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Monday, April 27, 2009

Comedy Cyber Bitch Slap

I’ve been staying with friends in So. Cal. on my “I’m not assassinated YETTOUR. Now these are good friends of mine and I love them all BUT really HATE their nightly tradition of wall to wall television. It’s like they built their house so there isn’t a space on the first floor where one isn’t exposed to TV. I usually get away from their nightly routine by taking LONG walks but Sunday, they insisted I watch this particular show called “Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump

It was one the sickest things I’ve ever seen. Like a hour long commercial for Gillette Right Guard deodorant with a bunch of spoiled stars FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT to make the BEST ad. The only good thing about this show was I think I’ve found the PERFECT spokes-person to represent the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

After getting back-stabbed by her teammates, Melissa Rivers was FIRED by Trump and STORMED off the set in a hussy fit, saying ridiculous things to make others look bad… The first thing that came to my mind at that moment was the SORE LOSERS in the Republican ranks. Rivers was representative of what the Conservatives have been up to since losing BIG in 2008.

The family asked me what I thought about the show (their kids were in the room so I didn’t GO OFF) I just threw my hands in the air “ahhhnnnn I don’t know…” Then made the mistake of saying I DID like chopper builder Jesse James

Ohhhh, well the wife picks up the remote control for her flat panel big screen TV with all the gadgets a good American entertainment center should have. After a masterful series of button pressing she made me watch a repeat episode of Celebrity Apprentice where Jesse James was cleaning toilets for Donald Trump…. JEEZ it was so disturbing to me… If the wealthy powerful Aristocrats can get a guy like Jesse James to run around like a low wage flunky… what chance does an average Joe like me stand?

I often imagined a bunch of super wealthy White guys getting their jollies by making the peasants do terrible things for trinketsThat’s Reality TV!

ANYWAYS, it’s the start of a new week and I can’t wait to hear what those silly Republicans will come up with to rally the knuckle-head base. If one listens to Rush Limbaugh for the first ten minutes on a Monday morning one can pretty much tell what Conservative numbskulls will be up to that week. I’m putting my bet on the Republican think tanks coming up with a way to blame Democrats/Liberals for the Swine Flu epidemic and “those, dirty diseased Mexicans” who spread it to true, patriotic, great Americans of the Conservative Ideology. (beloved of GOD)

Instead of Tea Bags the PROP this week will be surgical masks. I can just see all the dumbass ditto heads walking the streets wearing their blue masks making sure there’s a FOX Spin… ahhh, I mean News camera around to get the shot.

EVERYONE’S going to be TALKING about the First Hundred Days of Obama/Biden in this next week…

NOTE: (I've heard and seen a LOT of whining and complaining from Conservatives, both elected officials and the average Joe” Tea Partier on the street... BUT I HAVEN'T HEARD ANY SOLUTIONS to ALL these problems the Bush/Cheney Administration left for Obama/Biden. Doesn't ANYONE find it disturbing that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has the courage to stand up and take responsibility for the last 8 years?

COME ON PEOPLE! iF you were the least bit grounded in reality and rational stance you’d realize Americans need to give Obama/Biden at LEAST 2 YEARS to sort out the domestic and foreign policy disasters Bush Jr. left for them. It’s going to take that long just to unravel the low grade thought processes and legal barriers all the lobbyist/attorney scumbags paid the Ho’s to legislate…)

I find myself wondering if I’m smarter than the HIGHLY PAID government officials that are supposed to be representing me? I KNOW I’m more intelligent than George W. Bush… The ONLY thing that propelled him to the Presidency was Daddy’s/Mummy’s wealth and connections. (and a sensible wife that took enough pharmaceuticals to “stand by her man) …without those factors I’m sure George W. would have been the Crawford, TX town drunk/cokehead…

At least I tried to UNDERSTAND this economic crisis the world is now experiencing. Not like all those dingbats that signed on to the Bush/Paulson bailout WITHOUT READING OR UNDERSTANDING what it all really meant. I’m trying to get through 5 or 6 books at a time and PBS is very helpful with FRONTLINE and Bill Moyers Journal.

NOTE: (If one had taken the time to read my blogs ( (THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST 2), they would have an appreciation for my pride in my Italian-American heritage. “WHERE’S a Ferdinand Pecora when America needs him” For anyone that watched the 4-24-09 Bill Moyers Journal knows what I’m talking about… Or all you political m#*~/r‘s to THICK to understand?)

I have HIGH HOPES for Obama/Biden even though I think they and most of the Democrats in Congress mishandled the economic meltdown. THEY #*~/ed up because THEY TRUSTED Bush/Paulson.

Downplaying the Tea Parties doesn’t make their symbolism go away… Democrats/Liberals are too stuck living off the 2008 election victories to realize Republicans/Conservatives are winning the WAR! I phoned and emailed every Democrat in Congress and BEGGED them not to vote for the Bush/Paulson bailout.

That’s the problem with most Democrats, they’re not street smart. I tried to teach Americans that a con is a CON, doesn’t matter in a back alley or the Ivory Tower… the trick is to recognize IT and NOT GET PLAYED FOR FOOLS! And that’s exactly what Bush/Paulson did to the naive Democrats with the bailout. They took 7 and a half years of Bush/Cheney reckless economics and put it in the hands of the Democratic Congress in one weekend. NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and the dumb ass, m’#*~/’n Democrats in Congress ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! The ONLY thing that got bailed out was the Bush/Cheney legacy! Think about how great things would be right now if you hadn’t passed the BAILOUT! (@$$holes)

Limbaugh, Hannity and the FOX News ARE GOING TO SPIN THIS THING TO DEATH because it’s ALL THEY‘VE GOT! (and Cheney/CIA torture) The video of those 750 locations and 112,000 Tea Partiers are the make or break of the disgraced Republicans like Bush/Cheney, Phil Gramm, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, and others who laid the groundwork for this Wall St K-St. economic nightmare we’re now living.

Really now, I’m NOT joking anymore with some blog or silly You Tube video (YouTube/Spoact), playing the part of a modern day Don Rickles… I DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY m’#*~/r’s. I want a thorough INVESTIGATION done in such a way the PEOPLE can understand. Research, findings, criticisms and conclusions about WHAT exactly happened to our economy and WHO the #*~/ IS TO BLAME?

I’m NOT dull, I UNDERSTAND most of the living Presidents and Congress since 1984 SOLD OUT Americans. Instead of sticking to sworn oaths and working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE, they chose to be the HO’S of Wall Street, K-Street and the Multi-National Interests they REPRESENTED! I get you’re all being blackmailed by the greed stricken, silver spoon aristocrats…

Here’s the thing, IF YOU ACT NOW, this NEW and IMPROVED, one time only, SPECIAL OFFER… If you give back to the American PEOPLE ethics, responsibility, accountability… WE WILL NOT PROSECUTE YOU FOR YOUR SINS/CRIMES!


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