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Conservatives: STOP being played for fools

"This ain't NO Tea Party, suckers... THIS is a full scale Class War..."

Liberals need to get into the fight:
Republican/Conservative degenerates spit in Democrat/Liberal faces for 30 years, ridiculed your belief system, sent your agenda to the back of the bus and destroyed your children’s economic future… just when do you REALLY fight back?

Friday, May 21, 2010

A YEAR after the last post... letter to President Obama.

"Ohhhh I say and say IT again've been HAD, you been TOOK, you been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, led ASTRAY, run AMUCK! This is what he does..." Malcolm X

Respectfully Mr. President,
What the #*~/? I’m sorry but this oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf has pushed me over the edge… I’ve got to know, WHAT HAPPENED to you and that CHANGE you promised the American PEOPLE? It seems you come into every issue already giving in to Corporate interests and their Republican/Conservative flunkies. Watering down legislation to it's lowest common denominator seems to be the trend in DC lately. Americans would be better served if you just take all that legislative paperwork and throw it in the Gulf to soak up crude oil... lol

Is that what happens to anyone going to Washington, DC… you join some corporatist Skull and Bones type secret organization, dance nude around a bonfire and turn into a self-serving @$$hole ...without an ounce of concern for the people who voted you into office?

Also I’m really curious about all the claims that our beloved USA is owned by multi-national Corporations and Wall Street. Maybe I’m wrong but it sure seems like BP, the Banks, coal industry, insurance companies have been pushing Obama/Biden around & getting away with a HELL of a lot crimes against our pocket books, job security and environment. It’s like the Justice Department NEVER heard of the R.I.C.O. Act and Obama/Biden never heard of ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY or ACCOUNTABILITY?

Go back to Organizing for America and read blog posts from Progressive Activists like myself. We offered up extremely good, sound advice to you and your Administration. AND WERE COMPLETELY IGNORED! I got other examples but I’m so upset by this British Petroleum outrage I gotta say did you REALLY DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT FROM Bush/Cheney when it came to Big Oil? Rather than embrace a new energy future, putting all our great minds working toward an alternative sources and protect us from Bush/Cheney deregulation… you listened to some Corporatist and spent your time thinking about opening oil drilling all along our coast.

Bad timing huh? I’m still going to support you and the Democrats because the Republicans/Conservatives are #*~/’n INSANE! That oily disaster in the Gulf was NOT AN ACT OF GOD! It was the result of incompetent, scandalous government bureaucrats allowing the Oil Drilling Industrial Complex to cut corners… Collusion/Collaboration BETWEEN the Oil Industry and Federal Regulators? WHAT THE FUCK!

They didn’t take the time to consider our coastal borders could be breached, people misplaced and natural environment destroyed for decades. All those tax dollars put into Homeland Security and we let BP, Halliburton and TransOcean do the equivalent of nuking the whole Gulf region of our nation. Oil radiating around Florida to reek havoc on the entire East Coast.

AND FORGET ABOUT EATING THE SEAFOOD! AaaaaGgggggghhhhhhgggeerrr! #^*~’s

One of my greatest pleasures was getting away to the Gulf Coast, sitting at a beachside Oyster Bar with an ice cold beer and platter full of good old American oysters. NOW THAT’S ALL GONE!

Now only the wealthy, powerful and well-connected will be able to afford quality seafood imported from some communist country. The rest of us can eat cake, right?

I BEG YOU to listen to me Mr. President… You are the most powerful man on the planet with the resources of the world in you hands… You better get REAL serious about cleaning up this mess before it’s too late. Where’s the vacuum tankers and barriers and water purification systems… PLEASE TELL ME you didn’t allow BP to do this clean-up ON THE CHEAP?

Tell me you didn’t let them use untested toxins as dispersants. I only ask because there’s so many reports of Fishermen working in the cleanup effort getting violently ill…

oHHHhhh Brit Hume doesn’t see any oil… EVERYTHING MUST BE OK! Rush Limbaugh told his listeners the Ocean will HANDLE IT!

I know, I KNOW you and the First Lady have another Ivory Tower party to host, I’m almost finished…

I DEMAND those found responsible be punished to the full extent of the law (or I’ll #*~/’n SHOOT THEM MYSELF, HANG THEM AND START THE EVIL m#*~/ers on fire! …sorry, lol) You Democrats better come to your senses and start listening to Progressives.

I volunteered most of my free time and cell phone minutes for you during the 2007-08 election season. I almost single-handily strong-armed the Liberal Independent voters in New Mexico to support Obama/Biden using talk radio, the internet, Cable Access TV and attending their events/protest/fund raisers. I helped hard working Democrats of the “Land of Enchantment” organize a stunning Democratic sweep of this former Bush Red State (Obama/Biden, 1 senate, 3 representatives).

ALL that success on your side and you stupid m#*~/’s chose to move to the Right, instead. WHAT you didn’t actually think you were chosen to lead the Conservative wackos to the Promised Land? That those idiots were going to see the light and start acting like truly great Americans? Why even bother incorporating their LOSER policies with you own? We already know they DON’T WORK!

©2010 by FGE

NOTE: (I would never badmouth fellow Americans unless I’ve haven’t already tried to reach out to them first. But these right-wing extremists are too far gone and self-absorbed to understand facts about the USA and “Common Good“. Last year the right-wing nutcases were chanting “drill baby drill” and get the government outta of their lives like they belonged to a fanatical cult and NOW these hypocrites are blaming Obama/Biden for not saving them from BP’s oily disaster…)

Call aired on Randi Rhodes radio show 5-27-10
"I’ve had it… I can’t tell you just how much I despise these shameless Republicans/Conservatives. I made the mistake of starting last Sunday Morning by watching Fox Spin… ahhh I mean News Sunday. Who knew Sarah “drill baby drillPalin was going to be on… It was like she was sucking the life out of me as I sat there listening to this succubus screech out her low grade thought processes. And the way that silver spoon moron Mike Wallace nodding his big head like a bobble doll. Well, I just lost it. They had me talking to the TV like I was Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver. “you talk’n too me?” How’s that deregulation and drill baby drill working for you fools?

People ask me why I’m so angry, I tell them you must be an ignorant coward if your NOT completely outraged by the sad state of our nation. I’m STILL supporting Obama/Biden and the Democrats but ONLY because the Republicans are freak’n INSANE! Progressives have gotta get together stop the Conservative wackos, NOW before they make the USA unrecognizable.

How can I NOT take this personally, Republican deregulation has ruined my life. First Banking and Wall St con men bring down my economy and now my retirement dream of a house on a Gulf beach is a bust. One of my greatest pleasures was getting away to the Gulf Coast, sitting at a beach side Oyster Bar with an ice cold beer and platter full of good old American oysters. NOW THAT’S ALL GONE!

I’m asking myself WHY we need these silver spoon Federal bureaucrats if they can’t protect us from unscrupulous big business. I want to see these scandalous government regulators and corporate criminals in crowded holding cells wearing chains. If law enforcement refuses do THAT now then you better leave me alone too. Since I can’t use this Gulf beach property for swimming or fishing anymore I’m going to open a gourmet marijuana shop and café to make up for all the losses I’ve suffered through. (The Feds show up to give me a hard time I’m going to throw oily, chemical dispersant sand in their faces…)

Funny how the Greenpeace people protesting this Gulf outrage are being arrested but bonny BP Prince Tony Hayward is still free. They should put him away just for those phony interviews he’s been giving the mainstream media HO’s. Funny how the LAW treats the Wealthy, Powerful, Well-connected criminals with kid gloves but the average American feels like they’ve grown a tail… and it looks like a cop. "