Frank from ABQ says:
Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HOW to make a Conservative talk radio station into your bitch by Frank from ____

CONCERNED CITIZEN volunteers voter registration & petition drive


Call? I was going to call Progressive talk radio today. The phone screeners should give some respect. You people need to get me on quick because what I’ve got to say needs to be heard… I don’t have the time or money to be put on HOLD! #*~/ YOU! I’m busy STRUGGLING below the poverty level with 40 MILLION other Americans.

It’s bad enough the progressive celebrity elite haven’t contacted me with an invite to their shows…. but I have to wait on hold to get a phone call in? I waited almost 2 hours to get my say on favorite talk show Randi Rhodes. That’s unacceptable. I called the Rhodes show a few months ago… I had Randi and staff standing up shouting...

YEA agreeing with my strong, brutally honest ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA message! (I love Randi, this Goddess of Progressive talk has more balls than most of the men on the LEFT)

Frank from ___ has made some of the greatest talk radio calls of all time. In So. Cal. just by calling talk radio and writing select e-mails, I ruined the careers of the DA and Judge who sent me to jail for 75 days for attending a protest march.

Later in New Mexico, I dashed the 2008 political hopes of Rep. Steve Pearce by making the local 50,000 watt, Conservative talk radio station (KKOB-am770) into my bitch. Frank from ABQ caused conservative station manager Pat Frisch to have a major meltdown on air during the 2008 election season... IT WAS HILARIOUS! 

I've spent half my life in the political organizing trenches. Yes, in neighborhoods that cause door-locking terror in most white Americans. Down there where 40 million Americans struggle below the poverty level. I’ve perfected my method of making Republicans/Conservatives BACK DOWN!

In 2001, while in jail for the sin of questioning authority... Howard Zinn sent me a letter of encouragement calling my writing "vivid and compelling"... SO I KNOW I'M ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

But I can’t get anywhere because there's only a handful of American citizens that are willing or prepared to fight back. Republican schemes are picking us off one by one. Look at Van Jones or how quickly the stars of the LEFT kicked Shirley Sherrod to the curb. LOOK at what those bitch-ass right-wingers did to ACORN! Most Democrats/Liberals/Progressives walked away and simply LET IT HAPPEN without a fight…

Not me man, NOT ME!
I can’t even comprehend what Republicans are thinking? ALL BULLSHIT ASIDE, Republicans want to win back the government SO BAD… They’re willing to embrace religious mad men, hardcore racists, ignorant fools, neo-conservative think tanks, Wall St. con men, war profiteers and evil, silver spoon, trust fund baby Aristocrats rather than do what’s right for the USA!

Talk about appealing to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR… the worst part about it is the same kind of right-wing, dumbass suckers keep falling for this bullshit over & over & over &… Are you kidding me? Republicans/Conservatives allow themselves to be easily convinced so they don’t have to feel guilty about screwing up their children/grandchildren’s future. It’s so convenient to simply forget Bush/Cheney ever existed…

One of the biggest lies circulating the right-wing idiot ranks is the George W. Bush economy was fine until the Democrats took over Congress in 2006... WHAT? The truth is when Democrats got the power, they found out just how reckless Bush/Cheney YoYo (Your On Your Own) economics really were.

What I can't stand is how Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents and sane Republicans stand by and let the neo-con aristocrats get away with crime after crime after outrage after the most ridicules bullshit any human ever imagined. It's NOT the Muslims that want to make Americans into slaves... I'm NOT ashamed to say: "...a few fanatical degenerates who've perverted Islam don't scare me a fraction as much as foolish dolts that believe capitalism can survive WITHOUT ethics, responsibility and accountability..." (Desert Dispatch 1-4-2006)

Do you Right-Wing LOSERS really think somebody like myself is going to stand by and let Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck types infiltrate my government? I barely made it through 8 larcenous years of Bush/Cheney and that despicable Republican controlled Congress of 1994 to 2006... And now you idiots want to make that K-St Ho John Boehner Speaker of the House. #*~/ you too… Keep waving your flags, idiots.

