Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Sunday, April 20, 2014


F. Esposito ( ) says:
"When GOP wants to do something illegal they either legislate exemptions for themselves or get SCOTUS make it legal like Citizens United did for bribery. The REAL criminals have police and secret service protect. Real traitors serve them... Like Steel Pulse says:
...bodyguard, I wouldn't want your job, guarding snakes in the grass..."


RT>@obamagoonsquad “@SCOTUS @congressorg TAKE the money out of our politics or we will take YOU out of our government” 

Happy Easter, Passover & 420 Day from everyone at Cyber Bitch Slap crew

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DNC & Progressive spokes-stars fucked up, BIGTIME!

I'm actually VERY angry this morning looking at RESULTS of Florida's 13th Congressional district special election. But I always try to make the best of a bad situation:
HA! I got you mofos. Don’t get me wrong I love Progressive Democrats and most of you Progressive spokes-stars, but if you can’t take a little constructive criticism then go fuck yourselves! There's a wealth of Indy Media, local radio & internet communicators to take your place.  Many who are VOLUNTEERS (like myself) are boots on the ground ready for a FIGHT! 

While Liberal stars whine/complain about how tired they are… I’ve been witness to determined concerned citizen Volunteers, exhausted before/after work, spending their free time ORGANIZING and providing the PUBLIC with information they need to GET OUT A SANE VOTE! Problem is their radio signals, TV exposure or internet followings are limited... 

Here’s my pissed-off reasoning. I’ve been in Florida helping local Democrats for yesterday’s 13th District special election (Alex Sink–D vs David Jolly–R). Even though the good volunteers wrote, posted, tweeted and called Progressive news outlets… NOT ONE found time to do a segment on the election. The Right are much better communicators because GOP pays its organizers MUCH higher than minimum wage, lol.  They have the Koch Bros type contributions & “Americans for Prosperity” budgets of Tens of MILLIONS of dollars!

I volunteered 1000’s of hours in my political life... but can’t even get a thank you, travel expenses or reimbursement for cell phone minutes. (fuck’n Democratic Party plantation owners) lol. AND FOR WHAT? Those fucking degenerate morons in Florida gave Americans the Bush/Cheney disaster, a governor charged with 75 counts of welfare fraud AND NOW THESE inbred assholes PUT A LOBBYIST IN CONGRESS. I despise you stupid Floriduuuuuhhhh mothafuckers. Privatize THIS ya greed-stricken degenerates.
And what can I say about fickle Democratic voters? Florida's 13th District. Population 694,899, ONLY 165,000+ GREAT AMERICANS VOTED. Those other lazy apathetic #~*'n idiots should lose their cable TV, beer & cigarettes unless they VOTE! LMAO Organizers need to publicly shame apathy before November!

Local Democratic Party volunteers were afraid to go into poor & minority neighborhoods for voter registration drives because of hostility. I was just an observer or what LAW enforcement calls an “outsider”.  I spent a few days with hardy group of young people going door to door in East St. Petersburg trying voter registration. What I found is race didn’t matter, it was POOR PEOPLE who DON’T VOTE! They don’t vote so they don’t get represented, allowing GOP Social Darwinists to “thin the herd

Who needs the silver spoon stars wasting precious broadcast airtime time with fluff, feathering their own nests and plagiarizing people like us? I’ve already got all the information I need to know who the enemy is. What I need is someone to tell US the time and place for Revolution/Class War.

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" Putin was overheard telling old KGB buddies he can invade USA because #CPAC #Palin #RWNJ swill greet us as liberators” LMAO! "  William P. Goode

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going Radical Underground

"What the fuck is wrong with you weak pussies? It’s like Left-wing is oblivious to how badly they’ve been treated & disrespected for the last 30+ years. I don’t get it, the Left is caught up laughing at the Right with Maher, Stewart, Miller, etc while being politically, strategically outflanked on every issue. You people are fuck’n INSANE! The American Left doesn’t have the courage it takes to achieve REAL Change. But that's NOT the worst of IT! 

Authors NOTE: Maybe peace & love Liberals will finally understand a genie is out of the bottle, YOU must DEFEND yourselves from Right Wing Nut Jobs. I know f/ experience, NOT the police nor news media nor Progressive Stars will be there when Conservative wackos target you. It’s right there in front of the readers face > hate speech, veiled racism, white power groups. WELL-armed militias who REALLY want to KILL Liberals, Atheists, Gays, Commies, Democrats, Progressives Jews, Muslims & dark-skinned peoples. Basically anyone who isn't like them.

Even Putin understands dangers involved rise of Nazi Rightwing in free Eastern Europe & Tea Party RWNJ White Power rise in USA. Dawn of a new Civil War… and we can’t wait to kick their asses once again. Hope we have some back-up... I know WOMEN will be there.

I’ve had it, I’m going back to the Radical Underground where I can feel alive again. The mainstream makes me tired & bored. United Suckers of America. For me it’s natural, carrying on a proud Italian-American tradition of inciting the poor angry masses. I wish the American Left had heroic FREEDOM fighters... they could teach Liberals about passion and righteous anger. Let the pics speak for themselves..." 

FUCK THE POLICE too... The silver spoon trust fund baby assholes who own everything are going down hard but you out-of-control, steroid ill, PD security bitches can't save them. 

©2014 by F.Esposito ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

UPDATE: As far as Class Warriors go @goodechoice is solid, our greatest ally in this WAR:


 …organize Organize ORGANIZE! 
Do it now before $ hoarding fascist bastards take away our access to the internet lol 

NOTE: Let me tell you guys a secret... Cyber think tank Conscious Man Consultants has been brainstorming planned  destruction of the GOP and CPAC RWNJ types. We've checked it out and are in awe of it's crystal clear path of viciousness toward the worthwhile goal. The Warriors are going for the throat, man... Get this:

@obamagoonsquad -
"How 2 destroy #GOP & #CPAC2014? Check out the WIVES! From Wendy Gramm to Virginia Thomas to Heidi Cruz these greedy Ho’s screwed taxpayers #IWD2014" 

@flavius_sal -
"Commie Chinese plot> notice #GOP #CPAC who helped destroy USA from within Gramm, McConnell & Murdoch all have Asian wives? #IWD2014 lol"

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Remember: Florida's 13th District special election. VOTE for Democrat Alex Sink