Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Comedy Cyber Bitch Slap

I’ve been staying with friends in So. Cal. on my “I’m not assassinated YETTOUR. Now these are good friends of mine and I love them all BUT really HATE their nightly tradition of wall to wall television. It’s like they built their house so there isn’t a space on the first floor where one isn’t exposed to TV. I usually get away from their nightly routine by taking LONG walks but Sunday, they insisted I watch this particular show called “Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump

It was one the sickest things I’ve ever seen. Like a hour long commercial for Gillette Right Guard deodorant with a bunch of spoiled stars FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT to make the BEST ad. The only good thing about this show was I think I’ve found the PERFECT spokes-person to represent the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

After getting back-stabbed by her teammates, Melissa Rivers was FIRED by Trump and STORMED off the set in a hussy fit, saying ridiculous things to make others look bad… The first thing that came to my mind at that moment was the SORE LOSERS in the Republican ranks. Rivers was representative of what the Conservatives have been up to since losing BIG in 2008.

The family asked me what I thought about the show (their kids were in the room so I didn’t GO OFF) I just threw my hands in the air “ahhhnnnn I don’t know…” Then made the mistake of saying I DID like chopper builder Jesse James

Ohhhh, well the wife picks up the remote control for her flat panel big screen TV with all the gadgets a good American entertainment center should have. After a masterful series of button pressing she made me watch a repeat episode of Celebrity Apprentice where Jesse James was cleaning toilets for Donald Trump…. JEEZ it was so disturbing to me… If the wealthy powerful Aristocrats can get a guy like Jesse James to run around like a low wage flunky… what chance does an average Joe like me stand?

I often imagined a bunch of super wealthy White guys getting their jollies by making the peasants do terrible things for trinketsThat’s Reality TV!

ANYWAYS, it’s the start of a new week and I can’t wait to hear what those silly Republicans will come up with to rally the knuckle-head base. If one listens to Rush Limbaugh for the first ten minutes on a Monday morning one can pretty much tell what Conservative numbskulls will be up to that week. I’m putting my bet on the Republican think tanks coming up with a way to blame Democrats/Liberals for the Swine Flu epidemic and “those, dirty diseased Mexicans” who spread it to true, patriotic, great Americans of the Conservative Ideology. (beloved of GOD)

Instead of Tea Bags the PROP this week will be surgical masks. I can just see all the dumbass ditto heads walking the streets wearing their blue masks making sure there’s a FOX Spin… ahhh, I mean News camera around to get the shot.

EVERYONE’S going to be TALKING about the First Hundred Days of Obama/Biden in this next week…

NOTE: (I've heard and seen a LOT of whining and complaining from Conservatives, both elected officials and the average Joe” Tea Partier on the street... BUT I HAVEN'T HEARD ANY SOLUTIONS to ALL these problems the Bush/Cheney Administration left for Obama/Biden. Doesn't ANYONE find it disturbing that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has the courage to stand up and take responsibility for the last 8 years?

COME ON PEOPLE! iF you were the least bit grounded in reality and rational stance you’d realize Americans need to give Obama/Biden at LEAST 2 YEARS to sort out the domestic and foreign policy disasters Bush Jr. left for them. It’s going to take that long just to unravel the low grade thought processes and legal barriers all the lobbyist/attorney scumbags paid the Ho’s to legislate…)

I find myself wondering if I’m smarter than the HIGHLY PAID government officials that are supposed to be representing me? I KNOW I’m more intelligent than George W. Bush… The ONLY thing that propelled him to the Presidency was Daddy’s/Mummy’s wealth and connections. (and a sensible wife that took enough pharmaceuticals to “stand by her man) …without those factors I’m sure George W. would have been the Crawford, TX town drunk/cokehead…

At least I tried to UNDERSTAND this economic crisis the world is now experiencing. Not like all those dingbats that signed on to the Bush/Paulson bailout WITHOUT READING OR UNDERSTANDING what it all really meant. I’m trying to get through 5 or 6 books at a time and PBS is very helpful with FRONTLINE and Bill Moyers Journal.

NOTE: (If one had taken the time to read my blogs ( (THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST 2), they would have an appreciation for my pride in my Italian-American heritage. “WHERE’S a Ferdinand Pecora when America needs him” For anyone that watched the 4-24-09 Bill Moyers Journal knows what I’m talking about… Or all you political m#*~/r‘s to THICK to understand?)

