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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Monday, May 25, 2009

WARNING: This blog may NOT be suitable for those with TENDER SENSIBILITIES!

#*~/'n COWARD$

I wrote this blog trying to IMAGINE what President Obama is going through. Half of him NEEDING to work within the Status Quo and half WANTING to be THE BLACK MAN in the Whitehouse! ...m'#*~'r. Remember, this is ALL first draft WRITING so keep grammar/spelling comments to yourself, #*~/'n intellectual elitists. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT! IT's perfect just as it is. IF one reads this blog to the END and EXPLORES the links to the Consciousness, I guarantee the reader will look at the world in a different light feeling like they’ve been asleep or in a daze. Now FOCUS, line by line… When I snap my fingers you’ll feel righteous anger, happy and refreshed...

I'll be creating a new web site once I get the #*~/ out of ABQ. The best advice I can give to the STIFFS, is to OPEN YOUR MINDS...

WARNING: This blog may NOT be suitable for those with TENDER SENSIBILITIES!

"'ve been HAD, you been TOOK, you been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, led ASTRAY, run AMUCK! This is what he does..." Malcolm X

WOW! How do you people in Congress live with yourselves after what you ALLOWED to happen in this nation? I've been asking that question from 1984 to 2008 BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT TO STILL BE ASKING SUCH QUESTIONS IN MAY OF 2009. I thought the American PEOPLE made it perfectly CLEAR what they WANTED in the last election… Y’know, all that about CHANGE, HEALTH and ACCOUNTABILITY. ("of, by, for the PEOPLE")

I’m pretty sure I can speak for most of the Concerned Citizens of America (WHO, by the way, volunteered so much to get Obama and the Democrats ELECTED for just such a purpose) I’M NOT FEELING THE CHANGE in many of the vital issues of our day. If you politicHo m’#*~/’s think you’re going to do business as usual selling the American people out to Multi-National Corporate special interests then you must be #*~/’n INSANE!

I just watched the 5-22-09 Bill Moyers Journal (PBS) on HEALTHCARE. IT was enlightening, inspirational, informative… all I can say is IF single payer healthcare is not brought to the table RIGHT NOW, and voted on… then YOU PoliticHo's need to GO AWAY!

It’s better FOR THE VOTING PUBLIC TO SEE who’s for and who’s against. If Congress, Obama/Biden, even Tom Daschle insist on placating the people with this Insurance LOBBY, half measures BULLSHIT… Then you’re all finished… 76% of the American PEOPLE have spoken SO YOU SO-CALLED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE NEED TO OBEY, motherf*@~/s. And just in case you HO’s forgot or are confused, let me make it CLEAR… CORPORATIONS ARE NOT THE PEOPLE!

COME ON? Do you pathetic excuses for leaders think the PEOPLE are going to take anymore of your bullshit and half measures? ESPECIALLY after the last 10 miserable years of waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, corporate crime wave, reckless economics… The American PEOPLE can hire a hobo off the street to do s#!~ like THAT for $20.00 a day. WHAT THE #~/ DO WE NEED YOU EXPENSIVE SO-CALLED LEADERS FOR? The extent of your LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES MAKE ME WANT TO PUKE!

With a record like THAT in the private sector you’d be fired and prosecuted. You aristocratic, CONTROL by AUTHORITY assholes are always pointing finger and sending the LAW to harass the working class while you guys are getting away with major crimes, bribery and K-St. sex/coke parties… The people are demanding ethics, responsibility, accountability and YOU CORRUPT MORONS ARE NOT LISTENING! What do you think is going to happen?

Civil Servants, my skinny Italian-American @$… who the #*~/ is SERVING WHO? Seems to me the PEOPLE aren’t being served as much as the K-Street, Healthcare, Insurance Company SPECIAL INTERESTS and the PoliticHo’s campaign contribution fund.

COME ON? Most of the American PEOPLE already KNOW a government official can be bought for about the same price as a high class prostitute… BUT after Bush/Cheney WE were in such high spirits, ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN IF YOU HAD JUST DONE THE RIGHT THING moving on with ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m sitting here living in pain of old injuries, law enforcement abuse of power and a cracked tooth caused by gritting my teeth in ANGER after the dumbas$ Democrats passed the Bush/Paulson bailoutlol

I GOT A STORY TO TELL that could bring down the foundations of our present warped system of governing. I’ve been telling it for years in church basements, government meetings, protest rallies, anarchist dens and talk radio calls. MAKING THE MASSES ANGRY one person at a time…

BUT as far as THOSE IN POWER are concerned… This exposé is the equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater. All the sniveling, craven COWARDS rushing to the exits, stepping on ANYONE who gets in their way… (I’ve got the wounds to prove IT lol)

NOTE: I only give HINTS on my blogs, for the full story some publisher is going to have to grow a pair and pay me to finish the full manuscript.

