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Saturday, May 16, 2009


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was reminded of THIS after watching NOW on PBS 5-15-09

Letter the United Nations (sent on 4-14-09)

You might be the Nations of the World but you’re only UNITED because of the United States of America. A nation that has expended it’s wealth, resources and military trying to do good for the rest of the world. I know sometimes our leaders let greed or ideology sidetrack our lofty goals (Vietnam, Iraq) but I think history will show the virtue/heart of the American PEOPLE.

I feel as a Concerned Citizen of the USA, I’ve spent he last 25 years demanding ethics, responsibility and accountability from my representatives in government and big business. I think EVERYONE can agree the 8 years of the Bush/Cheney Administration EXPOSED the flaws in our system. Government and Corporations leading us down the path to waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, bias, incompetence, arms dealing, war profiteering, violations of our Constitution. It was a disturbing trend that many of the Nations in the United Nations took part in…

My historical outlook is being written (1st draft) as one of 3 different projects. It’s a new day and hope and change are on the horizon and it seems the Obama/Biden Administration honestly wants to get America back to our roots. Y’know, all that about “Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Rights and Justice”.

Here’s the thing, I don’t think Bush/Cheney could have accomplished so much EVIL without the cooperation of many UN member nations, diplomats and that building full of bureaucrats on the East River in NYC. These member nations have used their status and power to spin the fact that they lead the world in double dealing, saber rattling, arms dealing and war profiteering. (You want to talk about that arms show in Abu Dhabi every year?)

WHAT ABOUT CHINA and RUSSIA? I don’t recommend these nations choose to #*~/ with Obama/Biden now that the USA is on the RIGHT TRACK! You keep encouraging and supporting those vile, craven, nutcases in North Korea and Iran that want to start World War Four. REALLY NOW! Do you ideologues WANT Kim Jong Ill and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be Nuclear Powers? COME ON!

AUTHORS NOTE: (You @$#*~/s keep putting PROFIT and INFLUENCE before WORLD PEACE and we’re going to make sure the internet causes your downfall.

And someone better tell the Royal Brit’s and the Royal Saudi’s or whatever tin pan dictator that puts themselves into some kind of warped elitist position in life… to BACK OFF!

Now I realize MI-5 and the CIA (and their predecessors) started this whole arms dealing mess on the world scene but I think what China, Russia, USA and Britain have done to the Continent of Africa is a crime worthy of a world court. Like I said, THAT’S THE PAST! Let’s move on to a more sane, rational, and virtuous view of how the world should be. I'm NOT sure what the CIA's original purpose mandated but if it was to keep the Arms Dealers/WAR profiteers perpetually wealthy and powerful... THEY DID A GOOD JOB!

Our news here in the USA always show the tragedy and outrage of war and piracy in some third world shithole nation where the PEOPLE are starving but MANY of the youth have use of a automatic weapon or grenade launcher. But since responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress… NOT ONE of the investigative news reports includes a rundown on the make and origin of the weaponry. WHY IS THIS?

SOMEONE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS GOT TO GET THE COURAGE TO STAND UP TO THE MADNESS and work to put an end to the outrage. Reality now please… How can the Charter setting forth the purposes of the United Nations as maintenance of international PEACE AND SECURITY …or a WAR ON TERROR work without making the arms dealings and war profiteers ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS? Arming the savages is the root of almost every problem the UN is facing.

It's MADNESS, obviously the UN doesn't have enough troops to stop all these regional wars. Maybe if the UN puts the manpower it does have to work on STOPPING the shipments of arms and munitions coming into any given country.

It's insanity, just look at the USA sending out 100,000's of troops looking for Osama bin Lunatic and al Qaeda when they could be surgically targeting the manufactures of the weapons, bullets, grenades and explosives the insurgents, Taliban and terrorists are using. Also destroying the trafficing routes and shipping the bad guys use against our troops.
WHAT GOOD IS A WEAPON WITHOUT THE AMMUNITION, right? Maybe THEN these Multi-National Corporations can try providing JOBS to the locals instead of weapons...


5-14-09 Even after Richardson and Caldera… Obama has enough CLASS to come BACK to New Mexico…

There wasn’t much of an Anti-Obama protest, but those that WERE there seemed to be the hardcore right-wing fanatics and Conservative wackos. I saw the a few of the Tea Party PEOPLE outside the Obama event in Rio Rancho High School (New Mexico) with their hateful racist protest signs. My favorite was this hag enthusiastically waving her sign “Obama, GO TRASH YOUR FATHER’S CRAPPY COUNTRY!” …yea

AUTHORS NOTE: I think the USA and Britain did a darn good job of #*~/ing up Africa ALREADY, RIGHT?

These are the SAME people who sat around for 8 years of Bush/Cheney with their heads up their butts while community ORGANIZERS like ME were WARNING about the reckless economics (and WARPED foreign policy decisions) WHERE WERE YOU THEN (1999-2006) when it could of actually made a difference. It’s kinda of HARD to do something about the grand crap latté Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Paulson stuck Obama/Biden with, in just over a hundred days… RIGHT?

You want to get involved in political activism let ME tell you... it’s ALL ABOUT TIMING. All these Johnny Come Lately Conservatives are followers not leaders. What makes it even worse is you ignorant, dullards are STILL FOLLOWING the Cheney/Rove/Gingrich m’#*~/r’s who got the USA in this mess in the first place. COME ON!

Maybe the Obama, Democrats AND Liberals would TAKE these Tea Parties seriously if you people were demanding accountability from the Republicans you PUT IN OFFICE! In a time when the USA needs sane, rational, common sense thinking… MOST Republicans are showing their low grade thought processes. The hypocrisy of 2009 Conservatism is so blaring, so shameless, so partisan, I don’t know how you people live with yourselves.

I’ve never seen a target population so easily distracted and attention diverted by the winding, twisting, spinning, cherry picked Bull crap these Republicans dish out… Yea, moron see, moron do! YOU TOUGH GUY Republicans all together NOW! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? I can’t even grasp what kind of shameless, craven, hypocritical audacity it takes to get in front of the National News Media and BLAME Nancy Pelosi for the Cheney torture policies… SHE WASN'T EVEN SPEAKER OF HOUSE THEN, you PATHETIC, sniveling m'#*~/r's. (aaaahhhhhhgggggg!)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: (Let's open up and tell the TRUTH here. Just after 9/11, I think ALL Americans were in a DIFFERENT frame of mind. HELL, speaking for myself, at that time I would have boiled Osama bin Lunatic or any al Qaeda member in pig blood if it would have stopped another fanatic pussy bitch terrorist attack... The point being MOST of us who don't watch 24 on FOX have moved on and Republicans are trying desperately to DIVERT the public's attention from THIS and OTHER vital issues)

If someone doesn’t stop these Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Neo-Con, Republican MADMEN then I can’t be responsible for my ACTIONS. They’ve crossed the LINE and put the future of my children at risk economically, domestically and internationally. Not ONLY is VERY LITTLE being done about them but there are STILL approximately 21% of Americans who a stupid enough to believe the Neo-Con bullshit.

Yea point the wagging fingers AT Obama/Biden for the failing economy, terrorism, WAR in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, job loss, blatant toxic waste dumping, failing manufacturing base, armed to the teeth savages and shit-hole Dictators, sexual degeneracy, devil worship/satanic rituals in a hidden grove, the apocalypse, Armageddon… (lol)

(C) 2009 by FGE

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