I have HIGH HOPES for Obama/Biden even though I think they and most of the Democrats in Congress mishandled the economic meltdown. THEY #*~/ed up because THEY TRUSTED Bush/Paulson.

Downplaying the Tea Parties doesn’t make their symbolism go away… Democrats/Liberals are too stuck living off the 2008 election victories to realize Republicans/Conservatives are winning the WAR! I phoned and emailed every Democrat in Congress and BEGGED them not to vote for the Bush/Paulson bailout.

That’s the problem with most Democrats, they’re not street smart. I tried to teach Americans that a con is a CON, doesn’t matter in a back alley or the Ivory Tower… the trick is to recognize IT and NOT GET PLAYED FOR FOOLS! And that’s exactly what Bush/Paulson did to the naive Democrats with the bailout. They took 7 and a half years of Bush/Cheney reckless economics and put it in the hands of the Democratic Congress in one weekend. NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and the dumb ass, m’#*~/’n Democrats in Congress ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! The ONLY thing that got bailed out was the Bush/Cheney legacy! Think about how great things would be right now if you hadn’t passed the BAILOUT! (@$$holes)

Limbaugh, Hannity and the FOX News ARE GOING TO SPIN THIS THING TO DEATH because it’s ALL THEY‘VE GOT! (and Cheney/CIA torture) The video of those 750 locations and 112,000 Tea Partiers are the make or break of the disgraced Republicans like Bush/Cheney, Phil Gramm, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, and others who laid the groundwork for this Wall St K-St. economic nightmare we’re now living.

Really now, I’m NOT joking anymore with some blog or silly You Tube video (YouTube/Spoact), playing the part of a modern day Don Rickles… I DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY m’#*~/r’s. I want a thorough INVESTIGATION done in such a way the PEOPLE can understand. Research, findings, criticisms and conclusions about WHAT exactly happened to our economy and WHO the #*~/ IS TO BLAME?

I’m NOT dull, I UNDERSTAND most of the living Presidents and Congress since 1984 SOLD OUT Americans. Instead of sticking to sworn oaths and working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE, they chose to be the HO’S of Wall Street, K-Street and the Multi-National Interests they REPRESENTED! I get you’re all being blackmailed by the greed stricken, silver spoon aristocrats…

Here’s the thing, IF YOU ACT NOW, this NEW and IMPROVED, one time only, SPECIAL OFFER… If you give back to the American PEOPLE ethics, responsibility, accountability… WE WILL NOT PROSECUTE YOU FOR YOUR SINS/CRIMES!


Email me for info

AFTER the TEA PARTY, Time to move on...

NOTE: Here’s the end of a (1ST draft) sample chapter I’m writing about my New Mexico experience. This is the kind of stuff I’m sending out to publishers and alternative media sources. (self promotion is the libation of the new millennium) I guess one could say it’s my 4/20 gift to YOU. Now, turn in the direction of the Republican Holy City (K-St Washington, DC) kneel down, give thanks and praise to the ALMIGHTY… and START THINKING CLEARLY! (rationally…)

4-20-09 So long, farewell, avedizane, GOODBYE…”
Well, my time in New Mexico is winding down. My job is almost done… I got in your heads, didn’t I? I GUARANTEE you’ll NEVER forget the lessons I’ve taught AND remember me when I‘m finally proved RIGHT… I’m not the type to say we told you so, the Civilian Oversight Movement door is always OPEN for those that want to be educated, enlightened, ORGANIZED! (There’s 40 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level and we aspire to ORGANIZE every one of them… Now THAT‘S a revolution, right?)

I’ve got future gigs in the deep South… (and passing through Texas) There’s a HELL of a LOT of Republican politicians that are #*~/’n INSANE and need to loose in the next few elections. (Since I’m a firm believer in the Capitalist system… I gave the RNC a chance to hire me as a consultant, the ONLY thing that’s going to shut me up is the big $’s, otherwise I‘m having WAY too much fun to stop. I‘ve NEVER seen an organization so VOID of imagination, strategic planning, creativity, virtue and good ideas. They NEED my help) lol

I can’t wait to start calling Southern Conservative Talk Radio Stations to TEAR down all the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES, labeling them political hicks, Conservative wackos and right-wing fanatics… ALL the insults… Telling them they’re TOO STUPID TO VOTE! (…like what Limbaugh did to Democrats/Liberals for the last few decades. I’m working on my Southern accent, lol) NM was just a warm up for me before we took on the true rednecks (and Aryan Christian Segregationists)

