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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another shooting & more hate speech

AUTHORS NOTE: Internet radio is such a great thing, PPL can listen to (or monitor) any radio station in the USA. 

This Charleston shooting is a heartbreaker. Sometimes I like to use speculation to make a point. So…
It must have been a "rite of passage" moment for the gun & god crowd. Dylann Roof and his father on the boys birthday. 
Son, you’re a man now... here’s a gun, multiple ammo clips & a copy of Rush Revere. Like Jeb Bush always said  “Ya got to stand your ground”! Son, them Blacks are taking over the USA and raping our White Women.  Now go out into the world, make your mark and always remember… Benghazi.

Y’know,  I don’t blame the gun, I blame the Right Wing propaganda, hate speech, fear mongering & veiled racism turning human beings into monsters.

I was up early, when I first heard the news.  My first instinct of Charleston shooting  I thought  HATE CRIME! So imagine my surprise when the Corporate news punditry were labeling it an attack on Christians. & it wasn’t just the big TV networks, it filter down thru talk radio, social media and comments on news boards.

Come on, this was a hate crime, much as Zikh Temple, Holocaust museum  or George Tiller getting shot in church. And many others , it’s almost always some RW hater who does the mass killings. Later when it was found the shooter was a Nazi Youth, then the Conservatives started talking about mental illness.

The only mental illness here is the BS that is spewed by the Conservative propaganda mill  who broadcast all week 24/7 orgy of hate speech and fear mongering. Those are taxpayer funded PUBLIC broadcast airwaves Conservatives are spewing LIES, hate/fear/war mongering on. It took abt 10 minutes b4 local conservative talk radio host all across the nations started  tearing down Rev Al Sharpton. Where the PUBLIC SERVICE in that? 

I actually heard on caller to Buffalo NY news radio all choked up, blaming the Charleston shooting on #BlackLivesMatters #Ferguson & #BaltimoreUprising for stressing out White People and police. If the protests are stressing WASPs out… think abt how Black People getting shot down feel

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