Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

POLICE need to get the fuck out of the way so American PEOPLE can DEMAND ethics, responsibility, accountability from our Government and Corporate leaders who've failed us over & over & over &...

...or else Concerned Citizens and Civilian Oversight comes after the violent gang culture that exists in many Law Enforcement agencies

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A con is a CON, no matter in a back alley or from the Ivory Towers, the TRICK is to recognize IT… and NOT GET PLAYED FOR A FOOL!”  F. G. Esposito

I'm not willing to spend any more BILLION$ to make these chicken-hawk bureaucrats look tough. What the fuck do you know, anyway? I see @$$holes like Senator Lindsy Graham all over TV calling for war on Iran? Worried about Iran? Where were YOU while those losers Bush/Cheney spent 4 Trillion US taxpayer dollars to turn Iraq into the greatest ally of Iran? Real nice, good strategy, ya fuck'n right-wing retards!

So Syria's Assad turned weapons on his own people, hmmmm? Wow, that sounds familiar look at how our government and it’s law enforcement agents treated Concerned Citizens of the Occupy movement. Police why you protecting the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave and money-loving, corrupt politicians?

Cause if police. military and my representatives in government are protecting Wall St con artists and corporate criminals and insider trading and war profiteering or being whores for oil companies or assassins for the Saudi Royals… then I’m going to stop paying my taxes. Come on assholes, check, bet, do something!

If you’ve legislated exemptions from any sort of accountability… OR given yourselves outs like Citizen’s United “Corporations are people”, so you prostitutes can lie about how you ARE working for the people. Then the PEOPLE have a right to DEMAND ethics, responsibility, accountability and prosecution.

Did you look at the 60’s “Power to the PEOPLE” movement and then swore to spend billions to make sure that NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN? How about the way you worked for decades to put the American PEOPLE under your thumb… then We will follow you with cell phone cameras. If you purposely off-shored our nations wealth /resources OR sent our  jobs to Communist China to make us into a powerless, low wage slave population… then we will have a Class War.

If the true enemies of FREEDOM and EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL use law enforcement and military technology to CONTROL the American PEOPLE… then we will have a revolution where Aristocrat heads will be planted on stakes in front of their evil Ivory Tower palaces and big city townhouses. (lol)

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