The word on the street IS the Republican Party is a lost cause. Only kept alive by FOX News and Radio Free Conservative. How much you wanna bet we can sweep Alabama or Mississippi or Georgia, like IT happened in NM? I strongly suggest you people start working on a THIRD PARTY! (I can help you…) To be honest, the Democrats in NM have REALLY grated on my nerves. If all you Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Green Party, Peace & Justice groups, Labor, etc… have the courage and foresight to join forces to form a legitimate THIRD PARTY that actually sticks to “Of, By, For the PEOPLE” and all that about “Life, Liberty, Happiness, Equal Rights and JUSTICE” …I’ll quit the DNC and join you for FREE!

Big Bill Richardson was a BIG #*~/’n disappointment! Then there’s the likes of Manny Aragon, ALL the pay to play, double dipping, kickback, corruption cases AND #*~/‘n RED LIGHT CAMERAS… JEEZ! You m’#*~/r’s made the National Democratic Party LOOK BAD in a time and place of GREAT VICTORY! It STAINS my resume @$$^*~’s! Now when I tell about how I helped turn NM from a Bush Red State to a Democratic Blue Sweep… I HAVE TO DODGE all the questions about what happened to Bill Richardson. #*~/ you too!

NOTE: (by the way, if it’s exposed that Gov. Richardson was falsely persecuted by some Bush/Cheney, Monica Goodling type, Justice Dept. leftover… THEN I’M COMING BACK and tear that prosecutor’s #*~/‘n black heart out via his throat…)
Note to Homeland Security: (I’m joking, lol) There’s another joke about Homeland Security circulating among the Activist crowd: The ONLY thing Americans got for their Homeland Security tax dollars are those idiotic color coded terror alerts. And then there’s all the rumors about the security organization just being a front to give high paying jobs to secret gay lovers of many elected officials and OTHER silver spoon Aristocrats…

As far as RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE station KKOB-am770 goes (too many commercials) and all that Limbaugh/Hannity psychological warfare/propaganda you put out over the AM airwaves… I’m going to tell you what I told KFI-am640 before I left So. Cal. Thank you all for allowing “FRANK FROM ___” to USE your 50,000 watts for alternative viewpoints/opinions. There’s GOT to be SOMETHING in your station’s broadcasting license that says you HAVE to stick to what the CONSTITUTION said about FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? (or what we call the Fairness Doctrine)

My Justice Department Mediator has been warning me to get out of NM because of all boat rocking I’ve done and Conservatives made angry. He told “FRANK FROM ___” to watch out for guys like Pat Frisch and Bob Clark because they have no sense of humor. (lol, Republicans/Conservatives as a whole have no sense of humor. That’s why they haven’t come up with ANYTHING to counter The Daily Show or Colbert Report… Have you ever watched Redeye on FOX? Pitiful!)

TerrieQ is the only host with any CLASS. AND Jim Villanucci? He’s obliviously suffering from a Barry Champlain complex (y’know lead character shot dead in movie “Talk Radio”, famous quote “…sticks and stones will break you bones but WORDS CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE” (YEA!)

Don’t worry Jimmy Nucci, (the Brothers call him J.Nucc) I’ve never been a threat to YOU, dude. If I was going to whack a Conservative Talk host it’s NOT going to be Mr. 69 (is THAT your golf score? lol) I’d go for Mr. 1 or 2! NOT Savage though, I like Michael. At least the Savage Nation wasn’t Bush/Cheney’s bitch like Limbaugh, Hannity and all those dumb-ass ditto-heads. Unless confronted I’ve ALWAYS been about non-violence… I was just pulling a Don Rickles on all you right-wing hockey pucks.

I gave up on Bob Clark a long time ago… NOW, I won’t be calling your show much anymore. Like I said, my work here is almost done… besides you haven’t allowed me to WIN a #*~/‘n rage since Richard Eves (spell?) left… Villanucci needs to stop being such a stiff, HE’S getting predictable and bland… Get back to your comic roots or Billy Crack Corn. is going to take over your show… (lol) Thank you guys! I’ll never forget you ALL (as soon as I drive out of KKOB am signal range)

I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY, I’ve been to New York City/Detroit/Los Angeles ghettos I’ve enjoyed MORE than the ABQ. The only things I’m going to miss about windy, dusty, meth/auto theft/crime infested Albuquerque, NM… is the sun coming up over the Sandia Mts, Nadine Hamby on the crime scene, Holly Holmes in the ring, TerrieQ’s sexy voice, Maria Santelli doing Indy Media and Marla Tellez on the morning news.

