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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The hope of the FUTURE or disgrace of the PAST

FOX Spinahhh, I mean News Alert:

The News Corp/Fox News Empire has put the word out for “interns”…

Now WHY should Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Independents care? Think about this for a minute… Lets say a nation was experiencing hard times, the average citizens desperate for decent jobs with reasonable wages and benefits. Couldn’t the faintest hope of such rewards be used as a recruiting tool?

Millions of Republicans/Conservatives already sound like they’re auditioning for a spot on FOX news. Now we’re going to let them influence the youth? You might as well let your kids hang out with gang members or a fanatic cult…

Remember the “Reagan Youth” of the 80’s? These unethical bastards grew up to be the driving force behind all the waste, fraud, abuse and scandal of the Bush/Cheney disaster. A Corporate Crime Wave of EPIC proportions where all the vile, craven perpetrators REFUSE to take responsibility for their criminal actions OR low grade thought processes. Instead they use their ill-gotten gains to BLAME the other guy…

It’s the most un-American thing I’ve ever been witness to. Almost inhuman! Just look at Meg Whitman…

NOTE: (Honest to GOD, after Bush/Cheney I just can’t understand how ANY American could be so shameless, silly or stupid to vote Republicans back to power. What is about you degenerate morons that you put your trust in these ruthless, wealthy, silver spoons who have NO IDEA what the average American struggles through? George H. W. Bush’s kid... Ron Paul’s kid in KY, Dan Quale’s kid in AZ, Satan O’Donnell’s kid at a blood stained alter… lol. Paid for HO’s like Ken Buck in CO, Pat Toomey in PA, Marco Rubio in FL, Sharon Angle in NV, Joe Miller in AK and Ron Johnston in WI are leading in the rigged polls
COME ON? You people can’t possibly be that ignorant and misinformed, can you?
I’m going to make sure this right-wing phenomenon goes down as one of the low points in US history. Down there with April 10, 1950 when the Supreme Court gave in to hysteria and washed it‘s hands… leaving rights and justice to H.U.A.C.
THAT will be your future. Republicans/Conservatives of 2008-2012 will be hated and ridiculed for all times. NO EXCUSES!)

Americans need meaning to fill our blessed existence but becoming a propaganda Ho for the “Conservative Labyrinth* is no way to live life. It’s the fat, drunk and stupid of our time. The Republicans/Conservatives have the wealth to BUY allegiance and a good paying job at FOX seems too good to be true but look at what you become… *(read "Ominous Politics..." by John S. Saloma III)

Sure O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck are rich beyond their wildest dreams but they're captives of their own deviant sexual desires and doomed for an eternity in the burning flames of hell (see Lloyd the Baptist on

Americans have got to learn there’s MORE TO LIFE than money and possessions. Either THAT or learn about Class War where the PEOPLE RISE UP… to take back what was rightfully theirs.

The BIG difference between Glenn Beck’s political rally and the One Nation Working Together Rally last weekend was the One Nation PEOPLE came at their OWN EXPENSE! They weren’t PAID Ho’s for the likes of the evil billionaire, trust fund baby KOCH BROS.”

I’ve been trying to make my case since the late 90’s. I’d been an organizer in several major protest movements and noticed early on almost everyone wanted a forum to voice their ideas, issues, strategies, passions, etc… I don’t know about anyone else but the greatest high I ever experienced was while making a speech to an angry crowd. (a close second was walking a police riot gear line)

I wrote a sample chapter Called “Radio Free Conservative”. It was a warning to Democrats and Liberals to counter the powerful AM radio propaganda machine the “Conservative Labyrinth” had financed. I sent it out to everyone from Bill Clinton to Larry Flynt. Somehow the Air America took my idea and ran with it but they missed the most important point of my thesis. That would be how Conservatives gave a voice to the average American.

When Air America first started it’s hosts mostly did monologues with only an occasional phone call from the man/woman on the street. Luckily Progressives took over and realized the error of those that came before them. But still did not go far enough to include the Average Joe. The problem with the Liberal elite is they hold on to the microphone like it was a sex toy.
Right Micheal Moore, right Ariana Huffington, right Bill Mahr...

NOTE: I begged, pleaded and demanded that the Obama/Biden to listen to my plan. I had a line up of serious, passionate activists who really know how to make a speech. We were willing to go on the road engaging AVERAGE Americans. To create a traveling forum where Concerned Citizens could voice their anger/frustration... In other words,
GIVE them a microphone and THEY WILL COME! Democrats choose to ignore me... Republicans used my plan to form the Tea Party Movement... Now Democrats are scrambling to get back the support they had in 2008... y'know, the support they let slip away.

The next best lesson I want to teach to the left-wing is to kick the enemy while they’re down… We had the Republicans on the ropes when Democrats did everything to allow them to make a come back.

