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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I guess being RIGHT all the time doesn't count in our screwed up culture?


Excuse the blatant self-promotion but that IS the American way in the new millennium, right? Just look at those shameless @$****’s Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin… The way I see it, if all these whiny silver spoons like William Kristol can make a fortune off being wrong ALL THE TIME, then I should (at least) be able to make a good living off being RIGHT!

Even Obama wouldn’t be President right now if he didn’t push his way on to the American scene with his autobiography, and stirring speech at the 2004 DNC. Half the shows on the boob tube exist so some celebrity can PROMOTE this or that. And I see most of the Progressive spokespersons are out hyping their new books… So why not me?

I’M RIGHT now, I was right in the past and if anyone had bothered to take me seriously AMERICA WOULDN’T BE IN THE HORRIFIC MESS that seems to get worse every day. Progressives need to get tough on the Conservative Right-wing. We need to get together in the next few election cycles with ONE GOAL IN MIND… GET RID OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Nothing else really matters, right?

One would think someone who’s been so consonantly ahead of the times and issues could get one of those good paying government or media jobs. I guess the wealthy, powerful and well-connected like to surround themselves with each other or a bunch of craven YES MEN! I’m going to get plain mad dog mean and start forcing this issue and myself on anyone who can make a difference. I swear to the ALMIGHTY I’ll do what ever it takes to get a good job or be published… If someone was to whack Rouse Limbaugh or Glean Beck I’ll bet the money would ROLL IN… right? lol

EXAMPLES: I was right then…

#1) Way back in 1997-2003 I was writing everyone from Janet Reno to Larry Flynt about the need for a Liberal talk radio network to counter AM Radio Free Conservative and Tokyo Rose Limbaugh. I was using AOL at the time (a BAD experience I’ll NEVER repeat) and had organized a massive letter/e-mail writing campaign to stress the importance of this issue. ( SEE: )

I could see people were being brainwashed by the constant Conservative blather. THEY NEEDED AN ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINT! I used the remarkable series of books “Opposing Viewpoints” (Greenhaven Press) to make my point. One of my favorite quotes was by publisher David L. Bender.
“…it can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary’s point of view DO NOT fully understand their own”.

I put together a remarkable plan for a Liberal Talk Radio Network and included my proposal in the writings. Just to make sure I’d be given credit for this amazing plan of action I posted all the info on my AOL group site

The something very odd and disturbing started to happen. First a hacker got into my site, changed captions under my pics and made the group seem like it was a gay dating site. After I emailed Senator Feinstein and Matt Rothschild of “The Progressive” all the information on my AOL groups site was deleted and I was locked off the site…

Not long after AOL executive Mark Walsh left his post to help form the Air America Radio Network. And then the Silver Spoons #*~/ed up my idea so bad Air America was destined to fail. They didn’t get my main point of engaging the listeners and giving them a place to voice their anger. They didn’t get that’s what made Limbaugh and his clones so popular. #*~/’n Liberals were too busy grooving to the FM tunes to notice Conservatives bought up the AM dial up at bargain basement prices.

Air America made the mistake of getting comedians to do monologues. Thank GOD Progressive Talk Radio eventually found a way to make a niche for itself.

#2) WAY BACK in 2001 I warned all my friends in Southern California NOT to buy those $250,000 2br boxes they call homes out there. The bubble would eventually burst I told them. I’m skilled in the Building Trades and Real Estate investments and know the CA market was over-priced then and got worse. In early 2007, I listened to one good friend tell me how he could get a 2nd mortgage and pay for it with the increased property value. I felt a cold shiver up my spine and just shook my head. He got mad at me for being negative. (he lost the house last year and is living in a mobile home now)

#3) In 2007-2008 I was volunteering on the campaigns for Obama and the Democrats in Congress. After hurricanes Gustov and Ike, I got reports from environmentalist friends in Texas and Louisiana that oil was leaking along the Gulf shorelines. Over the years they were always writing me telling of one oil leak after another… I couldn’t understand why the news was being BURIED.

Just so happens about that same time in early October 2008 John McCain made an campaign appearance at the University of New Mexico along with Republican Senate candidate Steve Pearce. Obama’s people were there near the entrance to the event to counter the Republicans. I wanted to know what McCain and Pearce thought about these oil spills in the Gulf. I think it was half a million gallons in just the few days of the hurricanes. I made a huge sign so when they walked past me the question was there for them to read. Just to make sure I got in Steve Pearces face and asked him directly. (They know me and got my fingerprints that day... long story)

Earlier I had called Conservative Talk radio station KKOB-am 770 and put that question to all the Conservative wackos who listen.