NOTE: (Maybe all you Larry Craig, Mark Foley, TED HAGGARD <I heard he cums to ABQ a LOT>, Tom Delay, Ken Starr gay Republican types missed it… BUT Marla is the best news anchor on local TV! Most of the others are nothing but silver spoon teleprompter readers. MS. Tellez is so HOT, I don’t even need my morning coffee to get me up when she’s on.(edit THIS again and my lawyer will contact you for a long discussion on 1st Amendment Rights... #*~/'n fascists)


The Devil knew not what he did when he made man Politic

NOTE: (I’ve spent hours looking at the Tea Party surveillance video. And I’m starting to see a lot of familiar faces… I went back and replayed video of all the McCain/Palin visits to NM and there you all are… SO, this Tea Party is pretty much an extension of failed Republican campaigns during the 2008 election and SORE LOSERS of 2009… Grassroots huh?

THAT‘S the way it‘s going to be spun if the Tea Party groups support Republican candidates rather than form a 3rd Party. If you people don‘t do what’s RIGHT… then you might as well promote the Independence Day event you’re planning as a Republican social gathering, not a protest movement. The Tea Party movement will be looked upon as pathetic hypocrites, while U.S. soldiers (and families sacrificing) have been in Iraq and Afghanistan losing their lives, arms and legs… the Tea Partiers don’t even want to write a check to pay for it? Y’know, TAXES!)

4-16-09 CALL - Homeland Security surveillance at Tea Parties:
NOTE: While doing the old fake yawn, VILLANnucci hung up on me BEFORE I finished my LAST rant. (I got IT on audio tape) Trying his best to make me into the crazy… (YEA, but YOU voted for that FOOL George W. Bush, not once, 2 TIMES!)

Most talk show hosts would embrace a radical like me for the CONTROVERSY I bring to the table. Bill Handel on KFI-am 640, made IT BIG off my calls 1999-2003. I think it’s fitting this was my last call to you… unless you guarantee me at least one more RAGE win.

(Hey Jimmy boy, I WROTE this… is that alright? lol, #*~/’n stiff)

Jeez you guys are such conspiracy whiners. Take it from a true radical. The government isn’t going to swoop down to Obamatize you. You’re no threat to them because they know your all talk… (radio, that is) lol

NOTE: (I've heard and seen a LOT of whining and complaining from Conservatives, both elected officials and the “average Joe” on the street... BUT I HAVEN'T HEARD ANY SOLUTIONS to ALL these problems the Bush/Cheney Administration left for Obama/Biden. Doesn't ANYONE find it disturbing that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has the courage to stand up and take responsibility for the last 8 years?

COME ON PEOPLE! iF you were the least bit grounded in reality and rational stance you’d realize Americans need to give Obama/Biden at LEAST 2 YEARS to sort out the domestic and foreign policy disasters Bush Jr. left for them. It’s going to take that long just to unravel the low grade thought processes and legal barriers all the lobbyist/attorney scumbags paid the Ho’s to legislate…)

Since the mid 1980’s I’ve been involved with serious, NON-VIOLENT, political activism fighting in the service of the Constitution, Rights and Freedoms. I’ve worked on campaigns and supported protest movements from NY to CA. There’s an old saying among the serious activist crowd that you’re really not an effective protest movement until the U.S. Department of JUSTICE (sic) assigns you a Regional Senior Mediator. (too keep things from getting out of hand, y’know?)

Yea, there’s not many right-wing fanatics who’ve committed serious crimes (except murders of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, John S. Saloma III, Abbie Hoffman) BUT then again… can you think of a Democrat or Liberal that EVER assassinated ANY of YOUR leaders? (if ANYONE deserved to get whacked it was Bush/Cheney) NO, because Democrats and Liberals aren’t the CRAZY #*~/’n FANATICS! (God won’t be able to help the right-wing if anything happens to Obama)

I DIDN’T HEAR you Conservative wackos defending serious political activists while the FBI was gathering INFO on us. After Bush got elected in 2000, Surveillance got so bad I felt like I grew a tail and it looked like a cop… and THIS WAS BEFORE 9/11. I didn’t see the military DEFENDING MY rights. No they were on the roof top across the street looking at me through the crosshairs of a high powered rifle, with SWAT patches on their uniform.