All you so-called “Great Americans”, Bill Cunningham or Sean Hannity are always talking about, have NO CLUE on what it is to take ownership of that label. The Republicans in Congress have been BLOCKING "made in America" legislation that takes away subsidies and tax breaks for Corporations that outsource our jobs to Communist China. These are the same Corporate entities who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers and infrastructure paid for by US tax dollars. And how did they repay us? They bought off our elected officials and rigged the game totally in their favor. It’s like they’re telling the American PEOPLE to “#*~/ off and eat cake”. (and the Commie Chinese have put new tariffs on their exports such as rare earth) FAIR TRADE MY @$$


We need a NEW socio-political class in America. Concerned Citizens that are willing to FIGHT and DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY from a vile, vicious, corrupt ruling class… no matter what the consequences…

Notes I wrote down to use for my phone call to MS Randi Rhodes:

"If Terry Jones (and his monkey followers) want to fight fanatical Islam why aren't they over in Afghanistan with our troops? Let me tell you something... I find out our government is giving tax deductible status to this Dove World Outreach church, then I‘m gonna stop paying taxes. It’s not the matter this maniac has the right to burn anything on his property, the problems starts when the news media covers the racist idiot event. Make me understand how a imbecile like Terry Jones gets international news coverage and I can’t even get a Letter to the Editor published?

#*~/ you too, a******'s

1. bitter criticism: extreme bitterness and hatred toward somebody or something, or an expression of this feeling in speech or writing

Vitriol, vitriol, vitriolI heard all the Progressive talk radio hosts and guest hosts using that like it was the word of the day. The problem is that a majority of Americans have no clue what the word means. Especially those mental deficient’s in the Conservative wacko cult. They got hate speech in front of their blank faces everyday but they have no idea what’s really going on.

I don’t know why the right-wing extremists get to express their HATE/ANGER but all of us Democrats, Liberal and Progressives always have to be so reasonable, non-confrontational, high and mighty? Why do we always volunteer to stand up for Conservative wacko freedom of speech rights? I say screw that, these traitorous morons don’t deserve the rights and freedoms of a nation they’ve spent the last 30 years trying to destroy.

How long oh lord, HOW LONG do I have to be tolerant toward these right wing retards? Everything connected to Republicans and their Conservative wacko churches & THINK TANKS stinks to high heaven or lower hell. When are Democrats/Progressives going to stop pussyfooting around with these embarrassing nutcases? They’re making the USA the laughing stock of the world.

Republicans/Conservatives have LOST THEIR #*~/'n MINDS!

SEE: (video of Republican candidate Phil Davison)

Why can’t I incite against Republicans/Conservatives? They're THREATENING me on a daily basis.They demonize my Progressive ideological belief system 24/7 on TV and radio. The Conservative wackos use hate speech, racism, warped interpretations of the Bible… they revise history and pass along severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions on to the cult-like following. They’ve has made Progressive COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS and activists into targets…

Thems fight’n words
, m'#*~/ers

SO WHEN DO WE GO ON OFFENSE? In the next 2 elections that’s when… That’s where Progressive get our JUSTICE (revenge)!"

This isn’t about Progressives being upset with Obama/Biden. Whether they want to be our friend, right? I say WHO the #*~/ cares if Obama disrespected Liberals and Progressives. This election isn’t about Obama… THIS ELECTION is about getting revenge on Republicans for the last 30 years of low grade thought processes.

The next election is about DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY from a bunch of vain, scandalous, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken silver spoon con artists.


NOTE: I'll try calling again some other time...