I KNEW they’d poo poo and down play the importance of these environmental disasters I spoke of. I’m an environmental treehugger like Rush Limbaugh told you, right? McCain even made a speech and told the American people there was no spills in the Gulf and the drill baby drill Technology was safe and sound.

I even wrote posts on my various blogs warning my government to take these oil spills seriously. (check the date on this time stamped post)
I was so ahead of my time... WHERE WERE all you "johnny come lately's" BACK THEN?
That's Americans for you, OUTRAGED AFTER THE FACT!

The disturbing part of this story is that the Left-wing also shunned and ignored my pleas for environmental accountability. They told me I was too loud and angry. Democrats/Liberals are scared of RAGE! “oHHHhhh you can’t say THAT!”, they’d tell me.

Democrats told me to focus on the campaign (and later to support President Obama). I didn’t seen any news of these oil spill in the so-called Liberal media or on talk radio. Progressive talk radio phone screeners wouldn’t let me air with the oil spill subject.

Just think if ANYONE in our government had listened to activist organizers like myself down in the trenches struggling with 40 MILLION Americans living below the poverty level. I sacrificed my money, time and effort for CHANGE. And all I got is more of the same with Obama or McCain. With Boehner or Pelosi, Reid or McConnell, etc, etc, etc… m‘#*~/ers

I’ve always said Americans would be better off and cheaper if we just hire some Hobo off the street to flip an coin to make policy decisions. At least there’s a fifty percent chance the dreg will be right be right. It’s got to be better odds than the 30 year losing streak our leaders have gambled our future on. LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES on a scale not seen since Mussolini decided a corporate owned police state was a good way to make the trains run on time.

I need a job, I need money to take care of my loved ones. I think it’s time for one of you silver spoon, Ivory Tower pussies to share the #*~/’n wealth… Progressives are at the crossroads. I possess a simple straight forward plan for the American PEOPLE to take back their government from the Corporatists. IT’S RIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! But this time I want to get paid…

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from Christward818
to *** *******
date Mon Jun 7, 2010 at 2:55 PM
subject Liberals are cowards

"I read your message board post and checked out this blog. NO YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. I despise Democrats and Liberals always putting down Conservatives writing about how stupid we are. Two ends to the same problem, Lefties are the biggest cowards ever.

At least the Right has the balls to form protest movements and show our anger DIRECTED at this corrupt government and scandal-ridden corporate culture. What have you Democratic wuzzies been doing since Obama the Great got elected? Still celebrating your 2008 victories? Has Obama been the CHANGE maestro you thought he’d be? You’re so busy being righteous, Liberals haven’t noticed Obama is as much a center right, corporatist as Bill Clinton.

Come on author of this blog, whoever you are. Admit that your own Democratic leaders are bad as all the Republicans you criticize on the is blog. You cowards love Bill Clinton right? Here’s a guys who used the Oval Office like it was a brothel or cheap motel room. Did he do ANYTHING to stop the Corporatists during his Presidency? No because Democrat President MAN was too busy defending his sex drive. What a waste of a good presidency.

I didn’t hear any of those Progressive talk radio hosts point fingers at Bubba Clinton while he was down in Arkansas shuck’n and jive’n for ol' Blanche Lincoln. I know Liberals don’t like Senator Lincoln, how did you weaklings missed THAT? Where was the blog post about that, Mr writer man? What about NAFTA? That worked out well.

I guess the American PEOPLE can’t get their heads out of their ideology or their ass. Democrats, Republicans, Independents it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it’s become apparent that a majority of the American people are lazy and ignorant. On the Left and Right. stupid, Stupid, STUPID!

What’d you donkeys think? When Obama got elected, I am Malcolm X moved into the White House? You can’t see that Barack Obama is one of those “House Negros” like Michael Steele. BOYS TOO SCARED TO TAKE ON THIS CORRUPT CORPORATE SYSTEM!

Obama is like a pacifier so Progressives don’t give up and start the civil disobedience. I’ve got to give credit to Progressives, they’re are the ONLY ones on the Left with any courage and workable plan for REAL CHANGE. I’d go so far to say Progressives are the last chance the Democratic Party has. So why are Obama, Biden and the Democratic Party treating them like a cross-eyed stepchild? Good question.