Here’s the thing… If the Concerned Citizens of America continue NOT being taken seriously by our so-called REPRESENTATIVES in government then YOU politicHo’s might as well kiss your careers and the good life you lead goodbye because we’re ready to come at you in WAYS YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! (non-violent of course) We're known as those who don’t take any crap/BS from the scandalous 2 Party system of career politico Ho‘s

There’s SO MANY frustrated, outraged ANGRY Americans nowadays ORGANIZING has NEVER been so easy. IT CAN ALL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN COMING ELECTIONS. Watch WHAT HAPPENS in the next election with ORGANIZING efforts to form a Legitimate 3rd Party! THINK about THAT on Memorial Day m’#*~/’s…

A moment of silence for ALL THOSE killed and wounded in WAR


This is for the NEXT (Dick Cheney, Ollie North inspired) right-wing fanatic, Conservative wacko who calls ME A COMMIE! I’m going to #*~/ you up, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! If you could ask ANYONE who KNOWS me they’ll tell you I’M THE MASTER at coming at my adversary’s in WAYS THEY COULDN’T EVEN IMAGINE! I’ve backed down grown men with just a LOOK…

Let me tell you something... before a politician can enter office they should be required to get into a street fight. *How the #*~/ can a person make decisions that affect a nation if they DON’T KNOW what it’s LIKE TO GET their punkass BEAT DOWN! (Just like the NEXT NUMBSKULL WHO CALLS ME A COMMIE!) Getting beat down gives balance, caution and consideration of CONSEQUENCES for one's ACTIONS!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: *George W. Bush is the best example of what I’m talking about. After he and his Vice punk Dick Cheney (who never even served in the military) realized they couldn’t win the war in Iraq they used the Barbara Bush technique of getting rid of enemies. Yea, when George W. was in grade school his mother would PAY OFF the bullies to leave her son alone. This went on for years because of W’s passion for cheerleadinglol Anyways, this is what the so-called SURGE consisted of, paying off the insurgents to stop killing Americans. THAT'S probably where most of the MISSING 9 to 20 BILLION dollars went...


Seriously I’ve been on edge and in NO MOOD to take another second of your miserable bullshit. Because of my work as a BOAT-ROCKER this vile “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” flag waving crap comes at me from all sides. Especially here in Albuquerque… (in the late 70’s early 80’s ABQ was one of the coolest places on the American scene. But the right-wing churches and Neo-cons from the local weapons industry and air base RUINED IT! Made this city into a heartless $HIThole, where women are USED, abused, beaten, shot, murdered and buried on a weekly basis)

There’s this one guy who calls talk radio station KKOB am770 like clock work after one of my enlightening Conscious Man alternative viewpoints on the 50,000 watts calls. Anyone can tell this guy is angry at me because he looks at the world through the eyes of Limbaugh/Hannity/Coulter/Gingrich/Rove

Last week he CALLED ME A COMMIE and went on to paint the scenario of how Obama and all the Liberal fags who voted for him will ruin the nation with their European style Socialism. Lol (I’m convinced this is the same Detective APD sent to see if I was some kind of nutcase or a terrorist threat. I got pretty damn ANGRY after finding out they didn’t ever TRY to investigate or recover my stolen truck/tools)

Here’s how I’m going to answer him next week on Jim Villanucci’s HOUR OF RAGE. (Friday 5:00pm MST, call, it’s a great tension reliever and one of the MOST uncensored HOURS OF RADIO… I‘ve said things you wouldn‘t believe got on the radio)

CALL: "Boy oh boy would I like to get this guy in a boxing ring or Hockey rink… (Hockey is the greatest game on earth for facing one’s mortal enemy. Nothing like a rock hard puck, sharp pair of skate blades and carrying a BIG STICK to break down a LOUDMOUTH) I’d like to see him CALL ME A COMMIE to my face. I’d have him crying like a school girl…

JUST who is the COMMIE here? It wasn’t the guy I VOTED FOR who put the USA under the thumb of the COMMUNIST CHINESE by borrowing 2.1 TRILLION from them. Your guy George W. Bush spent our wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card. AND THAT OTHER GUY YOU VOTED FOR… Dick Cheney was WRONG when he told Americans there hasn’t been a terrorist act since 9/11. NO! The American PEOPLE have been living in the bubble of ECONOMIC TERRORISM since 2003.

I can’t understand how you hypocrites can call yourselves GREAT AMERICANS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE! So willing to give all your rights and freedoms up in the name of Homeland Security. Call me a socialist when your leaders set up a system of Corporate Welfare that broke our economy…

Why do you morons put so much TRUST in Corporate big business? HOW the #*~/ do you know who controls these Multi-national nightmares? Shareholders could be our worst enemies working to make the USA WEAK ENOUGH TO DO A HOSTILE TAKEOVER! You’ve seen how they #*~/ed over the THIRD WORLD… what made you think they’d work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE? It wasn’t FREE TRADE… it was more like a TRADE WAR on the American working class… AND IT's MORONS LIKE YOU THAT VOTED THIS CRAP INTO POWER! 1984-2008 Republicanism weakened the USA more than ANY terrorist act…"
( I'm SURE the dullards on KKOB am770 will make snippy comments about how I wrote the rage and practiced all week before the call... First of all, I NEVER PRACTICE! I'm a 1st draft writer, THE BEST! And YEA, I write IT, why NOT? It's better than most of the mindless drivel your listeners call in with. lol. gO #*~/ YOURSELVES!)