Excerpts from call & e-mail made to, guest host of the Stephanie Miller Radio Show: (who was kind enough to get me on the air ASAP)

"MY PLAN... is to make Liberals, Progressives and 3rd Party Independents grow some ciones, come back to reality and work together to get rid of the Republican Party as it exists today. The problem is so many people on the Left are so upset with Obama they don’t realize our President left us with one of the greatest organizing networks in the history of the USA. If people need direction, there’s an office of “Organizing for America” in every city in America and on the www.

But all these upset Liberals/Progressives won’t use this tool the moment they hear it’s an Obama organization. They’d rather walk away like a jilted lover, crying about how they’ll NEVER vote for Democrats again. They actually think if Republicans take back the government THEN they’ll start a revolution. BULLshit, you motha#*~/ers ain’t got the BALLS for insurrection!"

How’s this for sports talk, motha#*~/ers?
I so sick of these whiny Independents on both sides of the political spectrum, “Obama this, Obama that”. What’d you people think, the rookie was going to come in the game and win it for all of us? Politics is a team sport as much as the coming football season. The other team is formidable so Obama needs us as much as we need him. Only a LOSER would give up now, RIGHT?

It’s late in the second quarter, it’s a tie game and half time is the November elections. So you’re gonna have some time to think about the mistakes you made in the past.

Or let me put it to the American PEOPLE another way… you have two choices at this time… revolution or politics. And I don’t think you people have the BALLS for revolution, so you better get busy in the next few months. Are Liberals and Progressives going to allow a bunch of clueless Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin groupies destroy the USA?

Like I’m ALWAYS telling Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Independents and even sane Republicans (lol), there’s only ONE issue that matters. That would be to get rid of Republican Party in the next few elections. Kick those vain, greed stricken, power mad, trust fund babies in the GOP to the curb, right?

THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE! Democrats have the numbers to bury the GOP once and for all. It’s as simple as getting out to vote. If the same voters come out as in the 2008 election then we can move on with our Progressive agenda. If Democrats fail then the crazy Republicans will be Tea Party victorious, we’ll be stuck with Palin and Beck (and their nutcase groupies) for decades...

That’s when I started hating the LEFT… I’m going to Cyber Bitch Slap any Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Independent that spendS the next 2 years complaining about the Republicans/Conservative. You had your chance and blew it…

Really, are Progressives going to just sit back and allow the Conservative wackos to win this November? COME ON! It doesn’t matter what vital issue your heart bleeds for… if Republicans take back our government then your #*~/ed!

Like Tip O’Neil used to say “
ALL politics are LOCAL politics…” I got a challenge for your listeners… Find something to USE against Republican candidates in your voting district and destroy their political careers. It easy to find dirt because most Republicans are either stupid or corrupt.

Let me give you an example… In 2008 just before the economic meltdown, Rep. Steve Pearce was telling his constituents that “the WAR in Iraq will be paid for by the growing economy” I organized a massive letter/email writing campaign and called local conservative talk radio AND with the help of hardworking Democratic volunteers, we spread the word about this out-of-touch Republican. Peace lost his Senate bid by a landslide to Democrat Tom Udall."

© 2010 by Frank from ABQ

Rupert Murdoch and his News Corps/FOX News (Spin) Empire has put Republicans/Conservatives under the thumb of Saudi Royals, Kim Jung Il and the evil Koch Bros. Only the most ignorant, weak-minded Americans fell for the “divide and conquer” scam propagated by the Conservative Think Tanks . They made American citizens into nothing but consumers, “Useful Tools” ready to vote AGAINST their own best interests… The right-wing degenerates who stopped brave Progressives from DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY from those who almost DESTROYED the USA!