I say embrace the HORROR! It’s not so bad having the government looking out for things. It bothered me at first but you learn to WORK with them and sometimes even get special privileges. (like the hidden attachment on my rap sheet that allows me to find who’s accessing my personal information. BOOM! Steve Pearce, Darrin White to> Pat Frisch… like a bunch of gossiping blue hairs… photo fingerprint art, huh? Pearce knows what I’m writing about. You fascist types DO know it’s ILLEGAL to pass around personal info when there’s NO CRIME involved, right? And how bad I could #*~/ you maroons over?)

I used to buy the FBI agents coffee and donuts before any protest event. Most of them are a laugh riot. And if they charge you with a crime, DEFENDANTS have the right of DISCOVERY before trial. If your lawyer is SMART (like Carl Douglas) …you can gain access to all the STACKS of files, video and surveillance tapes the government has on you. It’s great stuff and makes for a super manuscript… (if you’re into writing)

Email me for info

UPDATE 4-28-09

*OR How to recognize the ENEMIES of Freedom and Constitutional Rights

I don’t know how the other members of this “think tank” feel but I’m going with my gut on this subject. Right at the top of my adversary list is the George W. Bush Administration and it’s propaganda wing at FOX News and Radio Free Conservative.

It’s amazing to me listening to Conservative Talk Radio callers and their low grade thought processes. Most of them are so worked up about Obama ruining the CIA and TORTURE, they’re actually running down CIA/terrorist scenarios they saw on the FOX show “24”. Torture never felt so good, because most of these right-wing fanatics have a man crush on Jack Bauer. These are the same right-wing CONSPIRACY nutcases that said President Clinton was a SECURITY THREAT because of Monica Lewinski.

COME ON! Every Tuesday morning it’s the same thing… All the Conservative wackos, jocks, women who are partial to men in uniform, jarheads and other right-wing fanatics are ALL WORKED UP after watching Monday night’s episode of “24” on FOX. The high fives and rebel yells at the water cooler, a wide variety of conspiracy theories on the construction site, even the callers to Conservative talk radio are in a heightened state of ALERT! (Code Red) It’s like they’re living out delusional fantasies…

Did ya see the way Jack Bauer yelled at that commie, pinko, liberal Jeanne Garafalo? I wish it was Al Franken on 24”. Norm Coleman the Minnesota redneck giggled…

“…yes, but wasn’t she DEFENDING the Constitution when Bauer went off on her?” Frank from LA responded.

“…well yea, I say #*~/ the Constitution, GOD put Republicans on this earth to fight against terrorism and I will SUE for the right to do THIS even if I have to #*~/ the Senate over to do IT…” Coleman the MN redneck was standing on a soapboX…

NOTE: For Norm Coleman and those so-called blue dog Democrats that want to screw over Obama/Biden, I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR YOU… Arlen Specter!

Let me get the Republican Party talking point straight… “Obama Bad, Bush Good” (monkey voice). You Conservative Cult members need to get a clue to the reality of the situation. All this CIA Torture talk is just a diversion and a misdirect to keep your little minds off the ruined economy. Once you people know the TRUTH about what your Bush/Cheney Administration and all their greed stricken power mad cronies DID to our economy then you going to want to torture them.

Frankly, I’d take it as an insult if MY Party leaders thought I was stupid enough to BELIEVE the BS they’re dishing out. Instead of Reagan’s “Just say NO” now it’s Just Blame Obama”

The Republican Party AND Bush/Cheney expect Americans to conveniently forget about the 4260+ dead, 35,000 wounded US soldiers and GOD knows how many Iraqi’s dead, wounded and misplaced. Forget that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld took the good will of the world after 9/11 and turned it to HATE and mistrust. The 5+ TRILLION dollars wasted or the 12+ BILLION dollars missing or the 175,000 weapons misplaced, all the arms dealers and WAR profiteers that milked our national treasury. FORGET about all the Constitutional VIOLATIONS, reckless economics, KBR/Haliburton bribes, domestic spying, bold lying, Corporate Crime Wave, Justice Dept. bias, Walter Reed, Abu Ghraib, soldier getting electrocuted in the shower, TORTURE!

IF THE READER CAN POSSIBLY FORGET ALL THAT… then the WORST thing the Bush Administration DID was NOT raise taxes to pay for the WAR. Instead, Bush/Cheney borrowed from Communist China and Saudi Arabia (at outrageous interest rates) AND LET OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN PAY FOR THIS MISERABLE WAR!

