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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

NOTE: I needed to remember a better time

I don’t care what anyone says let alone a silver spoon, trust fund baby like Mitt ****’n Romney… Jimmy Carter was the last Great President. Who the hell is Mitt pussy Romney to put down a real man like Jimmy Carter? Former President Jimmy Carter who is a self-made man who commanded a submarine, ran a state/nation and a peanut farm. Mitt Romney has done nothing and reminds me of some spoiled crybaby who had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Jimmy Carter is a true Man of GOD! A lifetime working for PEACE and fair-minded policy when it comes to the “least of my brothers”. How many millions of so-called Christians voted for Reagan/Bush & the false prophets on the Right? Christians who got fooled by WAR profiteers and Wall St con artists.

If Americans had followed through with Carter Administration Energy policy we wouldn’t have had that oily BP mess in 2010 or the high gas prices of 2006-2012... AFFECTING ALL AMERICANS!

Here’s something you’ll NEVER read in US history textbooks; the Carter Presidency was sabotaged by Big Oil scumbags and their ho/flunkies in the Republican Party just like they’re trying to do Obama/Biden now.

So don’t believe a word of that 4% Solution, Bush Institute bullshit the Conservative wackos and Bush Family apologists are dishing out to the American people. Corporate special interests and the GOP have ALWAYS stalled the economy during Democratic Administrations. The only way they can make the Republicans look competent is to sabotage the Democrats…

In the late 1970’s, Middle Eastern/Big Oil special interests complicity created fake oil shortages to bring Democrats to their knees. Wealthy Conservative Aristocrats decided to use the Republican Party and Conservative think tanks to DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN! Just like they’re doing with high gas prices now, don’t take my word for it… go follow the money and see if it leads to all those silver spoons buying up all oil futures. Our Republicans in Congress play along shoveling the subsidy monies to the oil companies instead of investing in a bright future of technology and innovation.

This phenomenon is best described in 1984 by John S. Saloma III with his stunning book “Ominous Politics: The New Conservative Labyrinth”. It was an almost prophetic warning to Americans that NEVER made it to the people because Saloma died mysteriously not long after finishing his manuscript in 1983. The book disappeared into history along with everything Americans LOVE about the USA

NOTE: (try to find a copy suckers… Ohhhh NO, the Conservative groupies are too busy buying Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck books or interpreting the Bible to have nothing to do with REALITY or TRUTH!) 

The silver spoon Aristocrats hated Carter with his commie clean energy, socialist wind generators and limp-wrested solar panels. They were the entitled… OLD MONEY from Robber Barron times… No common peasants, pot smoking hippies, environmental wackos or other little people were going to mess with THEIR PROFIT MARGINS! They made a pact to never allow the “Power to the People” movement of the 60’s-70’s to happen again…

Then the War Profiteers took the reigns and instigated a Hostage Crisis in Iran.  Republicans, Iranians, weapons industry big wigs and cocaine traffickers made behind the scenes deals to make Jimmy Carter appear weak and indecisive. Democrats threatened the devils PROFIT MARGINS! Vice-President George H.W. Bush was the Dick Cheney of his day… (lol)

Even going so far as getting Ollie North types to sabotage the hostage rescue mission in the desert. Carter was defeated by Reagan because of a political coup. ALL in the name of a Corporate takeover of the USA. It was 1981 when we started down a Conservative wacko path to becoming the United Suckers of America.

Of course it was the first modern day Corporatist President Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 who trashed Carter Energy policy and led us down a long path to Oil Company domination of our Government…

Look what we’ve degraded to…  Liz Cheney on Fox Spin (news) Sunday pointing fingers at Obama/Biden for the oil drilling catastrophe along the Gulf Coast. All the brainwashed right-wingers nodding their affirmatives like bobble head dolls. NOT ONE WORD about how her father Dick handed over our government to Big Oil. Billion dollar subsidies, bribes and deregulation is what killed the Gulf…

What’d you Conservative wackos THINK was going to happen after all those Bush/Cheney oil industry people invaded our Government. Condescending Rice… ahhh I mean, Condoleezza Rice had an oil tanker named after her, for GOD’S sake…

Really, what pharmaceuticals does one take to miss George W. Bush?  I don’t think they’ve found a cure yet for those severe ideological superiority complexes, odd paranoia, pathological lying and religious delusions Republicans are suffering from. 


President Obama? …GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead…” Joe Biden

The choices have NEVER been so clear, President Obama or Mitt Romney. All that matters now is how the American PEOPLE interpret the options and information presented to them. One thing even the most ignorant idiot, useful tool can understand, liars don’t have your best interests in mind…

Mitt Romney lies on a daily basis with the ease of a “Sting” con man. President Obama has been open, honest and respectful of his adversary’s who insult and slander him (and his family) on a daily basis.

