Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

V is for VICTORY


Eek a Mouse 

I saw IT in your eyes, suckers... Even in the face of all the arithmetic against the GOP, you morons actually thought you were going to win. Thank GOD the jerk-offs were wrong because a President Mitt Romney would have made George W. Bush look like a responsible leader. AND I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER WRITE THOSE WORDS but ya dumbass, holier-than-thou Conservative wacko know-it-all’s are killing me with your poor voting choices. 

THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents, and yes, even disgruntled Republicans saved Conservatives from themselves. This time you morons really did vote against you own best interests. Mitt “the lying Vulture” Romney would have treated us all like the workers in Sensata or Delphi... TERRIBLY! (like that kid he tortured in Prep School)

Everything you right wing nut cases stand for is a lie. A cult of Ditto-heads who live to piss off Liberals. You really don’t know why you hate the LEFT so much, but it feels good to belong… Even though conservative club is frequented by racist, vicious haters, suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions. As long as there’s a Liberal around to beat up on everything seems right. 

Seems right? Maybe not, maybe, just maybe the SAME people who gave you such bad, flawed information during the 2012 election… HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU ALL ALONG! Maybe you’ve been a victim of a cunning brand of textbook psychological warfare 
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Conservatives & Liberals both love the USA. We both love our natural resources, water ways and State Parks. We all want the FREEDOM to live our lives, in a responsible way we see fit, without too much government intervention.  We ALL want compassion & care if we get sick, disabled or mentally ill, right? I don’t know ONE Liberal or Conservative who didn’t want a better future for their children and grandchildren and beyond, RIGHT? 

Funny thing, when Liberals and Conservatives get together they actually find out how much they have in common. But then you brainwashed fools go back to FOX news or the AM radio Limbaughs… over and over again expecting a different result… Huh, what’s that remind you of?

Speaking for myself… if someone had lied to me, (for 20 years ya stupid mofo’s, lol) I’d have nothing more to do with them.

NOTE: Mitt Romney had his campaign workers collect all your names (and contact info) for an invaluable suckers list. His people will be calling you shortly to sell you junk bonds, shady derivatives and a bridge in Brooklyn... (lol) And another thing, most Black Women are much, MUCH smarter than most White Anglo Saxon Protestant Men...

EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”  never forget that
©2012 by FGE

 " is time for our nation to move forward and continue the fight for economic and social justice for all Americans," Amalgamated Transit Union President Larry Hanley AFL-CIO

 GOD bless our Veterans 

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