slave labor prison camp by now, just ask China’s Minister of Justice Wu Aiying. He‘s not a pussy like Eric Holder)

Obama works across the aisle… Romney sees himself in a gated community with private security, the help and homemade cookies (lol)

Obama saved the auto industry, with jobs numbers steadily on the rise… Romney raided companies, sent jobs to Asia/Mexico and would have let GM go bankrupt. Mitt "the stiff" Romney, a man who ravaged manufacturing plants in the USA, STEALING PENSIONS, then sending JOBS and MILITARY component TECHNOLOGY to India and COMMUNIST CHINA…

Obama has NEVER lied or made a false claim... Romney tells anyone who will listen about how he saved the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics but he neglects to mention the government bailout and taxpayers who actually did the work. 

Obama puts his wife Michele on a pedestal, Romney offers dinner with his wife for $5.00 donations (can I see her boobies if I donate $1000?) lol.

Remember interpretation is very important for 2012, especially for Christians and Catholics. Americans are at the crossroads and the choices you make for 2012 election is how you will be judged by Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven or the fiery pit of hell.

Read a passage in the Bible, a hundred people could come up with a hundred different ways to make the words work for them. Christians become War profiteers because they found verse to get around “Blessed are the peacemakers”. If your listening to vicious, greed stricken, degenerate fanatics interpreting the Bible then one might as well become a devil worshipper.

NOTE: (I was at this one church in the South listening to a rant that ended with a description of Jesus gunning down all the homo’s and commies, or something like that, lol. NO WONDER you right-wing fanatics are cursed)

Fanaticism turns Muslim against their Holy Book the Quraan. The contradiction couldn’t be more glaring. One only read the 2nd book of the Holy Quraan:  
    11. “And when it is said unto them: Make NOT mischief on Earth,          we are PEACEMAKERS only.
    12. Behold they are indeed the mischief-makers but they PERCEIVE not.
    13. And when it is said unto them: Believe as the PEOPLE believe
    Shall we believe as the foolish believe?  Behold, they are the     foolish yet they KNOW NOT…”

(Yea… there’s a lot of THAT going around nowadays)

There are those from power & wealth who have no shame, feel no guilt, possess no conscience or capacity for empathy. Evil beings who would use everything from the Bible to Darwin to justify their own vain, self-serving, power mad, evil existence. Knowledge as a weapon , a tool to CONTROL the masses who couldn’t possibly understand. An Ivy League education that teaches how special they are.
    “Morality - it was created for the common man. The higher man doesn’t worry about whether something is good or evil. He has the courage to rise above that sort of nonsense and ACT.”     NIETZSCHE

Since humans are doing the right or wrong, once and for all we must set the standards of what is good and what is evil. WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG! Reality NOW, from the Almighty GOD to Allah to Buddha to Jesus to Zoroaster there are common basic principles needed to judge your fellow human being:
    Seven Virtues - justice, temperance (moderation), courage, wisdom, faith, hope and love (charity).
    Seven Sins - pride, envy (malice), wrath, lechery, gluttony, avarice (greed) and sloth.
…Anything beyond these is whiny excuse, spin, ignorance, disinformation/lies, hiding behind high priced attorneys and the worst kind of BS…

Imagine the American PEOPLE have lost their ability for critical analysis and legitimate debate. Blind faith replaces common sense and rational stance. (it’s NOT so far-fetched, lol) Then WHO do we trust to DECIDE what is right and wrong? Especially in a nation that’s become so divided… EASY!

Three words… ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY. You can’t go wrong DEMANDING that from your government and corporate leaders. I suggest the American PEOPLE make these demands NOW… or Constitutional RIGHTS and FREEDOMS will become nothing more than delicate concepts.
©2010 by Lloyd the Baptist, Sal Celeste, W.P. Goode, SPQR

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

by solomons ramaDa

Everyone at Conscious Man Consultants watched 100's of excellent music videos before we found a winner. "AMERICA" stood out as an anthem for a whole generation of Concerned Citizens. Those who make up the new Occupy Wall Street/USA movement... WE SALUTE YOU!

Congrats solomons ramaDa