Romney is the epitome of the silver spoon trust fund babies who ravaged and expatriated most of the USA’s wealth and resources during the Bush/Cheney cataclysm, right? You conservative wackos already gave power to one of these silver spoons George W. Bush and it almost ruined the USA. If Republican voters make that mistake again, they’re suckers and going to be treated like marks.

Obama lived as an average American who rose to the top because of his abilities… Romney because Daddy and Mommy left him a fortune and the connections to keep it. Mitt NEVER experienced the trials and tribulations of the average Joe/Jane, especially the 49 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level… How can he possibly represent us?

Obama has spent 3 years turning the other check to Republican obstructionists and Romney represents the “love of money”. Who would JESUS vote for? (lol)

Obama represents the majority of working class Americans… Romney stands for about 400 rich people. (some not even citizens of the USA)

Obama identifies with the Occupy Wall St. Movement… Romney is in the Ivory Towers with the bankers watching the cops pepper spray the “little people” with glee.

NOTE: (did you see the video of the police providing bank bigwigs protection from angry Wells Fargo shareholders and those who lost their homes to mortgage fraud? The true criminals have police protection in the USA. In China most of the Republicans in Congress, CEO’s on Wall St. and Lobbyists from K-St would be in a slave labor prison camp by now, just ask China’s Minister of Justice Wu Aiying. He‘s not a pussy like Eric Holder)

Obama works across the aisle… Romney sees himself in a gated community with private security, the help and homemade cookies (lol)

Obama saved the auto industry, with jobs numbers steadily on the rise… Romney raided companies, sent jobs to Asia/Mexico and would have let GM go bankrupt. Mitt "the stiff" Romney, a man who ravaged manufacturing plants in the USA, STEALING PENSIONS, then sending JOBS and MILITARY component TECHNOLOGY to India and COMMUNIST CHINA…

Obama has NEVER lied or made a false claim... Romney tells anyone who will listen about how he saved the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics but he neglects to mention the government bailout and taxpayers who actually did the work. 

Obama puts his wife Michele on a pedestal, Romney offers dinner with his wife for $5.00 donations (can I see her boobies if I donate $1000?) lol.

Remember interpretation is very important for 2012, especially for Christians and Catholics. Americans are at the crossroads and the choices you make for 2012 election is how you will be judged by Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven or the fiery pit of hell.

Read a passage in the Bible, a hundred people could come up with a hundred different ways to make the words work for them. Christians become War profiteers because they found verse to get around “Blessed are the peacemakers”. If your listening to vicious, greed stricken, degenerate fanatics interpreting the Bible then one might as well become a devil worshipper.

NOTE: (I was at this one church in the South listening to a rant that ended with a description of Jesus gunning down all the homo’s and commies, or something like that, lol. NO WONDER you right-wing fanatics are cursed)

Fanaticism turns Muslim against their Holy Book the Quraan. The contradiction couldn’t be more glaring. One only read the 2nd book of the Holy Quraan:  
    11. “And when it is said unto them: Make NOT mischief on Earth,          we are PEACEMAKERS only.
    12. Behold they are indeed the mischief-makers but they PERCEIVE not.
    13. And when it is said unto them: Believe as the PEOPLE believe
    Shall we believe as the foolish believe?  Behold, they are the     foolish yet they KNOW NOT…”

(Yea… there’s a lot of THAT going around nowadays)

There are those from power & wealth who have no shame, feel no guilt, possess no conscience or capacity for empathy. Evil beings who would use everything from the Bible to Darwin to justify their own vain, self-serving, power mad, evil existence. Knowledge as a weapon , a tool to CONTROL the masses who couldn’t possibly understand. An Ivy League education that teaches how special they are.
    “Morality - it was created for the common man. The higher man doesn’t worry about whether something is good or evil. He has the courage to rise above that sort of nonsense and ACT.”     NIETZSCHE

Since humans are doing the right or wrong, once and for all we must set the standards of what is good and what is evil. WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG! Reality NOW, from the Almighty GOD to Allah to Buddha to Jesus to Zoroaster there are common basic principles needed to judge your fellow human being:
    Seven Virtues - justice, temperance (moderation), courage, wisdom, faith, hope and love (charity).
    Seven Sins - pride, envy (malice), wrath, lechery, gluttony, avarice (greed) and sloth.
…Anything beyond these is whiny excuse, spin, ignorance, disinformation/lies, hiding behind high priced attorneys and the worst kind of BS…

Imagine the American PEOPLE have lost their ability for critical analysis and legitimate debate. Blind faith replaces common sense and rational stance. (it’s NOT so far-fetched, lol) Then WHO do we trust to DECIDE what is right and wrong? Especially in a nation that’s become so divided… EASY!

Three words… ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY. You can’t go wrong DEMANDING that from your government and corporate leaders. I suggest the American PEOPLE make these demands NOW… or Constitutional RIGHTS and FREEDOMS will become nothing more than delicate concepts.
©2010 by Lloyd the Baptist, Sal Celeste, W.P. Goode, SPQR