WHY I DO THIS? Read the following communication and tell me if you want this type of Conservative wacko to win this November or in ANY ELECTION... This silver spoon, jerk-off mikeb probably works for Law Enforcement or got a good job by using Mommy & Daddy's connections. Conscious Man Consultants has found out who this racist, homophobic asshole is and are making a formal complaint to his superiors. YOU'VE BEEN CYBER BITCH SLAPPED bitch!

from Mike Bj,
to ME ****
date Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 6:31 AM
subject Re: your comments

We've already established that you're gay. NO, I repeat NO real man
would ever be a liberal. Your ilk is infested with gay men, neurotic
women, psychopaths like the environmental wacko that the FBI sniper
(who I probably know) popped in DC, black losers, and feminized, wuss,
so-called-males who's balls resemble raisins left in the sun for about
12 months.

You are not successful because you are a loser. You lack the
skill-set, drive, motivation, and intelligence to become a winner.
Therefore, you blame others. Typical. You should be black, you'd fit
right in with homie and their ignorance, stupidity, violence, and lack
of accountability.

People like you are vermin. If our country and our civilization had
half a brain, we'd intern you and put you to work at hard labor
rebuilding our nation's infrastructure that you maggots have

You're a fucking jackass.

Bush and Cheney saved this nation after 9/11 which was plotted on
Clinton's watch after BJ Clinton FAILED to deal with Bin Laden.
Furthermore, the manufacturing job losses that occurred during Bush
were the result of Clinton's China trade policies, not Bush/Cheney.
Bush inherited a recession after the bursting of the bubble
and the insane banking system that was the result of Clinton's boy
Rubin (who was Geithner's boss). When Bush tried to fix those things,
he had to deal with a 50-50 senate, not the "veto proof" majority that
the big eared chimp has now and his attempts to reform health care,
social security, banking, and energy were blocked by the f*cking
worthless democrat PARTY OF NO.

Bush did a lot better than Ho-bow-mao who's proving to be as lazy and
incompetent as I predicted. He was the affirmative action hire and
totally unqualified for that job. Christ, he's less qualified than
Palin. And that blabbering balloon head Biden? Anyone who voted for
hip hop and hair plug must have shit for brains!

So GFY. My guess is that you're too stupid to do even that unless

there was a male butthole staring you in the face.

Mike from NJ

PS. And one more thing.... It's people like YOU who fucked up this nation.
We were once a nation of doers, now we're a nation of parasites like
you and your ilk... wanting something for nothing and contributing
nothing but pain, suffering, crime, and dependency. I've been paying
for you and your ilk for most of my life. For what? You fucking
maggot parasites don't DO anything positive for this country... you
just take, take, take. If I could ship you all off to Europe and
Africa and Mexico where you belong, I'd do it. But, alas, that's not
possible. I can only vote for candidates who will take away your
taxpayer money and let you stand, or fall on your own. Fucking
worthless maggot. I'll bet you'd even fuck up a cup of coffee, you
worthless balloon head.

Mike from NJ

Do I really have to put up with this vile bullshit? This Conservative cocksucker mikeb drew the line in the sand and I'm itching to step across make the idiot CRY like a school girl. Ohhh I know, Republicans/Conservatives have police/secret service protecting them even though they're all a bunch of ignorant, misinformed thugs who've done more to harm this great nation than any middle eastern terrorist. These are the nutcases who voted for the Bush/Cheney DISASTER... not once, BUT two times... need I say more?

Isn't it funny, not one of these so-called macho Republicans took RESPONSIBILITY for 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney or how the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) sold out the American Middle Class? ALL of them took the COWARDS way out blaming Obama, Democrats, Liberals or Progressives.

JEEZ! All I did was ask this degenerate moron mikeb from the right-wing to stop his dumbass name calling and enter the political DEBATE with at least a FEW facts, statistics, research or content THAT ISN'T FROM WHAT HE HEARD ON FOX NEWS or fatboy Limbaugh.

These Conservative wackjo, W.A.S.P. mafia, degenerates need to BE STOPPED! These morons are too stupid to VOTE!


