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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


CINCO DE MAYO, baby ...Arriva

I was relieved after hearing the news that FINALLY someone had the COURAGE to address tax loophole, job loss and offshore BANK accounts scandal issues. Ok, this is the moment in American history I’ve been waiting for. ONCE Obama proposed an end to tax loopholes and off-shoring of this nations wealth and resources, the line was drawn in the sand and I can’t wait to see who steps across. The lobbyists will be working overtime and once and for all the American PEOPLE will be able to see which so-called representatives in government are working for their best interests OF THE PEOPLE and who's a HO for the Multi-national corporations. ESPECIALLY after the recent H.R. 1106 Mortgage Reduction Bill fiasco…

The crude, vile audacity it took for Corporations to think they didn’t have an obligation to pay taxes or keep Americans working. These are the BIG businesses that made their fortunes on the backs of American workers and used USA infrastructure paid for by American taxpayers. Is that what we call patriotic nowadays? Milk the American cow DRY and then feed her to the ChineseYea, where's the BEEF, m'#*~/r

The 90’s Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay/Phil Gramm Republican controlled congress (unobstructed by a horny President Clinton and a bunch of #*~/’n meek, cowering Democrats across the aisle) pushed legislation that opened the door to loss of US jobs and off-shore account scandal. The “Expatriate Clause hid in Clinton’s Family Leave bill. Using American tax dollars to insure the venture capital of Corporations that MOVED JOBS TO ASIA. In the 90’s the groundwork was laid for the CORPORATE CRIME WAVE that still plagues us today and if ACCOUNTABILITY is not demanded, will hurt our grandchildren, TOO!

WHAT THE #*~/ DO WE NEED THIS GOVERNMENT FOR? #*~/ all that good government bullshit they cram down the public's throat. If I wanted to pay to get fucked over I could travel to Mexico or go associate with mobsters. I don’t need to hear all the spin and bullshit these politicians dish out. If life was fair, we'd shoot these ELECTED Republicans for treason but Conservatives VOTERS are so #*~/’n dull/ignorant they still listen to these sell-outs. YEA, keep listening to the Corporate spokespersons such as Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity

And the Democrats are NOT MUCH BETTER. The Congress has no juice and Liberal/Nancy Skinner types are hiding behind ZEN or some other bullshit eastern based religion and think getting angry in these dire times is a BAD THING! #*~/ you too, ya @*$uc/’n COWARDS!

It’s about time the angry mob have a representative to sit at the decision table. I’m just the MAN for the job… SOMEONE better> THINK of the HEADLINES!

HEY! I heard George W. was building the BUSH 43 Library in Dubia… YEA, right next door to the Cheney Family Eastern Bomb Shelter in the Haliburton Complex. (lol, damn I’m GOOD at pulling rants together, huh?)

UPDATE: ha! I just heard those stiffs in the FBI had the time to go in the name of the PATRIOT ACT after a 16 year old boy… Just like a civil servant to take the easy assignments, if they were sticking to their sworn oaths and doing a GOOD job… there wouldn’t have been an economic meltdown or all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption and Constitutional VIOLATIONS of the LAST 8 YEARS!

Author’s note: I bet if Bush/Cheney had names like Busho and Cheni (Italian-American) the FBI would have found a way to label them Mafia and prosecute… (#*~/’n racists) I'm sure the Bush/Cheney Crime family oversaw MORE LOOTING during their time in power than ALL the Italian mafia family crime organizations since the 1920’s… I DEMAND under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT that the FBI release ALL racist/discriminatory, memos/documentation to the Italian Anti Defamation League… NOW! I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU RACIST, LAW ENFORCEMENT m’#*~/er’s my BITCH! COME ON… bet, check, DO SOMETHING!
(That’s CIVILIAN oversight, sir…)
And what about those 2 Air Marshalls caught smuggling 33 lbs of cocaine? None of the FBI, so-called NEWS reporters or journalists seem to know… COME ON! Y’know, Ray Nguyen (former DEA) and good ole Burlie L. Sholar III

A moment of silence for Dom DeLuise… please

HEY! GOOD NEWS I just heard Randi Rhodes is making a RADIO comeback. ASK for MS Rhodes at a Left-wing radio station near YOU. Thank GOD for America’s PROGRESSIVES! If it wasn’t for CONCERNED CITIZENS, Eternal Vigilance would be completely dead… I have high hopes for Nancy Skinner though, especially if she hires me as a consultant on HOW TO EXPRESS OUTRAGE!

Nancy is trying SO HARD to be MATURE and preaching her WHY CAN‘T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG philosophy… she’s completely missing the RADIO IS ENTERTAINMENT boat! I WANT TO HEAR Randi Rhodes putting Republicans/Conservatives in their place of Bush/Cheney infamy. It‘s FUN, so #*~/ the Right Wing fanatics and let the Limbaughs of this nation GET A TASTE OF THEIR OWN PAIN MEDICINE!

The SERIOUS ACTIVIST ORGANIZERS are going in for the KILL. (NON-VIOLENT of course)

I don’t know what to tell you Nancy Skinner, maybe one has to be of Italian-American heritage to understand, I‘ve heard THE stories y’know. Our ancestors lived through Mussolini during WWII. They suffered, they endured and THEY KNOW A CORPORATE, FASCIST POLICE STATE when they see IT… Don’t take my word for IT, do an interview with Vincent Bugliosi on WHY he wrote “THE PROSECUTION OF G.W. BUSH FOR MURDER

Let me tell you something about Healthcare in America. It’s so #*~/ed up because of a criminal misallocation of resources. Allow me to present an example I experienced after breaking bones in my left hand. (about 9 years ago... yes, I was punching a Aryan fascist)

The closest EMERGENCY ROOM was the San Bernardino County hospital near Colton, CA. There I was... knuckles swollen, hand throbbing with pain. A waiting room full of the uninsured, working poor. After 5 hours it was almost unbearable… After 8 hours I was screaming inside my mind for the nurse to call me… 10 hours, they took x-rays and hurried me out the door... (I found out later they let me go without setting my knuckles back in place, it hurts me to this day)

Here's the thing, I’m a thinking man who learned a long time ago to observe my surroundings in such situations. I couldn’t help but notice that San Bernardino County government paid for the 15 or so Sheriff Deputies bringing inmates in for care… BUT ALLOCATED REVENUE FOR ONLY ONE DOCTOR ON DUTY! (Does ANYONE understand what I'm writing about and the implications?)

I wonder how many of these privately owned Corrections Corporation of America types (I call the jail/prison industrial complex) get the taxpayers to pay for all the healthcare of both corrections officers and inmates? (inmates mostly non-violent drug users, Yea the WAR on DRUGS is such an outrage and mind numbing FAILURE I can’t stand IT!)

If anyone thinks I’m crazy, I suggest you go ask Bob Barker (and other stars) about his high yield, recession proof investments in corrections. Bob Barker soap dishes, Bob Barker plastic shoes, Bob Barker latex examination gloves… lol

flashback: LA County Jail (intake) or what the inmates/ACLU calls the Twin Towers of Living Breathing HELL...

“…SHUT the #*~/ UP maggots… NOW! Ok, turn around, pants down, spread your cheeks and COUGH!” the deputy growled.

before I was released I made sure to purchase from the commissary a souvenir HARD TIMES between a rock and a hard place mug… Really, it’s sitting on my desk NOW, holding my swords… ahhh, I mean pens

LET'S SEND A SHOUT-OUT to all the vendors made rich by our warped, vicious, corrupt Corrections System. LAND OF THE FREE my skinny Italian-American @$$... with the largest inmate population on the planet...

@2009 by FGE

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