The most important lesson for the right-wing would be a con is a CON, no matter in a back alley OR from the Ivory Towers… The trick is to RECOGNIZE IT and not get played for a fool.

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) gets on FOX News to talk about job and economic problems like he has all the answers. And just when you think he’ll reveal the meaning of life… he falls back to snidely insinuate it’S all the fault of Obama/Biden and the Democrats.

John Boehner is a representative…but not of the American PEOPLE. What he represents for most Americans is the epitome of a bold-faced LIAR! Boehner also represents the pitiful morons who fall for the lies

Boehner wants Americans to believe if only Republicans had one more chance it can work? The very definition of insanity, isn’t IT? Over and over AGAIN! Just separate yourselves from the Bush/Cheney disaster… bull$#!~ MISINFORMED people into believing they’re part of a NEW Conservative Movement.

In OTHER WORDS Republican Party talking points are based on the ignorance of their constituents. They revise history and LIE because they CAN… because morons who vote for Republicans DON’T KNOW THEIR OWN HISTORY!

NO solutions, NO rational stance, clear agendas or common sense policy… JUST Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck groupies parroting talking points! Have you ever LISTENED to the average right-wing fanatic? It’s like every Conservative in America is auditioning for a spot on the FOX News channel. (News Corp owned by Saudi Royals)

COME ON, are you Republican voters #*~/‘n INSANE? Am I missing something here? Didn’t Conservatives just have 8 YEARS of Bush/Cheney and Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) to put their warped ideology into practice? AND IT ALMOST DESTROYED THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!

Let me give you brainwashed tards a clue. This ain’t NO Tea Party… this is a CLASS WAR! Do I miss George W. Bush? #*~/ NO! Waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, welfare for the rich, deregulation, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions…. The WORST looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

Where was the Tea Party anger THEN? #*~/ ignorant hypocrites.

I blame the news media most for all these pathetic displays of election time politics. Really now, if jerks like Boehner thought hosts/anchors would act like true journalists… do you think he would LIE?

Ask Joe Scarborough about such lies. Morning Joe successfully crossed over from Congress to the news media without ever telling the truth about the Republican controlled Congress of 1994 to 2006. While Scarborough, Gingrich, Delay, Gramm, Boehner, etc… were busy masturbating to Monica Lewinski testimony behind the scenes the sold out American workers.

If Conservative or Tea Party voter had any BRAINS they would be capable of going back and check out the legislation that came from a Republican controlled congress. Intelligent Americans already know such things. We know how the Republicans took their pants down and bent over for their corporate masters…. AND THEY LIKE IT sooooo much, they allowed foreign Corporations to come to America to #*~/ over the PEOPLE!

They gave subsidies, expatriate clauses, tax breaks and insured the venture of industry that moved our jobs to Asia. Vile, greed stricken predators like Tom Delay went around the world setting up slave/child labor shops to replace American Union shops. They laid the groundwork for Corporations to fulfill dreams about the greener pastures of authoritarian controlled labor and unregulated toxic waste dumping.

And what was the result of their pandering. Lead based toys for our children, poisoned pet food, toxic toothpaste and sheetrock, brittle metal fittings for our cranes and bridges…. On & On & ON! Good plan, way to stick to your sworn oath m#*~/ers.

THANKS FOR NOTHING Republican Party. If you traitors keep this BS up… And if the Justice Department remains to scared to prosecute… THEN someone should chop these #*~/’n aristocrats up and feed'em to the poor! Jeez, it’s like the FBI never heard of the R.I.C.O. Act…


*communication to

That’s a very unflattering photo of the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on the story concerning US/Guatemalan syphilis experiments. Funny how THAT picture made it to the Google news headlines board. It’s almost as if some corporate media propaganda bigwig wanted to show a member of the Obama/Biden Administration in a bad light, right? Hummmm, Just before an election…

I know Canada got a taste of the war profiteering pie during Bush/Cheney but I hope YOU Canadians aren’t going Conservative wacko on us Americans. We got enough of those silly, stupid, self-absorbed, victimized, misinformed, apathetic, greed-stricken, celebrity worshiping COWARDS here in the US, so PLEASE, don’t you Canadians go nutcase on us, ok…

If Canadians want to be useful why doesn’t the CBC be a good little news network and do an investigative report on those Diebold type computerized voting machines that have been corrupted since the 2000 Presidential election. Our Republicans, as you already know, just love “dirty tricks”. Early voting for this consequential election has started, one would think real journalists would want to KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED!

(Especially those brainwashed, blue-hair morons in Florida who gave us the Bush/Cheney disaster)

I can’t seem to find anyone in the US mainstream news media to look into this story. Like I always say… responsible journalism is dead as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s blue dress… lol

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