NOW A WORD from a Progressive Male Chauvinist Pig
Did anyone see the video of Christine O’Donnell (Republican Senate candidate from Delaware) talking about outlawing masturbation? I got to admit while this sexy little tart was speaking about abstinence... I was going at it like George Costanza… (lol)

Truth be told I’ve always had a thing for Conservative women. I masturbated to Sarah Palin or Tina Fay doing Sarah Palin all during the 2008 Presidential election… And Michele Bachmann… oh la la… I could just pick her up and do the twirl, give the poor deluded girl the ride of her life.

I don’t even need porn, I just turn on the cable TV and wait for one of the FOX News Ho’s to come on and it’s ON!

But it's nothing like the real thing though. Republican women are easy because their men are all constipated, impotent and closeted gays. I’ve had more affairs with those beautiful, sexy Conservative nymphomaniacs than all the Liberal hippie chicks I’ve met during my protest movement days…


Email to Stephanie Miller: 9-20-10
The email you read reminded me of how I learned to stay away from crazy right-wing Christian chicks. I was South Carolina and I met this gorgeous, sexy woman. We hit it off and started dating but after 3weeks I realized this woman was not going to give me sex until I married her. We’d kiss and fondle but every time we got close to sex she’d tell me: “JESUS takes care of all my needs”…

She was fine to be seen with so I stayed with her but it was getting harder and harder, (lol) but I endured. I’m a handy guy skilled in the building trades so when she complained about her broken closet door I volunteered to fix it. While I was working on the sliding door I found her JESUS in back of the closet. Y’know the one that takes care of all her needs Jesus to her was a 10 inch translucent blue vibrating dildo
(Rim shot)

9-20-10 approx.6:54am PST phone call to Stephanie Miller show but Frank from ABQ couldn’t get in. Later he called the Progressive talk Goddess, Randi Rhodes. Aired approx. 1:26pm PST:

"These Conservative wacko idiots talking about their warped brand of Christianity where JESUS and everything Christ stood for is taken out of the cult belief system. The caller who was complaining about poor people sponging off the government dole. Funny how we never hear these inbred imbeciles complaining about Oil company subsidies, and big money giveaways to multi-national corporate entities and big agriculture.

I think most Progressive Democrats are thinking the same thing. It’s funny I’m in my 50’s and in all those years I’ve never been exposed to a blood-stained Satanic alter, I want to know what kind of company Christine O’Donnell keeps, the Dick Cheney crowd Or how about that Rand Paul who got away with kidnapping and his AquaBudha world view.

I listen to these right wing nut cases and all I can think of how long do I have to endure these imbeciles... HOW LONG OH LORD, HOW LONG?"

If ANY radio show would give me the time I tell them:

These Conservative wacko morons have given power to some of the worst, MOST CORRUPT elected officials of all time. They fall for the same BS over & over & over. They spend their time blaming Muslims, gays, immigrants, Liberals and Democrats while their leaders have RAVAGED and EXPATRIATED most of our nations wealth and resources. These idiots have done more to damage the USA than any Middle Eastern terrorist…

They’ve dragged all Americans DOWN with their low grade thought processes and electoral decisions.. INSTEAD OF begging for forgiveness and repent these dolts want to fall further down the dark hole by electing Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Sarah Palin and those other Tea Party traitors. No shame man, NO SHAME! The American PEOPLE must work HARD to get rid of these Conservative wackos, NOW!

I want the American PEOPLE to THINK for a moment how much better off both the nation and the world would be if they had listened to this advice in 2000 before these morons put Bush/Cheney in the White House…

Does it get anymore pitiful than watching has-been, old gay Republicans such as Newt Gingrich trying to get back in the media spotlight with his corporate socialist, anti-American worker, Asian world view.

I say just whack of all Conservatives before they completely destroy the USA… Start off with those rich Aristocratic assholes like the Koch Bros and all those power mad, greed stricken chicken hawks who hang out at the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute and work your way down to the average ignorant, dumbass that believes everything Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson say. Chop up these out-of-touch degenerates and feed them to the poor...

©2010 by SPQR