You want TORTURE m’#*~/er’s, I hope you suffer a fraction as much as I HAVE FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS! I can’t wait for all the Conservative blue hairs to finally DIE so the USA can FINALLY move on to be all it can be… lol

I swear to the ALMIGHTY it bothers me Obama/Biden and the Democrats in Congress are acting like a bunch of pussies still playing down and walking on eggshells around the 21% degenerate Conservative base. #*~/ THEM! I want Obama to start acting like a Black MAN in the Whitehouse. If I was going to have a prayer service I’d invite Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres and my personal favorite Rev. Bernell Butler… and don’t be ashamed to wear a bullet proof vest. There’s a growing number of Aryan right-wing savages in the World and they’re ARMED!

NOTE: Coming Soon! (The LIST of the “TOP 100 MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN AMERICA… and deeds” in my manuscript will be sent out to publishers to bid on publication. Charlie Stunats and his gang of Warriors are taking it PERSONAL! They want to take a road trip to revenge. Along the way the “Top 100” will simply disappear…. TEASE! )

Email me for info


EARTH DAY 2009 - Nothing really got accomplished but it was a great reason for social gathering… ahhhh, I mean protest rally.

Speech made at Earth Day gathering somewhere in California:
Forgive me for being negative but I’ve heard all this Earth Day (Planet Forward/ alternative energy stuff before… It’s ALWAYS just a technology’s breath away from being affordable, economically viable, consistent, reliable and done on a scale that ACTUALLY MATTERS! I hope and pray the Obama/Biden Administration moves forward with it’s stated energy and environmental agendas.

I think humans have been led by greedy &^*#~‘s to believe what is considered VALUABLE. Diamonds, commodities, stocks, cash, credit, gold, luxury car, etc… but we have NO FUTURES without a healthy Mother Earth. For GODS sake WHAT the #*~/ is WORTH MORE to the human race than the eco-system that keeps us from being like the other planets. Earth is the most precious gem in the Universe (definition- “the totality of all matter and energy that exists in the vastness of space, whether known to human beings or not” ® World English Dictionary) … as far as human beings are concerned.

WHY in the #*~/ DO WE TREAT OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH like a $10.00 meth whore? What, do all you Republicans/Conservatives want to bury the body of our precious eco-system out on the West Mesa hoping no one finds out the TRUTH? (watch “America’s Most Wanted” 4-25-09)

What we’ve done to the oceans and Great Lakes alone is a crime against Nature. (We should TORTURE the violators, lol. All the conservative talk shows ignored Earth Day and talked about the CIA and patriotism involved with torturing terror suspects)

Legitimate evidence proves our air, land and water have been fouled almost to the point of no return. And these facts, SO many PEOPLE in the USA have ignored or made fun of, REALLY WILL AFFECT THE FUTURE… To do NOTHING about the environmental problems proves these people are either insane or suicidal…

We owe our children and grandchildren the investment in a new kind of infrastructure that takes Mother Earth into consideration. Our parents and grand parents invested in our present system… the power transmission lines, Interstate highway system, sewer/water lines, etc… It was good for us and our Nation but now it’s all aged and failing. New technology is on the horizon and we NEED to START preparing for IT!

Thanks to the Republican Party and Conservative agendas we’re WAY behind the rest of the Western Nations when it comes to the environment and alternative energy sources. I remember when the Conservative Anti-Christ Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 cut funding for solar and wind energy research and development, the Ditto heads thought it was cool, only because the news that Reagan’s state of California ended up having spend millions to buy wind generators from Japan because our own great minds were too busy working on weapons systems. On & ON & ON… I could tell you 100’s of stories about Republicans #*~/ing over our children future.

The wealthy, powerful, aristocratic power brokers of the past such as big oil, big coal, big chemical and OTHER blatant polluters have STALLED new technology so they can squeeze and few more billion dollars profit from ravaging the planet Earth and using it’s water ways as a sewer

From Wall Street to K-Street to Main Street and ALL points in-between these evil power brokers let the LOVE of MONEY come before ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. These same individuals have PROVED over and over they can’t be TRUSTED but they use their great wealth and power to escape public scrutiny and prosecution.

They pay huge sums of money to their spokespersons such as Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney to divert the public’s attention and make light of those “environmental wackos”. Actually the so-called wacko’s are concerned citizens, intelligent/informed enough to understand the implications of staying the present course and ignoring the signs.

