Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"We don’t need no stink’n fact checkers, we just want your $, suckers"

CHARACTER! Ask yourselves, who has IT... who doesn't?

"Todd Akin was right, Tea Party supporters brains shut down after raped by Karl Rove & Koch Bros..."  Mary Bloody Goode 

"Ha, Mitt Romney made a courageous VP pick? COME ON!

Mitt Romney the pathological liar, spoiled silver spoon, trust fund baby and elitist social Darwinist. No one likes a liar so Mitt was going down hard and getting desperate. So the best plan Mitt the twit (and his merry band of campaign elves) could come up with was to allow the Cheney/Bush Neo-Cons make the VP decision for him. Think about this now… if that evil mofo Cheney says he worships at the feet of Paul Ryan… THEN Ryan must be some kind of Wisconsin Antichrist or something… lol. (

Paul Ryan wants to be known as a responsible deficit cutter… of course Ryan also wants voters to conveniently forget he voted for Iraq War, Bush tax cuts, TARP, deregulation, Bush/Paulson bank bailouts, Medicare Part iDiot and all the other ridicules Bush/Cheney spending supplementals that WERE NEVER PAID FOR and led to the outrageous debt in the first place. One would have to be a real sucker FOOL to fall for this man's bullshit, right?

Paul Ryan hates government except when it benefits him and people like him. Ryan has actually spent his entire life on the government dole. He got SSI survivor benefits until he was 18... THEN through rich Ryan family (from government funded infrastructure projects & Defense Dept contracts) connections got his first government job and has been sucking off the government teat ever since. (HOLY shit what a fuck’n hypocrite, I can’t stand it!) NO MATTER WHAT PAUL RYAN'S MOTHER SAYS!

That’s the dark, dirty secret Conservative wackos want to keep from the American PEOPLE, They want to cut most Americans out of the government monies loop so there is MORE FOR THEMSELVES (or privatize) 

Like Michele Bachmann taking Dept. of Agriculture subsidies... (proof of this is how the freshman Tea Partiers in Congress have wasted tax dollars on extravagant lifestyles and expensive luxury rental cars. Greedy Evil Hypocrites, GEH not GOP)

Paul Ryan says he’s a good Catholic but the Catholic Bishops called the Ryan budget IMMORAL! (taking from poor Peter to pay rich PAUL, right? lol) Hey Paul Ryan… you can’t follow Ayn Rand and JESUS at the same time, ya dumbass, lying, silver spoon motherfucker

I’ll bet you $10,000 right now that Paul Ryan has his nose so far up the asses of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Bros that he’s can smell the money in their wallets and at their beck & call(girl) lol ...Lyin Ryan!  With low grade thought processes like these I MUST QUESTION the judgment of Rep. Paul Ryan and FEAR any thought of both Ryan and Romney being anywhere NEAR the White House. Scary... 

Conservatives groups such as the Tea Party have all but disappeared because of SHAME! These Conservative rubes realized they got played for fools by a bunch of silver spoon trust fund babies. Can you imagine? After the Bush/Cheney catastrophe, Tea Baggers still believed the GOP was working for their best interests.  The Republican Corporate Ho Party used Conservative voters like a $10.00 meth whore. (right Ted Haggard) lol

Not only that, but you pathetic morons wanted Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Over and over AGAIN! Just separate yourselves from the Bush/Cheney DISASTER… bull$#!~ MISINFORMED people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement. In reality right wing imbeciles never learned the new boss is same as the old boss… The 2010 election was an affront to GOD and everything the USA stands for.

In OTHER WORDS Republican Party talking points are based on the ignorance of their constituents. They revise history and LIE because they CAN… because morons who vote for Republicans DON’T KNOW THEIR OWN HISTORY!  This ain’t NO Tea Party, ya fuck'n numbskulls… it’s a full scale CLASS WAR and all the silver spoon, trust fund babies like Mitt Romney are kicking the American PEOPLE’s @$$.

The Billionaire Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America

I guess Conservative wacko groupies didn’t have enough of getting screwed over by the Bush era rich guys, NO, these morons want to elect MORE lying, silver spoon, trust fund babies like Mitt Romney. 

A man who LIED on SEC filings and refuses to release his tax returns… (Ann Romney is suffering from superiority complexes & delusions of royal grandeur, its not your turn, release your tax returns b****)

A man who ravaged manufacturing plants in the USA, breaking promises, STEALING PENSIONS, then sending JOBS and MILITARY component TECHNOLOGY to India and COMMUNIST CHINA…

A man who takes credit for saving the Salt Lake City Olympics even though it was actually a government bailout that saved the Games from Mitt Romney. (lot’s of that going around) 

A man who pissed off our two greatest allies,  the British and Israeli peoples. (only former Solidarity union thug and affirmed racist Lech Walesa, in Poland, gave a thumbs up to the Romney campaign) 

A campaign staff who thinks it’s above questions the news media has for Mitt Romney
(“kiss my ass”, “shove it“? COME ON!)

A man who told his son to commit voter fraud. Tagg Romney was instructed by Mitt to buy voting machines... WOW!

Ooohhhh this is a good one, Mitt Romney' s father collected welfare benefits & food stamps after moving from Mexico!

The Romney's profited from a government bailout of Delphi, even though they stole workers pensions and sent jobs to China.

A MAN, who if elected President, will take an oath with his hand on the Book of Mormon!

No Ann Romney… IT’S the long suffering PROGRESSIVES TURN! A chance to bring common sense, rational stance, dignity, reason and a repudiation of tyranny, ignorance, poverty and corruption…" 

I am somebody who fights a Class War during the 2012 election
© 2012 by SPQR & FGE

IMPORTANT: VOTE! Please don’t forget to vote against Republicans in Senate, House, state and local government elections. We must put the stake in the heart of this life sucking vampire known as the GOP before they shame us all.

“Privatization is the worst thing that ever happened to the USA. Profits over patriotism is no way to run a nation”  
 © 2011 by Professor Dale Cassidy  from his manuscript “Top 100 Most Evil People,* and deeds” 

 “US justice goes after Bradley Manning and Julian Assange for exposing horrible acts in Iraq but ignores Bush Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Wolfowitz and the LIES that led to this unnecessary WAR! Justice seems to have been corrupted sometime in the last 30 years in favor of a very few rich assholes and control freaks. I remember that stiff Attorney General Eric Holder tried to deflect attention away from the Bush Crime Family and the Corporate Crime Wave and instead went after a bunch of 70+ year old Mafia bosses. What a coward! That's modern day LAW Enforcement... EASY TARGETS ” 
Charlie Stunats

"I can’t take it anymore. I REFUSE to live under the tyranny of another Republican Corporate Ho Party administration! I’m declaring WAR on the GOP and all you insane imbeciles who keep making the same mistake over & over & over… voting for Republicans. Republicans haven’t taken responsibility for last trust fund baby they voted for in 2000-2004, now want to burden Americans with ANOTHER? It’s very  UN-AMERICAN!
 1) Is there a better definition of TRAITOR than those who would corrupt or suppress the VOTE for personal gains? 
 2) The Republican Corporate Socialist Party doesn’t even try and hide the fact they’re a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken silver spoons who privatized profits, socialized losses on Wall St. A bunch of evil, self serving, Con Artists who made bribery legal so they couldn’t be held accountable for Citizens United.  Frank from Albuquerque


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