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Monday, May 11, 2009

Comedy Correspondents - Wanda didn't go far enough

Obama did a Comedy routine on Saturday Night Live… Ohhh, THAT was the News Correspondence diner? WOW, I was wondering why people were laughing? Saturday Night Live stopped being funny when they invited Sarah Palin. OHHH that WAS a correspondence diner… I thought it was a Academy Awards ceremony. I saw a lot of Hollywood stars but WHERE WERE THE CORRESPONDENTS? I ALWAYS SAID News has become nothing but entertainment.

I heard Bush 41 was invited to the dinner but he refused because someone told him they’re be serving broccoli. George W. Bush didn’t come because he didn’t think Obama could be funnier than him.

Wanda Sykes seems to have hurt the tender sensibilities of Republican Party. I can just imagine ALL the cackling in the mainstream media Monday morning about whether MS. Sykes went TOO FAR… I say she didn’t go far enough. I like ACTION not just talk…

I actually can’t wait for Rush (I can dish it out but can’t TAKE IT) Limbaugh’s Monday morning whinny reaction to Wanda’s smack down. HEY, Wanda, you can’t water-board down on Rush Limbaugh... you pour water on Limbaugh and you’re gonna get a Rush down river like Niagara Falls.

Speaking of comedy Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich were on the Sunday morning news shows. Dick Cheney scoffed at the suggestion the USA torture corrupt Wall Street Exec’s to find out which off-shore bank account they’re hiding their STOLEN LOOT in. “NO, no, I wasn’t talking about THOSE terrorists that ruined our nation… TORTURE is meant for the Muslims

That’s Islam NOT it’s a loan…

Newt Gingrich was on the ABC Stephanopoulos show, doing the "I’m a Catholic, Conservative" routine… Newt was in rare form as he did his fake outrage skit concerning the Obama/Biden Justice Department and Congress coming down TOO HARD on Dick Cheney, “Unprecedented, …NOT since McCarthyism…”

Newt baby, what pharmaceutical did they give you to make you forget what you did in the 90’s? I seem to remember a certain Lawyer for Saudi’s and closet Homosexual named Ken Starr and your Congress appropriating $50 MILLION to investigate President Bill Clinton’s PRIVATE SEX LIFE… “…nasty, naughty boy…” my skinny Italian-American @$$!

AND YOU HELPED CONSOLIDATE THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA to ONLY the people that would cover such a petty story… A criminal misallocation of Taxpayer wealth and resources. I mean in a 90’s world where Osama bin Lunatic and the Corporate Crime Wave were planning the downfall of the USA…

I heard about the good old days when the journalists were investigators rather than gossip mongers and bias pundits. They used to have class and not touch the PRIVATE SEX LIFE STORIES. And then the Hoover FBI started putting hidden microphones in the hotel rooms of the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King…

OK, I’M NOT JOKING ANYMORE! Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney need to shut the #*~/ up and GO AWAY! Wanna hear a secret? I’m going AGAINST the recommendations of this think tank and release information provided by Professor Dale Cassidy who wrote the infamous “TOP 100 MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN AMERICA” LIST. Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich are in the top 10...

NOTE: I see the Clair Booth Luce School of foxy, right-wing, fanatic women graduated ANOTHER news pundit. I wonder IF Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall St. Journal Editorial Board, is news trying to be FUNNY. (bias)

I heard rumors the famous Conservative transvestite Ann Coulter has been mentoring young women how to please the degenerate sexual urges of Republican Party men

INSERT: *Miss California has been speaking against gay marriage because of deeply held convictions that gay men won’t pay to see her nude pictures…

* All this gay stuff has been a cunning plan by the “Conservative Labyrinth”. Parez Hilton is a Republican plant ( to get the Conservatives all worked up. No kidding! It goes back to President George W. telling Americans to “GO SHOPPING” after 9/11. You think it was just a coincidence the “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” crew hit the American scene about the same time. Republicans wanted to convince Americans they were nothing but consumers and ANY problem could be SOLVED with an EXPENSIVE SHOPPING SPREE!

I’m all for EQUAL RIGHTS but this gay marriage thing has gone too far. Just GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT… and let’s MOVE ON to the REALLY VITAL, IMPORTANT problems America is facing. Besides, I LOVE WOMEN! Leave the sexy, beautiful heterosexual woman ALONE, m’#*~/’s

@2009 by FGE

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