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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campaign to make BP, Halliburton and TransOcean ACCOUNTABLE for their crimes against the American PEOPLE.

...and World Cup soccer

comment posted on FOX News Sunday message board:
To that silver spoon pussy Chris Wallace,
"Ask Ambassador Rice about the threat from Kim Jong Tony Hayward and Mahmoud BP. They've destroyed the whole Gulf region of the USA. Something must be done and these terrorists must be WATCHED along with their treasonous allies in the Republican Party"


I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Is ANYONE falling for the bull$#!~ British Petroleum is dishing out to the American PEOPLE! I mean OTHER than my government? (lol) Everywhere I go I find very angry, CONCERNED CITIZENS who are just one Tony Hayward selfish, elitist comment away from mob rules. Funny how our own government missed THAT! Can you say OUT OF TOUCH?

Go look into the faces of the people along the Gulf Coast who had their lives ripped away like a purse snatching in Central Park. And you really loved that purse, didn’t you? Everything was in there, one’s whole life. All that’s needed to function in a competitive society, right? Damn… glad it wasn’t ME!

That’s how many elected officials are coming off in this whole scenario. I don’t understand why my government isn’t acting like this is a horrific tragedy of epic proportions. COME ON!

I NEED to know something and I want a #*~/’n answer right NOW! Do big Banks, multi-national Corporations, BP and other Big Oil interests control the United States Government? The only reason I ask this because I think our mainstream news media hasn’t been keeping us informed, even going so far as to LIE to the American PEOPLE…

I wouldn’t doubt it after Bush/Cheney… who probably gave away the keys to the front door as they left. This whole story is more and more telling as we head to the 3rd month of the dreaded BP oil gusher. I’m starting to notice a disturbing trend from our so-called representatives and the mainstream media. The response to this BP catastrophe is NOT at the level it should be. We should make a color coded oil alert system so they know how bad things are getting. lol

You want to compare this BP oil drilling disaster in the Gulf to something? Seems to me the same damage would have happened if a terrorist had exploded a nuclear device in the port of New Orleans. Radiation spreading to the whole Gulf region making it uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.

Here’s the thing, we’re Americans, we always bounce back, right? But our government and the mainstream news media forgot about the terrorist. They were so busy with I don’t know WHAT, they allowed the terrorist strike again. This time the criminals used a toxic blend of chemical warfare known as dispersants. (Oil clean-up workers are already getting sick)


It was if after 9/11, Osama Bin Lunatic came to ground zero and passed out Anthrax to the rescue workers. And THEN spend 50 million dollars on TV ads telling the American people he was sorry for the destruction. (I’ll bet the leaders of corporations and government think the American PEOPLE are stupid and lazy…)

Ohhhh I get it, the criminals and terrorists of this BP disaster are British or Oil men. I saw the movie “GIANT”. WOW if only those fun-loving oil rich Texas guys had British accents that would have really been something. lol These guys are our friends, right? They love us as much as we love them, right? They’d NEVER put profit before the well-being of millions of fellow human beings, right? (stupid and lazy?)

Someone please tell me… IS THERE ANY REASON FOR THE TOXIC DISPERSANTS OTHER than to hide the amount of oil that’s ruining our beautiful Gulf Coast? TELL ME NOW! (I don't think these m'#*~/ers have our best interests in mind)

And what about those OTHER guys in the Minerals Management Service and Interior Department who were supposed to be PROTECTING AND SERVING the American PEOPLE. I guess they got used to the EASY LIFE of sloth during Bush/Cheney. The terrorists from BP were bribing these traitors and supplying them with Ho’s, meth and blond Afghani hashish. Apparently our law enforcement and Justice system is allowing the criminal civil servants to JUST WALK AWAY… JEEZ!

You see… the Aristocrats don’t realize the American PEOPLE are REALLY NOT that STUPID and we’ve figured out public sector officials (and their family/friends) get away with MUCH MORE crime than those of us in the private sector would already be FIRED and PROSECUTED for. It wasn’t enough our government and corporate leaders destroyed our economic and environmental security but the cheeky bastards had to take away our EQUAL JUSTICE too!

The BP, Halliburton, Transocean terrorists have made a lot of friends in our nation’s capitol, state and local governments. The American PEOPLE don’t know WHO to trust anymore. I think it’s time for a full accounting of just where our elected officials stand on such vital issues.

Let me tell you from vast experience that the U.S. Government and it’s law enforcement agents… HATE went the PEOPLE rock the boat. So BE PREPARED! (did those stiffs in the FBI REALLY give $25,000 to Van der Sloot?)

Oh, one more thing… I’m not much of a soccer fan, I used to go watch my daughter play when she was pre-teen… I couldn’t help but notice the World Cup game Britain vs. the USA because of all the hype about Americans badmouthing Brits over the BP ordeal. I didn’t watch the game but when I heard the news about the TIE score and the Brits goalie costly error… I was like NO, nahhhhhhh, THAT game was fixed…

Not only does BP control the British and US governments but it seems they also own the British soccer team. The Brits threw the game while at the same time throwing a bone to Americans. I’ll bet the order came from the highest levels of Parliament, “DON’T beat the bloody USA team”.

The Brits don’t want to further inflame the situation or endanger the lives of BP employees and Brits living in the USA. I can’t imagine there’s a lot of soccer fans in the South but I’m sure the mainstream news media would had tried to poke at them with irony of BP and Brits over the USA. Americans are sore losers, right?

The British Empire thinks we’re a bunch of common fools but they’re afraid of us. They know (from experience) when Americans are ANGRY we can KICK SOME ASS! Terrified that Americans will think about how much we’ve done for the Brits and WHAT the #*~/ HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR US? The Brits know they pushed Americans over the edge after Tony Hayward made his “I want my life back” comment.

One can always tell when the average American is really pissed off at someone by what picture they’re throwing darts at or shooting on the target range. It took a lot of destruction but Tony Hayward has now replaced Osama bin Laden as the most shot at target. Angry shouts and Rebel yells overheard at bars across the Gulf region… “Kill BP” and “the Queen’s a whore”.

They know… MI-5 AND 6 are both on the case along with Dick Cheney’s people in the Pentagon, CIA and Dubai. Like I said before BE PREPARED!

©2010 by SPO101

Power concedes NOTHING without DEMAND” Frederick Douglas
“…if life was a thing money could’a buy, the rich would live and the poor would’a die” Yellowman


Form a chapter in YOUR community NOW! We need to get back POWER to the PEOPLE.

The French writer Rousseau was one of those rare individuals who, by some strange destiny, became the voice of mankind at a crucial moment in history. His writings not only helped touch off the French Revolution but led to an enthusiasm which brought French aid to the American Revolution.
In essence Rousseau argued that the natural man is happy and good and that society, which abuses the benefits of civilization, tends to deprave him. He preached the recognition of man’s true nature. These ideas represented Rousseau’s revolt against the indifference to human misery shown by the aristocrats of his age: Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains
…” Readers Companion to World Literature, Mentor Books


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