UPDATE: Here’s the call I DID make. Instead of putting the nail in the Republican Party coffin...
I gave the Right-wing fanatics and Conservative wackos ONE MORE CHANCE to put up or shut up. Just like Obama did to the Republicans and blue dog Democrats in Congress. Of course they were listening BUT THEY DIDN’T HEAR A WORD I SAID!

NOTE: Sarge is the popular Vet who calls the station at least 2 times a day to parrot Shaun Hannity.

Aired 5-29-09 on Hour of RAGE (on tape)

Y’know, during Memorial Day I was thinking that people like Sarge deserve all the respect the nation has to offer. He’s right y’know, all that about Conservatives and Liberals getting together to make our government officials accountable. BUT HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GUYS GONNA LET HIM WIN THE RAGE WITH THAT SAME old CUMBY AH hand holding SPEECH HE GIVES EVERY FEW WEEKS?

Sarge should’a been a politician… y’know WHAT? That’s not such a bad IDEA! OK, you want to work together Sarge? Let’s ALL OF US work to form a legitimate 3rd Party. Sarge CAN BE our candidate. Billy C. could be the Vice-Sarge. Believe me this is Doable, I once helped organize a protest movement of 1000’s and it STARTED with only 20 CONCERNED CITIZENS that took the time to show up at first meeting.

We could meet at Kelly’s Brew Pub to write our Coalition Mission Statement, START A PETITION DRIVE and map out a campaign strategy. KKOB… bring TerrieQ and Marla Tellez to keep everyone enthused… Villanucci can buy the beers. (lol)

Sarge you rally the Tea Party troops and I’ll organize the Nob Hill, UNM, Santa Fe stuck in the 60’s crowd. IF DONE RIGHT… by the mid term election you people can make history. Show the rest of the nation you’re proud New Mexicans who don’t take no crap from the scandalous 2 Party system of career politico Ho‘s You Conservatives want to shut people like me up? THAT’S THE ONLY WAY IT’S GONNA HAPPEN.

Isn’t THIS a better idea than hanging out with Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and that right-wing Republican LOSER who’s ALWAYS calling me a COMMIE, COME ON, BET, CHECK BUT DO SOMETHING! Yeehhhhaaaaaa!"

END: Of course there was the TIRED moans from Jim, and the cry baby sound effects… a string of callers who put me down… BUT, I was surprised at Sarge, who started with a snide comment about me writing the rage, then he called my idea of getting together with him to form a 3rd Party movement... “CRAP”! This coming from a man who won last weeks AMAZING PRIZE PACKAGE with speech about… “ALL AMERICANS WORKING TOGETHER TO SAVE THE NATION ...bullshit!

Like most Republican hypocrites, Sarge just showed his TRUE COLORS! It was a sad day for KKOB-am770 listeners to find one of their hero’s a fraud… Actually, for the Republican Congress, he'd fit right in... LOL

NOTE: The GOP needs to do America a favor by slitting it’s wrists and take a long, hot bath…
If Newt Gingrich THINKS he's going to RUIN Nancy Pelosi like he did to Bill Clinton then he must be delusional... There's ANGRY people out there who would TERMINATE him rather than go through THAT again. Not from THAT hypocrite!

Ohhhh and let's NOT FORGET about those @$$holes that "swift-boated" John Kerry. Kerry was NOT my first choice as the 2004 nominee but "he betta dan Bush" (inna reggae stylee) and DIDN'T DESERVE what those devils did to him.

All those jerk-off's are on Professor C's LIST. ...y'know "THE TOP 100 MOST EVIL PEOPLE". YOU right-wing fantics, conservative wackos, corporate crime wavers, and war profitteers KEEP THE BULLSHIT UP! ...see what the #8`/ happens to YOU. WE'RE WATCHING ooooooooooooooo...

UPDATE: 6-1-09
The Chinese LAUGHED at Tim Geitner and unregulated capitalism... Thanks a LOT George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Skank Paulson for the RECKLESS ECONOMICS and the rest of the Republican Party officials who sold out the American PEOPLE! All you Dittoheads keep listening to those a$$holes like Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove, Gingrich and that punk-ass bitch Jonah Goldberg...
One thing I'd REALLY like to know why every time a Bush is in the Whitehouse, we have a banking crisis? I know, I KNOW all our so-called journalists want us to believe it's JUST A COINCIDENCE! Maybe you fools can elect Jeb next time just to make sure the American worker has to work for what the COMMUNIST CHINESE want to pay us... That's the union busting wetdream for Republicans, RIGHT?

UPDATE: 6-2-09
GM sold Hummer to the Chinese...

I heard rumors that Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and their Republican Party are going to start union-busting AGAIN! This time they're going to target the wealthy/powerful Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers UNIONS... If I was a cop I wouldn't PROTECT and SERVE those right-wing nut cases when the Concerned Citizens come to make them ACCOUNTABLE...

amen lol
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