I can tell you one thing for certain, no one stays a right-wing fanatic after they experience an environmental disaster. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER? Well I have…

I WASN’T ALWAYS AN ACTIVIST y’know? In the 1970’s I was a happy-go-lucky, spoiled Italian-American wise ass with no concern for anything other than family, friends, money and sex. It was all HARD WORK, HARD PLAY, HARD PENIS, party girls and good times… Then IT HAPPENED!

Years earlier, the Hooker (the name fits) Chemical Factory decided it was good to bury tons of dioxin close to the Niagara River, cover it up and sell the huge plot of land to the school board for a $1.00. A certain Building Company that got paid, was supposed to install a clay cap over the dump but instead to maximize profits they trucked the clay to Pennsylvania and sold most of it. The dump was covered with free fill from their construction jobs and then the City built a school there. Then a neighborhood sprung up around the school…

Soon, the people who lived there NOTICED their children were getting sick… Later, dioxin was DISCOVERED leaking into their basements and water supply. And it had spread TOO! Traces of dioxin were found miles away and in a NEW wastewater treatment plant local taxpayers had to pay for…

If you don’t already know where and WHAT I’m talking about then you’re a misinformed, ignorant dumb-ass and probably one of those brainwashed Dittoheads who think Love Canal was some kind of joke. Rush Limbaugh had just started taking over the AM radio waves with the help of the “Conservative Labyrinth(John S. Saloma III)

THAT’S when I became a Concerned Citizen…

NOTE: (well, to be honest I took it personal when Rush Limbaugh started calling Concerned Citizens like me all kinds of uncomplimentary names. I know some people in NYC and I paid to put water from the Niagara River in Rush Limbaugh’s Snapple supply… IT was about REVENGE at first but THEN I became an activist. Lol)

At the very least I can say to my grand children that I TRIED to save their future. I can’t help it if our government did nothing about it. All the lessons we taught at Love Canal protests got lost in the bureaucratic shuffle. Even though all the politicians had so-called environmentalists on their staff, getting paid huge salaries… NOT ONE OF THEM RECOGNIZED THE WARNING SIGNS!

Example: One might think after the Love Canal toxic dump site NIGHTMARE, someone working for the City of Los Angeles or the LA School Board would have KNOWN to test the soil for toxins BEFORE #*~/‘n BUILDING A SCHOOL. From Love Canal fast forward to the 350 MILLION DOLLAR DISASTER know as the Belmont Learning Center.

THAT’S WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! DISASTER, if the American PEOPLE continue to ignore the environmental problems caused by industry and ourselves. The stuff we dump down our sewers and storm drain-off’s is as bad as anything a Chemical factory dumps. Our population vehicles foul the air and water as bad as anything a Coal Burning Plant spews into the atmosphere.

Our elected officials, both Republican and Democrat have a lot to answer for and the time for accountability is NOW OR NEVER. They NEED TO STOP THE BLATANT MISALLOCATION OF WEALTH AND RESOURCES they expend to keep themselves in the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to… AND START STICKING TO THEIR SWORN OATHS and WORK FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!” (cheers)

ON THE RADIO as we drove home:
WOW! Michael Savage is tearing the Bush Crime Family a NEW ASSHOLE making the George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Prescott Bush war profiteering connection.Don’t you have a country, don’t you have a heart?” and “…It’s ONLY a CRIME if you get caught”.

It’s a crime if THE AMERICAN PEOPLE do NOTHING ABOUT IT, too. COME ON, #*~/’n pussies! Wake the #*~/ up and SAVE your kid's FUTURE from the vain, self-serving, CORRUPT, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon aristocratic CON ARTISTS! …or not. They say it’s a free country. Besides the true criminals are former Presidents or in Congress and have police/secret service protection, or Wealthy business people who can afford an army of private armed security. There’s NOTHING the American PEOPLE can do, RIGHT? It’s too hard… (whiny voice)

It just seems to me going through life as silly, stupid, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS is such a waste of natural resources

(lol, jeez I really pulled that rant together, right?)

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UPDATE: 4-23-09 After ALL these years, Rush Limbaugh is on the radio AGAIN (with his Limbaugh minute) making fun of people who are CONCERNED about the our environment. (I’m convinced the networks and stations who’ve carried Limbaugh over these decades should be charged under the R.I.C.O. Act or for conspiracy to #*~/ over the human race)