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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DNC & Progressive spokes-stars fucked up, BIGTIME!

I'm actually VERY angry this morning looking at RESULTS of Florida's 13th Congressional district special election. But I always try to make the best of a bad situation:
HA! I got you mofos. Don’t get me wrong I love Progressive Democrats and most of you Progressive spokes-stars, but if you can’t take a little constructive criticism then go fuck yourselves! There's a wealth of Indy Media, local radio & internet communicators to take your place.  Many who are VOLUNTEERS (like myself) are boots on the ground ready for a FIGHT! 

While Liberal stars whine/complain about how tired they are… I’ve been witness to determined concerned citizen Volunteers, exhausted before/after work, spending their free time ORGANIZING and providing the PUBLIC with information they need to GET OUT A SANE VOTE! Problem is their radio signals, TV exposure or internet followings are limited... 

Here’s my pissed-off reasoning. I’ve been in Florida helping local Democrats for yesterday’s 13th District special election (Alex Sink–D vs David Jolly–R). Even though the good volunteers wrote, posted, tweeted and called Progressive news outlets… NOT ONE Progressive Star/spokesperson found time to do a segment on this election. The Right are much better communicators because GOP pays its organizers MUCH higher than minimum wage, lol. They have the Koch Bros type contributions & “Americans for Prosperity” budgets of Tens of MILLIONS of dollars!

I volunteered 1000’s of hours in my political life... but can’t even get a thank you, travel expenses or reimbursement for cell phone minutes. (fuck’n Democratic Party plantation owners) lol. AND FOR WHAT? Those fucking degenerate morons in Florida gave Americans the Bush/Cheney disaster, a governor charged with 75 counts of welfare fraud AND NOW THESE inbred assholes PUT A LOBBYIST IN CONGRESS. I despise you stupid Floriduuuuuhhhh mothafuckers. Privatize THIS ya greed-stricken degenerates.
And what can I say about fickle Democratic voters? Florida's 13th District. Population 694,899, ONLY 165,000+ GREAT AMERICANS VOTED. Those other lazy apathetic #~*'n idiots should lose face unless they VOTE! LMAO Organizers need to publicly shame apathy before November!

Local Democratic Party volunteers were afraid to go into poor & minority neighborhoods for voter registration drives because of hostility. (want a hood tour, lol?) The Democratic Party MUST pay for hardened Community Organizers who have NO FEAR of going into bad neighborhoods to get POOR PEOPLE involved. (what ACORN tried to do, duuhhh, lol)

I was just an observer or what LAW enforcement calls an “outsider”. I spent a few days with hardy group of young people going door to door in East St. Petersburg trying voter registration. What I found is race didn’t matter, it was POOR PEOPLE who DON’T VOTE! Conclusion: POOR PEOPLE don’t vote so they don’t get represented, allowing GOP Social Darwinists to “thin the herd

I saw with my own eyes, volunteers got threatened simply because they interrupted some idiots Jerry Springer TV repeat. There was no race creed or color it was simply these scrubs didn’t have any content or character. Ok, poor people, I’m putting you on notice. You mofos don’t get out to vote in 2014 and I swear I’ll help the Republicans take away your welfare food stamps, beer, cigarettes AND cable TV.

Who needs the silver spoon stars wasting precious broadcast airtime time with fluff, feathering their own nests and plagiarizing people like us? I’ve already got all the information I need to know who the enemy is. What I need is someone to tell US the time and place for Revolution/Class War.

If Liberal spokes stars want to make their living off of concerned citizens on the LEFT, they need to contribute to the cause BEYOND their shows. Fund raisers for the volunteer boat-rockers in the trenches doing ALL the fuck’n work or bring their celebrity for petition or voter registration drives, etc.

Let me give the reader an example of what I’m writing about. Liberal stars had a huge pay day and surge in popularity during the great nationwide Occupy protest uprising. Yet only a few such as Thom Hartmann, Rev. Jesse Jackson & Rev. Al Sharpton bothered to check on Occupy Wall St protestors who were locked up getting tortured by sadistic jail guards. If Liberals Stars are IN they got to be all the way or we're talking about another kind of INEQUALITY, mofos!

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