Obama/Biden like the good old boy incumbents don‘t they? They’ve been discouraging Progressives running for Congress aren’t they? Pacifying Liberals with one water down legislative joke after another. They’re LAUGHING AT YOU RIGHT NOW! Democrat, Liberal voters are being PLAYED FOR FOOLS just like Republicans, Conservatives were played during Bush, Cheney.

Believe me, I know about how bad things have been for the last decade. I was on the inside and saw up close the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, lying, big money lobbying and greed. Things got so bad that Republican Party members started ripping off each other. (another story I’m keeping for $’s)

The politicians right wingers voted for didn’t care about US! Republican Party officials think the average American is a ignorant, peasant. AND BOYoboy do they hate poor people! They hate the average American so much they did everything in their power to sell-out the Middle Class worker. The facts and evidence are all legitimate. Assessable for everyone to see, IT SHOULD BE MAKING the PEOPLE very angry.

Especially the Progressives. So where’s the ACTION? What are you red commie activists afraid of? The police crowd control, riot gear and barbed wire fences. Bush, Cheney put all you Lefties in your place and you’ve been comfortable there ever since. Liberals are too busy worrying about “Don’t ask don’t tell” or the poor beaten down Palestinians. If you Liberals had any balls you’d leave that non-violent, response training, 60’s protest caca behind, it’s what COWARDS DO! The Corporatists are hoping you’ll stay the course and NOT ROCK THE BOAT!

It’s already too late. Why do you think Republicans are blocking the Obama Administration from replacing the corporate friendly judges of Bush, Cheney? If you Liberals were as smart as you make yourselves out to be then you’d be out finding out all that vital information MSNBC didn’t tell you. Like which Republicans are stalling Obama’s Judge appointments… WAIT, has Obama made good choices when picking Judges or are they more of the same corporate friendly hacks Republicans love so much?

I’m only writing this criticism of my fellow Conservatives because I love the USA and know what Republicans are doing is WRONG! Also I’m curious to see if the Progressives can inspire Obama, Biden, the Democratic Party and 3rd Party Liberal cowards to grow a pair to make it a good fight.

I’m betting you pussies will just stand back and let the Republicans get over on you AGAIN. Just like you did during Bush, Cheney, f***ing COWARDS! What Halliburton did alone, to the USA, should have brought out the fight but Democrats let THAT GO along with much, MUCH more. That’s why Republicans treat Democrats like their bitch. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Have a protest march, make a passionate speech to the cameras, make fun of us on Bill Maher? ohhhhhhhh, I’m so scared.

The deck is stacked like Dolly Parton. The American PEOPLE aren’t even considered anymore, better to just put the average Joe in jail for minor crimes and let Corporations run wild. Better for the Politicians. The PEOPLE will only get in the way of risky business and maximum profits.

Of, By and For the PEOPLE” is dead and it was ALL OF US that let it slip away. Liberals and Conservatives and Independents.

Too bad I hate you chickenhearted, Left wing socialists so much because we actually have a lot in common. We all want to save the USA from evil greedy men.

The truth is that Bush, Cheney and the Republicans in Congress since 1994 screwed over the American people so bad, ON EVERY FRONT, it will take generations to recover. IF our creditors like the Saudi Arabia and China don’t turn us into a third world country first. But you Liberal wackos can’t blame Bush anymore because Obama has taken ownership of Republican scheming. If Baracki was THAT smart he’d have Dick Cheney in handcuffs and investigate what the former Vice-President negotiated behind closed doors with the energy and oil companies.

Republicans don’t fear the Democrats at all, they’re going to disrespect the President every chance they get just to stall the slow process of Change. Republicans worship at the alter of this crafty status quo they’ve created.

By the time the American PEOPLE finally realize how bad things really are the USA will already be a corporate owned police state. Just TRY and organize an accountability protest movement on the Left then, you Liberal girlie men will be squashed like bugs. If Republicans take back the Congress in 2010 it’s all over for the Left. Flush all your bleeding heart, government accountability issues down the toilet. You’re letting it happen as I write this. Good Luck suckers.

By the way, I enjoyed what Conscious Man Consultants wrote about FOX News being owned and controlled by the Saudi Royal Family. Funny stuff but I want to know more about that story. Just who is financing shows like Glenn Beck after losing all his advertisers? Progressives seem to be asking all the right questions. I will sign up with the Concerned Citizens of America* but only when you have more members than the Tea Party."



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